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1982 Vw Rabbit Convertible 2.0l 16v Dual Webber Carbs And Corrado Upgrades on 2040-cars

Year:1982 Mileage:2000 Color: body lines wear shaved and smoothed

Seymour, Connecticut, United States

Seymour, Connecticut, United States

 Up for auction is my precious 1982 rabbit convertible. It was restored from the ground up with mostly new parts and some donor parts from a Corrado

The engine was completely rebuild with new seals and rings. It is a 2.0L 16valve motor carbureted with two Webber DCOE 40 side draft carburetors
Fuel supply is delivered via a Walbero fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator
The stock v belts were removed and swapped for a custom serpentine belt set up for both looks and performance
A custom aluminum radiator was fabricated to allow adequate cooling and clearance in the front for the carburetor air horns and air cleaner. An electric push fan is attached to the front of the radiator
The exhaust leave through a  4-2-1 header and custom bend large diameter exhaust with a Magnaflow muffler
For an easier drive power steering was added
The engine bay has been extensively shaved and smoothed. The cabin heating system has been removed
The spark is delivered through a MSD ignition system hidden under the dashboard
A large ITG air filter sits over the air horns to keep the dust out
An Innovate motorsport wide band o2 set up with data logging abilities is installed in the vehicle and allows to make sure the air/fuel mixture is at its best and makes it a breeze to tune the carburetors

All the original wiring was removed and swapped for a brand new 12 circuit system. No electrical gremlins will ever poke there heads out here. All new wiring!
The exterior body lines wear shaved and smoothed
The engine bay was shaved and smoothed
The exterior, engine bay doors and door jambs were custom painted Negaro Blue and black "clipper" kit bumpers, sideskirts and fenders were added. The hood and front fenders sport pearl white ghost flames that can only be seen in the right light
The old crappy vynil convertible top was swapped for a new Stayfast fabric top
The lights were converted to round cross-hair headlights and a badge-less grille was added to finish off the look

The suspension consists of Weitech coilovers w/ dampening adjustments
strut bars (front and rear)
X member connecting front suspension points which helps to protect the oil pan from damage as well
The motor is suspended on new prothane mounts and bushings utilizng custom made mounts to hang the motor and transmission

Big brakes up front thanks to Corrado g60 brake set up that help stop this beast on a dime
A  custom dual hole patters can fit both 4 AND 5 lug wheels

Wheels and tires:
The wheels are Borbet type H five spoke wheels with Pirelli tires
The transmission is a 5 speed out of a Corrado g60
It utilizes a hydraulic clutch and cable shift conversion for supper smooth and accurate shifts
The transmission is mounted on custom made transmission mounts
The clutch is a spec clutch

The interior was finished off using a Corrado dashboard that was shrunk to fit the rabbit and covered in black Alcantara fabric
The gauge panel was created using all Autometer gauges and lit with LED lights. (the blinker indicator lights on the cluster are newly added and have not been wired in yet)
No need for the cranks this old rabbit even has power windows installed!
The Corrado center counsel was mounted to best use the Corrado cable shift setup
Super nice reclinable Recaro seats on sliders were installed for an amazing fit and feel and the tilt for access to the rear seats
The steering wheel was swapped out for a Momo steering wheel and mounts on the Corrado tilting steering column. The steering column was integrated into the cars electrical system

There isn't a piece on this car that hasn't been upgraded or replaced. I have put on about 2000 miles on it since I built it. It is super fast and super fun. It is not a car for novice drivers...
I'm sure the list goes on and on and I have missed a lot of info... have questions just ask.
The only time this car was entered in a show was Waterfest 15. It took home first place.
Unfortunatly I dont enjoy the car as much as I should... And I am the new father of an amazing locally 2 month old. So sadly some of my toys need to go.

Car is for sale locally as well, so I reserve the right to remove listing at anytime should it sell.
I encourage you to come see the car in person, contact me to set something up. Car is located in CT
I included as many pictures as ebay would allow but would be happy to provide you with more of any part of the car if you ask

Thanks for looking

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