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2005 Mercedes-benz G-class Designo on 2040-cars

US $26,100.00
Year:2005 Mileage:71248 Color:  Black

Paisley, Florida, United States

Paisley, Florida, United States


A moving fortress. That is how Mercedes-Benz describes its tuned, AMG version of the Geländewagen. A very
luxurious, very fast-moving fortress would be a more apt description.
G-Class Gelaendewagens originated as high-end, all-purpose troop transports for the West German military (and a few
other NATO forces) more than two decades ago, sort of a European take on AM’s original Hummer.
Somewhere along the line in the recent SUV craze, some enterprising German executive figured there was a market for
the military style luxury sport-utility vehicle. Presto, they ended up with the rolling anachronism with more
horsepower than a sports car and leather worthy of a Rolls-Royce.
The duality of the G55’s origins and its current status are littered throughout its tank-like, slab-sided body.
True to its military off-road roots, Mercedes’ G-Class brochure brags about its 36- degree angle of approach and
27- degree angle of departure (both measures of how steep a hill it can ascend/descend without scraping its
bumpers). The AMG installed beautiful exhaust side pipes.
The G55 also boasts no less than three locking differentials, the most of any production SUV sold in North America.
The G55 can force the front and rear wheels to distribute torque equally. Ditto for the split between the rear two
wheels and the front two wheels. That means there’s virtually no situation in which the G55 can’t find
traction. And then, to absolutely, positively ensure that you need all that grip if you dare venture off-road, AMG
plunks a tire-spinning 479-horsepower originally but this one is well over 500 with ECU and exhaust upgrade,
5.5-litre V8 under the big square hood. Such is its prodigious torque that Mercedes strictly admonishes to not lock
any of the diffs on pavement.
There are two off-road- oriented rigid axles, just the trick for off-roading. Inside, the dash is as boxy as a
Hummer’s but the leather is strictly S-Class. You could store a bar fridge in the trunk.
I love the car!
I love it because those silly side pipes make the big AMG V8 sound like a NASCAR car at full gallop. I love it
because you’re always aware that the damn thing weighs almost three tonnes, yet when you press on the loud handle
all that German torque sends you rocketing ahead of that troglodyte in the Camaro. I love it because people stare
as you drive by. Not because I need to see any third-party adoration to assuage my ego but because I love the look
of sheer incomprehension on their faces as they eye this tank-like apparition that for some reason seems to be
wearing the Mercedes-Benz tri-star emblem.
I love that there’s not a single curved line in the G55’s body. That the windshield is almost perpendicular to
the hood. The aluminum scuff-plates that light up the letter AMG in neon blue light. And most of all, those wacky
steel cages that protect the turn signals as if there’s a bayonet-wielding madman ravaging Rosedale in a quest to
prevent proper lane- changing etiquette.
Subjectively, then, the G55 is a hottie. The suspension is sports sedan firm, which means it corners better than it
has any right to.
Few SUVs will outaccelerate the G55. Not only does this AMG V8 have 550hp, but there’s also 589 pounds-feet of
torque. Mated to the five-speed automatic transmission, it makes the G55 amazingly quick — or at least as quick
as a 2,512-kilogram, unaerodynamic square box can be. It’s like watching William “the Refrigerator” Perry
score touchdowns for the Chicago Bears.
Over the last 25 years, M-B has sold over 175,000 G-Wagens worldwide, averaging close to 7000 units per year. Most
of them go to various international militaries, and every one is handbuilt at the same Graz, Austria, assembly
You are looking at a gorgeously maintained vehicle. BIG BUCKS WAS SPEND ON THIS CAR. I'm Guessing around $20,000
-$25,000 in extras. On top of it being G55 AMG DESIGNO, this car is equipped with TV's in the headrests, Pioneer
base speaker, Pioneer Head Unit with DVD, Back up camera, Bluetooth, Navigation, upgraded exhaust and tuned ECU,
over 600HP...! On the outside it appears to have an expensive wrap, very expensive 24" rims, powder coated all
chrome parts, trims, exhaust, aftermarket brush guards, 2015 G65 Grill with illuminated star, and much more that I
cant think of... The car runs and drives fine and has no problems accelerating to high speeds.For anyone that would like to make an offer, please do so via phone.

