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Watch a Camry driver in full road rage

Mon, 29 Apr 2013

There are vehicles that, fair or not, will forever be associated with jerky drivers. But as this very recent footage from an in-car camera shows, even the most mundane of sedans can be piloted by an ass.

In this video, the driver of one very beige Toyota Camry is driving like a person choked with rage. Though we don't see which (if any) actions by our camera car might have lead up to the tirade, we do see the Camry driver swerving from lane to lane, in multiple attempts to get in front of and brake check the couple in the recording.

According to the text associated with the YouTube video, the offending incident took place last week, on a section of I-880 near Fremont, CA. The uploader has gone so far as to include the date, time and license plate number of the Camry driver, in hopes, we guess, that some kind of legal action can be taken against him. Take a closer look for yourself in the video below.

By Seyth Miersma

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