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Ferrari 348 Spider on 2040-cars

US $23,000.00
Year:1994 Mileage:21880 Color: Black

Kimball, Minnesota, United States

Kimball, Minnesota, United States

This is it. Your chance to own a Ferrari Spider. Something so unique and rare that heads will turn every time you go out. Unusual in black on black, this 1994 348 Spider is one of only 390 spiders imported to the U.S. and one of a handful still on the road. Even more unusual is the Spider designation on the back of the car, a precious handful sport this particular badge and you will be hard pressed to find another.The 512TR wheels by themselves routinely sell for over $5,000, I bought the 360 wheels since I'm personally not a big fan of chromed wheels but they do fit the car.garaged in temperature and humidity controlled environmentRare included original red cover with Cavellinos You won't find a better sorted 348 Spider than this one. You won't look back as you are driving on curvy roads on a nice day with the top down. You won't remember life before the 348 Spider as the growl of the engine ignites a passion inside of you for the love of driving and the love that only a Ferrari can inspire. Sunday morning, 7:30. Late September in Minnesota. It is cool at 65 degrees. Crisp and quiet. Sun beaming through the leaves tinging everything it touches with gold. I twist the key of my 348 Spider just to Aux to start the electronics, the familiar fuel pump noise breaking the silence. I twist the key again and the engine roars to life, filling the air with the unique sound that typifies a Ferrari. Slowly I back out of the garage and down the driveway letting the engine oil warm up in the cool fall air. Top down, I ease onto the main drag and work my way gently through the gears waiting to open it up on the winding roads ahead. I turn through a quiet neighborhood, the engine noise buffeting off of houses and trees. I realize how fast I am already going and back off the throttle. Prrutt, prrutt, prrutt the engine reports, wanting to go faster rather than slower. The winding road is just ahead. The entrance haloed by old growth oak and maple trees, their leaves vivid red, orange and yellow. The sun making each leaf glow as if lit from within. The dried leaves on the road crunch as I turn onto the road and then let the 348 loose. The car grabs the road beneath its wheels like it is hungry, digging in, greedily grabbing at pavement. The noise, vibration and the feel of wind on my neck make me feel alive and I cannot help but laugh as I let the revs go higher before shifting. Second, third, fourth, fifth gear, I am flying now. Leaves kicking up a shower behind me. A lake sparkles in the morning sun to my right as sleepy homeowners wake to my thunder. Prrutt, prrutt, prrutt, I slow to take a sharp curve. Brake in a straight line, accelerate through the curve. The car again grabbing pavement, holding the curve flat, g forces pressing my into the seat as I accelerate through the corner to the apex and then plunge down a short hill.The car is alive now. Willing me to give it more throttle, go faster. Who needs a radio when you have this kind of glorious noise echoing through the narrow passage between heavy trees, their blanket of leaves acting as a buffer to keep the noise close to me as I truly appreciate it. Downhill to another curve, downshift, slight brake, here’s the corner, a little more throttle as I swing easily right and onto another straight patch of road. The car follows my every movement as if it knows where I want to go and how fast. I glance at the speedometer, I am doing errr.. the speed limit but it may as well be 100. The curves and undulations in the road remind me of some of the tighter race tracks and I am out in front.

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Latitude justifies the car's price based on a very expensive set of wheels. To be exact, the 21-inch fronts and 22-inch rears are forged Vossen Precision Series wheels. Mounted on Pirelli rubber, Latitude claims the package is worth over $1 million. Add onto that the $20,000 in Novitec Rosso carbon fiber pieces - none of the fun, performance stuff Novitec is known for - and you come to an eBay starting price of $1,290,000.