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1996 Volkswagen Passat Tdi Sedan 4-door 1.9l on 2040-cars

US $2,300.00
Year:1996 Mileage:276000

Delaware, Ohio, United States

Delaware, Ohio, United States

1996 Vw Passat Tdi 276,000 miles  5speed, AC, Sunroof, power everything

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 I’ve owned this Tdi for about 5 years and it’s been my daily driver for my 100 mile round trip to work. Averaging from about 45mpg to a more recent 40mph.

 It starts every time and drives very well. Recent new tires and rims (less then 9 months) Shifts fine. Traded this off a family that had an autistic son, he did a number on the interior but I removed it and hand cleaned it…looks great although the header line is missing (see photos).

 Since I’ve had it I’ve replaced

  • ·   Water Pump @ approx: 200K
  • ·      Timing belt, idler and tension pulley, serpentine: 230K
  • ·      Rotella 4W30 Synth oil every 7500K miles
  • ·      Fuel filter every 15K miles
  • ·      Shift linkage part about a year old
  • ·      Fixed foam from heater duct that increases heating (very warm in winter)
  • ·      Replace AC condenser twice (part in front by radiator) but have a small leak in system…doesn’t hold charge very long. Went this summer.
  • ·      Several glow plugs replaced around 230K

 The reason I’m selling this is it’s now a 4th car in the family as my wife got anew one. Since it’s the oldest of our 3 used cars I made the hard decision to sell it. Due to the start of rust and the fact it needs some basic attention it seemed like the one to sell. This is a rock solid car and starts and will drive you to work 24/7 even in the dead of winter.

 I’m a “car guy” which means I know this car inside and out and know how to service it…but it doesn’t mean it’s a museum piece either since it was my commuter.

 Here are some negatives to consider:

  • ·      Clear coat has been pealing for small time.
  • ·      Reasonable imperfections on body for a 17-18 year old car including small dent, surface/bubble rust.
  • ·      Rear driver side window will not go down
  • ·      Front passenger side door doesn’t open from outside but does from inside
  • ·      A front driver window has come off the rails, which means it doesn’t go up or down without some “love”.
  • ·      I pulled the factory radio, as it wasn’t working well.
  • ·      The LCD on the center dial (dash) is starting to have some lines going out so the mileage is getting hard to read but you only have to stare at it for a minute to figure out that it’s currently at 275,913.
  • ·      Due to my style of driving (free way) the brakes don’t get much a work out which means they pulse from heat ups of the inorganic brakes. Therefor they currently  have a slightly pulse and I have an extra set of rotors I turn ever 6-9 months and swap out. The extra rotors are in great shape and come with it.
  • ·      Missing front parking lights…they fail and break easily. The aftermarket ones I bought failed and broke too…but you can get another set on ebay for $30 from china.
  • ·      After replacing the valve cover gasket at the last timing belt change it didn’t seem to get the greatest seal so there is some slight leakage around the valve cover gasket. Overall the engine is very clean.
  • ·      The radiator should be replaced soon but has been like this for well over a year…it never drips on the floor but you can smell it. I’m sure some bars-leak would help it along for another winter.
  • ·      The alarm system was getting angry a few years back so the relay was pulled so it would not give me a problem at the wrong time.

Here are some of the great things about this car…

  • ·      It will not die! Like most Tdi engines of this generation it’s proven to be indescribable. It starts, has good compression and hustles down the road.
  • ·      The AC system is solid and works great it just has a leak after the last time I replaced the condenser…it worked for about a week before it blew out the Freon so if you are not a AC DIY guy I’m sure a shop could have it going for close to nothing.
  • ·      The 5speed and clutch are in good shape.
  • ·      Drives straight down the road (doesn’t pull) but I did mean to get a front end alignment after putting $650 worth of rims and tires on it last spring…so it’s due.
  • ·      Extra rotors that I think I had turned already
  • ·      2 sets of keys, manuals and some Bentley stuff.

So who is this for?

 Someone needing a high MPG highway commuter car, is a Vw Tdi guy or just a Vw guy in general that knows how to work on these. It’s far from perfect but a HIGHLY dependable daily driver…I just feel if I’m going to keep it I would need to put about $500-800 in it over the next year to get it to the quality that I want…but I’ve been dumping to much money in my two Volvos which are newer and also dependable (but have lots of fancy electronics to go wrong).

 I know some Tdi guys that want this just for the engine but to build the engine for swaps in Vanagons and Jeeps…but I’m not wanting their low ball offer right now. This is a solid car for the right person and these are very desired within that community…demanding twice the price of a gas Passat of similar years.

 The car is located in Delaware Ohio and I’m pretty much only available on evening and weekend until early December…then it gets a bit tighter to test drive it as my job increases. So call soon and get it now! I won’t meet you in a parking lot and I’m not interested in getting you at the airport!

Will it make it back to Anchorage, most likely yes...but who knows.







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