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2003 Volkswagen Passat Glx 4motion Vw Nj Rowan Univ Runs Great Clean #thatsmyvw on 2040-cars

Year:2003 Mileage:99000

Glassboro, New Jersey, United States

Glassboro, New Jersey, United States


Who am I buying from? I'm a single mom and I'm selling this car by Faith knowing that God will provide for us. I believe he will replace the car. I will let nothing turn me aside from Christ. Nothing will turn me away from what is right and what is just.
I know what it's like to need and I know what it's like to have. I know what it's like to give and I know what it's like to receive. All types of crazy things have happened in my life but one thing I know for certain is you can't hold me down because Jesus is my leader.
Right now we have a problem with our society. We've become a generation of finger pointers almost never taking responsibility for anything. I've been a finger pointer but a miraculous thing happened, I Grew the Heck up! Look in the mirror and ask yourself "Do I need to grow the heck up?" Have I been blaming God, politicians, doctors, and teachers for all of my troubles? We all have unfair experiences in life. I've had enough to fill a warehouse but we've gotta shake it off and keep on going. Ask God for strength through Jesus to pull you through. In case you didn't know Jesus is the only way.
ME: I'm a mom and this is what we do.

Now, now some of you may think I'm being judgmental and I'm some cold hearted bitter person. Nah I'm not. I'm just rather ticked that my refusal to sleep around with every TOM, DICK and HARRY has left a woman with all of my qualities in the lurch. It's OK though because I know the truth. Just about every man I've spoken to who has a long term "girlfriend" and a child has said they are leaving when the kid hits 18. Don't hate the messenger. That is soooo not happening here. Many women and men will be standing there looking like Boo Boo the fool because they put their faith in money instead of God. 
I didn't want to put off making this hard and necessary decision so here is my 2003 VW Passat for sale. I have bills to pay and I have a responsibility to pay them. This will go towards getting everything current. It will also go towards my gear because rolling out looking tore up from the floor up isn't becoming for women. The great thing is I have freedom to choose how to use it.
Me: Look when you hear God call you and you approach him you could be drunk, naked, stink, a thief even a murder and as long as you BELIEVE in Christ Jesus the son of God who came in the flesh then you will be saved. You can't save yourself my friend. God owns everything and if I ask my Father for clothes he provides. It's just a matter of which vessel. I personally shop sales and the thrift. I've even asked people from fellowship when I had to but one thing remains true The Lord has always provided me with gear.

Selling this car will model for my son how to Man UP when the times get rough. Itís a sad, sad, day when a woman has to model how to be a man.
Do I want to sell my car? No, but I'm tired of seeing people not doing what they need to do to make this Country a better place. Right now our citizens are scooping buckets of water out of the ocean and pouring it into the ship.
Oh and I must say. I'm Anti-Hate so if you're claiming the name of our Father and preaching hate then you need to check that garbage at the door because we all have fallen short of the Glory of God. Give me an Amen. Read Matthew 22:36-40
Trust in God he is good. He will make a way where there seems to be no way. J'adore J'esus.
Mateo 22: 36 - 40
36 Maestro, ?cu'al es el Mandamiento Grande en la ley?
37 Y Jes'us le dijo: Amar'as al Se~nor tu Dios de todo tu coraz'on y de toda tu alma y de toda tu mente.
38 Este es el Primero y el Grande Mandamiento.
39 Y el Segundo es semejante a 'este: Amar'as a tu pr'ojimo como a ti mismo.
40 De estos dos mandamientos depende toda la ley y los profetas.


This car works great. The headlight bulbs, the alternator and the battery are pretty new.  The speaker cover in the back is cracked, the dash isnít as bright as it should be and the radio area is missing a button. The splash guard under the car isnít there anymore and there is still a piece of plastic that needs to be removed from the splash guard. This has no effect on how the car runs. Itís all leather with heated seats and a moon roof. The mirrors on the sun visor are lighted. There are cup holders and lights in the back. There is also an ashtray thing in the back as well as the front but itís hidden.  It has a lot of trunk space and itís pretty darn clean. It also has a built in shade in the back to guard your precious ones from getting sun burned. Smoke free, animal free car. It can be driven to you and delivered for an additional fee of a $1000. I can take paypal for down payment. Then you can pay with certified Cashiers Check or Cash .  $1,000 Down required with in 24hrs of end of Auction. You can contact me through ebay.

Grace be with you

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