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2005 - Chevrolet Corvette on 2040-cars

US $7,000.00
Year:2005 Mileage:61000 Color: Silver

Damascus, Virginia, United States

Damascus, Virginia, United States

Up for sale a beautiful, highly upgraded 2005 Chevrolet Corvette that just passed 60k miles. I bought this car in TX a few years back and have loved every minute of driving it. Sadly the AF has moved me out to CA and due to the performance upgrades I can't register it here. Since the registration from SC is going to run out soon, I am forced to part with it. Your chance to get a great car with a lot of awesome work done to it. This car is fully loaded with just about every option, at the bottom of the listing I’ll include the codes and associated options so you can see exactly what it has. Upgrades to this car include the following: Full rework of the clutch and clutch system including: Tick & Monster Complete Clutch Swap Package ($1250) rvette-z06/ This clutch is fully adjustable to your preference and bleeding the entire system is now super easy because I have installed a remote bleeder line. All the hydraulic lines are now braided stainless (far better them GMs rubber hoses) and routed far away from the exhaust heat. Nothing to worry about with your clutch again. All new exhaust system from block to tips including: Melrose Motorsports LS2 Corvette Header system ($1600) LG Motorsports GT4 cat-back muffler kit ($1000) Here’s the deal with this exhaust, I got a good deal on the LG mufflers so I thought I would try them. Personally, they are too loud for me and there is some drone between about 1800 and 2500 RPM. I bought a lightly used Z06 exhaust that I was planning on swapping out but have just run out of time and now am deploying soon. Let me know if you would like me to include the Z06 exhaust (worth a few hundred at least) or even have it swapped out prior to having the car sent to you. Suspension and chassis work to include: Replacing sway bars, shocks and mono leafs with almost new OEM Z51 components and lowering the car appx 1” ($500). A new heat-shielded tunnel brace ($120). The car is much stiffer, the tunnel brace controls the body and frame flex and also shields the interior from the exhaust heat. Overall the car rides much better, has tighter control with less roll and sway in the turns. All new intake system including: Vararam VR-SC1 Gen2 SnakeCharmer cold air intake ($300) I had both the throttle body and intake plenum bored and polished ($300) New spark plugs and MSD Super Conductor wires ($150) New Duralast Gold Battery ($140) tte/_/N-jmmnqZacy27?itemIdentifier=21878_817422_0_ I also sent the ECU out for tuning to take advantage of the new airflow and increase throttle response and performance. They also programmed out the 1-4 skip-shift so now you get to decide what gear you want to be in, not the car. ($150) Interior: Sound and heat deadening throughout entire cabin ($400) This greatly reduces the heat soak into the cabin and makes it where you don’t need to run your AC just to make a drive livable. No more hot drinks in the cup holders! Hydrocarbon wrapped center console finished in 2008 GM Hydrocarbon ($300) onsole-for-C6-Corvette.html Matching carbon fiber door release bezels ($140) e-Bezels.html Pioneer DVD/Navigation system ($200) Again, only selling this car because the AF moved me to CA and can’t register it here and I’m being deployed out before too long. I need to sell it relatively soon and this is a great chance for you to get a car with all the work done and at a deep discount to you. This car has always been smoke and pet free. There are some smell scratches and scuffs here and there which I have close up pics of and can send your way. Right now one of the TPMS is reading zero so I’ll take it to the dealership this week to have it checked out, I’m suspecting it needs to be re-calibrated. I have over 80 pictures of the car and it’s easy for me to take more of anything requested. Just