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1989 Convertible Hard Top Suv Ford Bronco 4x4 Full Size Eddie Bauer on 2040-cars

Year:1989 Mileage:98750

Centralia, Washington, United States

Centralia, Washington, United States

Read through the listing then call/text or email for any additional details:  360-508-4756 Eric (Text and email work best if I am driving or working)

I won't handle shipping it but I will drive it somewhere if you cover the gas and my trip home eg. $1 per mile covers round trip and would be the same as a transport company for a 500 mile or less trip, but is more than them for a longer trip like Florida ($4000 for me and less than $2000 typical from them)

99% factory original condition. 99% rust free. This Bronco is in really sweet condition for 25 years old.  Loaded with all the Eddie Bauer power options and manual shift 4x4, all in good working condition.  Runs and drives great. This is an extremely rare find in this condition. The photos do not do it justice. The Bronco: 1989 Eddie Bauer 4x4 HO 5.0L V8, matching set of Pirelli Scorpions, All intact glass, all power windows with working rear power back window, power door locks, cruise and tilt, removable hard top convertible, spare tire swing-gate with trailer tow, extra full size spare and lots more. 


I have owned this vehicle myself personally since purchasing it used in 2000 with about 70K miles on it. I have only used it as  my hunting/fishing vehicle for about 3000 miles per year. Never used for commute or work as I have a commuter car. I have not driven it since garaging it in 07. I pulled it out last year and now it just gets in the way and is going to waste since I have so many other trucks and cars. I do take it for a trip around the block now and then and it drives like new, lots of power, shifts smooth like warm butter but could use a paint job and dents and dings removed if you want it to really shine like a new vehicle. The suspension is all original, the shocks are good and the tires wear even. There is some play in the wheel, about what you would expect at 100k. Tags are new 3/31/2015.

The motor and transmission are about as original as possible and I have changed the oil/ filter every 4-6 months even if it didn't get driven at all. I have used Royal Purple for the past several years but was using Valvoline Full Synthetic before that The past several years I have drained the oil and it still looks brand new. I took it to the dealership for the oil a few days ago and the tech commented how clear it was. The transmission fluid was last changed out about 2 years ago and it has not been driven more than 200 miles since then. The coolant has been changed just this week as it was looking a bit old and its cheap and easy to just flush and change it out.

The brakes are in good shape and work perfect. I did change the front pads/rotors about 10 years ago (less than 20,000 miles) and are still looking good, the back brakes are probably OE and also have lots of good life left in them, even though they are cheap to replace I decided to leave them since they are not bad at all.

There is no undercoat under the vehicle, at least no aftermarket undercoat or Rhino line, however the only rust is purely surface rust and I have regularly painted it to keep it clean and rust free. you can see this in the pictures, plus being locked in a garage for the better part of the past 8 years has kept it fairly clean. I have done minor damage to the tow hook on the back as you can see in the photo, I did this pulling a Suburban out of a snow bank (ironic I know) with a large tow chain and I did not have a ball on at the time.

Please make an appointment to come out and take it for a spin and look it over as I mentioned it is a quarter century old and has signs of use/wear it is not a show car but it is a very nice hunting or fishing 4X4 truck and would make a nice summer cruiser if you want to go that route.

Call/Text or Email for appointment:  360-508-4756 Eric (Text and email work best if I am driving or working)



Body flaws listed: Roof dent, left fender several small dings, left rocker scrape and dent, paint overall faded and losing sheen, scratches from bushes both sides front to back from off road driving, a few minor "key" scratches and some rock chips on hood, cracks developing at back edge of both drip rails. Front plate came off and I needed to get new plates so one is in the front window for safe keeping, you could put it back if you want but for me it is just safer there. dings and scratches on mirror chrome.

Interior flaws listed: both front seat belt cosmetic plastic trim worn and cracking, left seat belt cover missing, left seat gear cover missing, dome light cover missing, headliner stained consistent with field use, headliner no longer tight, carpet stained consistent with use, dash some holes from aftermarket equipment (removed), leather wrapped steering wheel shows some fading at top from sun damage, rearview mirror has a flaw on the center

Mechanical flaws listed: None (Not a California emissions vehicle I don't know if it can or needs to pass emissions as I am not required to do so here)

Other flaws listed: some play in the steering wheel might pull slightly left can't really tell might be all the back roads around here do that for rain run off, the window felt needs replaced & one is gone ($75 @ JC Whitney) passenger wing window does not close tight forced open at one point, Headlights need to be buffed.

My list is of course not all inclusive and should not be considered the gospel, especially since I am not a mechanic or even a poor imitation of a mechanic. I recommend you or a mechanic take a look at the truck before you jump in. I am confident you won't find anything I haven't mentioned but you are welcome to have a look see. 

I have had the top off the truck but have not taken it off for a really long time, I can't remove it with my disability and convincing a neighbor to take off that hernia bursting beast is just not in my nature so I took a picture off the internet of a similar Bronco. (the top weighs about 100lbs) I was going to order a folding soft top with an aluminum frame but never really got around to it.


The truck came from Oregon, I purchased this vehicle for $8500 on a loan in late 2000 it had around 70,000 original miles according to the dealership. I took it to a local mechanic then and he confirmed that he believed the mileage to be accurate based on condition and certain wear items. He gave me a list of things to replace like plugs and wires that were original equipment and wearing out, I had the dealership replace most of the items. I drove most of my miles on the truck during the first couple years and paid the truck off in 2004. In 2007 the truck was stolen but never got off my property before getting stuck on a concrete block, the damage to the truck was mostly confined to the interior since the kid broke the steering column with a hammer to steal it. I have repaired and replaced everything on it that was damaged except some minor cosmetic rocker panel damage on the drivers side. I parked it in the garage in 2007 and it sat there till 2013 only going out for an occasional stroll around the block usually after an oil change or just when I get bored and want to get the dust off it. I purchased tabs in 2009 but never drove it so I stopped buying tabs until my wife told me to make room in the garage. I started parking it outside last winter and now it is always getting moved from one side of the driveway to the other. I finally decided to take the plunge and give it up since it just sits there and I drive the Excursion or something else to go hunt/fish. The tires on the truck when I purchased it are the same ones still on it, they had about 75% tread then and about 50% now they are good all around tires. I had a set of 33" studded off road Swampers on it for a while but never drove it so I sold them and put the Scorpions back on the truck. The speedo is accurate with the Scorpions on it.

I really like this truck it is like a pet for me and I want to know its going to a home where it will be taken care of and driven. I have been driving it for the past several weeks and have started to become attached to it again since it is such a fun truck to drive. The seats literally wrap you in them and support you side to side as well as front to back, the suspension really takes the rolls nice and even accelerating/braking is nice. The mileage will change since I have been driving it more I apologize for that in advance but I promise to keep it under 100K miles.

Work I have had done:

I had a new battery installed, I had the door locks repaired and some parts inside were replaced, Passenger window motor was rebuilt, tires rotated and balanced, Oil changed, Coolant changed. Had the steering column replaced with a used one, washed it off.

Work I would do:

Paint and some body work, replace window felts after painting, check for an alignment, Detail full truck, maybe replace the carpet with a different color, replace top with black soft top, Hit up the junk yard for the worn plastic pieces of interior then go online and find the rest new. if I keep the top I would paint it black, new 19" alloy wheels (black), replace front bumper with a winch bumper and brush guard (also black)

Pato_Chiflado's 1989 Eddie Bauer Bronco album on Photobucket

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