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2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S Wagon is one hot hauler [w/video]

Thu, 28 Mar 2013

Mentioned at the debut of the redesigned Mercedes-Benz E-Class back in January, Mercedes has finally pulled back the curtain on the E63 AMG S, which was on display at the New York Auto Show in wagon guise. The 2014 E63 AMG S ups the ante even more from a "base" E63 AMG, improving the car's performance and styling - not that it needed help with either to begin with.
Our favorite S-model upgrade is the added output tweaked out of the 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 producing 577 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque, which represents a substantial gain of 27 hp and 59 lb-ft of torque over the stock E63. In wagon form, the E63 AMG S can run from 0-60 miles per hour in just 3.6 seconds and hit an electronically limited top speed of 186 mph. All 2014 E63 AMGs come with Mercedes' 4Matic all-wheel-drive system, but the S-Model adds in a limited-slip rear differential for improved performance.
Mercedes has made sure that the extra money being spent on the S-Model is instantly noticeable with slightly different design cues and black along with 10-spoke wheels with red brake calipers peeking through. Plenty of silver-chrome and high-gloss black accents finish off the exterior styling, while the interior adds Alcantara on the steering wheel, accent stitching on the leather and contrasting silver seat belts on models with the black interior. Scroll down for an official video and press release.

Edmunds ranks the best used cars for 2013

Sun, 15 Sep 2013

When people ask us what car we would recommend for them, it's usually not easy to answer. To make a useful recommendation we must consider which of the numerous vehicle segments fits their needs best, and then choose one of the many vehicles offered in each segment. For some people, new cars don't meet their expectations of value, because they lose so much of it the moment they are purchased and driven off the dealer lot. For them, there's always the used-car market, where great deals can be found, but cars' histories of reliability and maintenance records - and perhaps that Certified Pre-Owned warranty - become ever-important factors playing into purchase choice.
To help out, Edmunds has done us the favor of assembling a list of the best used vehicles money can buy, covering model years 2006-2011, according to what it considers the most important criteria when shopping for used autos: reliability, safety, value and availability. That means unreliable, unsafe, super-expensive or limited-edition models don't appear on the list, but instead cars from each segment that are more likely to satisfy the general population.
There are some real goodies on the list, including but not limited to vehicles such as the capable Honda Fit, the cultish Honda Accord coupe (which can be had with a 240-horsepower V6 and a six-speed manual transmission some years), and the powerful Chevrolet Corvette. While Edmunds' choice of the Volvo C70 for best used convertible baffled us at first (not that it's a bad car), it redeemed itself by stating that the Mazda MX-5 still is an unofficial top choice if you don't require more than two seats.

Mercedes was set to sell version of Nissan Titan, now Infiniti might instead

Wed, 18 Sep 2013

Mercedes-Benz Titan. Mercedes-Benz Frontier. Mercedes-Benz pickup truck. None of these things roll off the tongue particularly well. We'd like to think that's the reason Daimler opted to kill the idea of rebadged Titan and Frontier pickups from corporate ally Nissan. In reality, the execution before the Frankfurt Motor Show was due to more complicated issues.
Yes, Mercedes, byword for German luxury, style and quality, would have slapped a three-pointed star on a pair of Japanese pickup trucks that have failed to resonate with consumers in the world's largest truck market. That slapping of badges isn't much of an exaggeration, at least on the outside. According to the report from Road & Track, the truck's front clip would have been tweaked, but beyond that, the sheetmetal would have been unchanged. The interior would have received a more thorough going-over by the team at Mercedes, while the suspension and noise, vibration and harshness tuning would have also received significant attention.
The trucks would have ended up being sold through the light-commercial branch of Mercedes-Benz - the same folks that will happily sell you a Sprinter van - had the deal gone through. Issues arose, though, first with the engines. Mercedes wanted a wider range of powertrains to allow it to tune models for specific markets, while Nissan said it couldn't engineer the wide variety of engines that MB wanted to drop under the hood. For the smaller truck, meanwhile, MB was interested in a hybrid or plug-in variant, according to R&T, although this was also shot down by Nissan.