let me know what you would like. Please contact me with any questions you have, I’m working evenings this weekend but will find time to talk with you about any questions you have. Included: CarCraft Custom fit cover ($200) 2 Keyless remotes and keys Shipping: I realize that the buyer will most likely be outside of CA and as such I will drive the car up to 2 hours (ie Reno, NV) Even if you decide to have the car shipped I could drop it off in NV to save some on shipping costs. Contact me and we can work out any details. Payment: Paypal works great for deposits, we can work out the details on the paymmethod, but money orders or cashier’s checks would be the easiest. Clear SC Title. No Salvage History. No Rebuilt History. No Flood Damage. No Liens. Here is that list of Code options from GM as promised: AAB - MEMORY DRIVER CONVENIENCE PACKAGE CONVENIENCE PKG(AAB) AG2 - ADJUSTER PASS ST POWER, MULTI-DIRECTIONAL MULTI-DIRECTIONAL P/SEAT ADJR(AG2) ADJUSTER,SEAT,6-WAY POWER,SPLIT BENCH,PASSENGER 6-WAY PWR P/SEAT ADJR(AG2) AJ7 - RESTRAINT SYSTEM FRT SEAT, INFLATABLE, DRIVER AND PASSENGER, FRT & SIDE INFL RST FRT & SI(AJ7) AQ9 - SEAT,FRONT BUCKET,DRIVER,PASSENGER,RECLINING RECL FRT BKT ST,LUXURY(AQ9) BGR - PLANT CODE - BOWLING GREEN, KY, USA CF7 - ROOF,SUN,REMOVABLE,NON-TRANSPARENT REMOVABLE SUNROOF(CF7) CJ2 - HVAC SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONER FRT, AUTO TEMP CONT, AUX TEMP CONT A/C FRT AUTO/AUX CONT(CJ2) DD0 - MIRROR,O/S,R AND L REM CTL,ELEC,DEFOG,LT SENSITIVE O/S ELEC R/CON MIR(DD0) DD8 - MIRROR,INSIDE,REARVIEW,TILT,AUTOMATIC,LIGHT SENSITIVE I/S RR VIEW MIR,LIGHT SENSITIVE(DD8) DL5 - DECAL ROADSIDE SERVICE INFORMATION ROADSIDE SERVICE INFO DECAL(DL5) D42 - COVER,REAR COMPARTMENT SECURITY(SHADE) R/CMPT SECURITY SHADE(D42) FE1 - SUSPENSION SYSTEM,SOFT RIDE SOFT RIDE SUSP(FE1) FE9 - FEDERAL EMISSION CERTIFICATION FED EMIS(FE9) GU6 - AXLE,REAR,3.42 RATIO 3.42R(GU6) IL3 - TRIM,INTERIOR DESIGN (IL3) JL5 - CONTROL MANUAL TRANS, FIRST TO FOURTH GEAR SKIP SHIFT 1ST TO 4TH GEAR SKIP SHIFT CONTROL(JL5) JL9 - BRAKE SYSTEM,POWER,FRONT AND REAR DISC,ANTILOCK FRT & RR DISC ANTILOCK BRK(JL9) KAI - HEATER - SEAT ST HTR(KA1) K63 - GENERATOR 110 AMP 110 AMP GEN(K63) LS2 - ENGINE,6.0L(364CID) GAS V8 6.0-H(LS2) MM6 - TRANSMISSION MAN 6 SPD, BORG WARNER, 85MM, 1ST 2.66, 6TH 0.50, O/D 6-SPD M/TRANS(MM6) MN6 - TRANSMISSION,MANUAL 6-SPEED PROVISIONS(MERCHANDISING OPTION) 6-SPD M/TRANS PROVISIONS(MN6) NK4 - STEERING WHEEL,SPORT,LEATHER SPORT WHL(NK4) N37 - STEERING COLUMN,TILT AND TELESCOPING T&T WHL(N37) QG7 - WHEEL 18 X 8.5 FRT & 19 X 10 RR, POLISHED POLISHED WHL(QG7) SLM - SALES PROCESSING - STOCK ORDERS UE1 - COMMUNICATION SYSTEM VEHICLE, G.P.S. 1 GPS 1 VEH COMM SYS(UE1) UG1 - OPENER GARAGE DOOR, UNIVERSAL UNIVERSAL GARAGE DR OPENER(UG1) UJ9 - INDICATOR, LOW TIRE PRESS,TIRE PRESS MONTORING SYSTEM(TPM) LOW TIRE PRESS MONITORING SYS IND(UJ9) US3 - ANTENNA DIVERSITY DIVERSITY ANTENNA(US3) US9 - RADIO AM/FM STEREO, SEEK/SCAN, RDS, MULTIPLE COMPACT DISC, AUTO TONE CONTROL, CLOCK, ETR, MP3 STEREO W/MULTI CD PLAYER(US9) UV6 - DISPLAY,HEADUP HEAD UP DISPLAY(UV6) U2K - DIGITAL AUDIO SYSTEM S-BAND DIGITAL S-BAND AUDIO SYS(U2K) U52 - CLUSTER,INSTRUMENT(ELECTRONIC) ELEK GA CSTR(U52) U65 - SPEAKER SYSTEM 7,PREMIUM 7 SPKR SYSTEM,PREMIUM(U65) VA5 - LANGUAGE LABEL(ENGLISH) ENGLISH LANGUAGE LABEL(VA5) VDD - Unk. VK3 - LICENSE PLATE,FRONT MOUNTING PACKAGE FRT LIC PLT MTG PKG(VK3) VM3 - LABEL INFORMATION CONSUMER, CONTAINS BPR IMP STANDARD FOR FRT 5 MPH & RR 5 MPH 5 MPH BUMPER INFO LABEL(VM3) V73 - VEHICLE STATEMENT - US/CANADA US/CANADA VEHICLE STATEMENT(V73) XFV - TIRE FRONT P245/40ZR18-88Y BW HW4 (EMT) TIRE(XFV) YFX - TIRE REAR P285/35ZR19-90Y BW HW4 (EMT) TIRE(YFX) 1SB - PACKAGE-OPTION 02 (1SB) SALES PACKAGE SALES PKG(1SB) 1SZ - PACKAGE OPTION- (1SZ) 191 - INTERIOR TRIM,BLACK (19I) 193 - TRIM COMBINATION,BLACK LEATHER (193) 71U - PRIMARY COLOR EXTERIOR, SUNSET ORANGE MET (71U)

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