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1976 Ferrari 308gtb Mech Restored W/3.4l Rebuild, Two Owner, Lightweight on 2040-cars

US $69,900.00
Year:1976 Mileage:86000

Buford, Georgia, United States

Buford, Georgia, United States

Offered for sale is a fully documented from day one, two owner, fully documented from day 1, 1976 Ferrari 308GTB (steel) chassis 20623 with 86,XXX fully documented miles. All belts and fluids just changed, new tires, new exhaust, car is 100% ready to go. This example was one of the first steel bodied cars in the US and was a Marin County California car from new through 2006. This car was originally purchased through Griswold motors in Berkeley, CA. The original owner was a well-known (since deceased) architect in the area and has pieces in the San Francisco museum of modern art. This original owner drove the car daily through about 1981 which when it accrued some 80% of its mileage. He also had the car serviced by one mechanic from day one through my purchase of the car in May of 2006, this car is incredibly well documented from day one and it includes the original window sticker as well as multiple letters from the Ferrari factory. The original mechanic still maintains a Ferrari shop in Novato, CA and he continues to know the car very well as I have kept him regularly updated. There are zero gaps in this cars history. This car is now much more powerful, lightweight, and is a joy to drive. 

This car, as with any 30+ year old car, although very well maintained by the original owner, was in need of regular things which any 30+ year old car would need. All of this has been completed, I will get into the details later. I am a Ferrari mechanic and have rebuilt or replaced nearly every mechanical component on this car, you will not find a more ready and fresh car on the market. Most all 308s are sold the same way I purchased mine in that they have been serviced regularly but things such as suspension bushings, brake calipers, engine and gearbox rebuilds (which just about every one of these 30+ year old machines need), and a/c system rebuilds have never been done as they are undoubtedly of great expense. My goal was to restore the car to high level of mechanical completion, but retain as much of the original as possible as a car is only original once and I am very much a fan of originality. There is just about no component on this car that has not been restored. 

3.4L Engine, 330bhp, 270lbs torque: 
This engine is about a year or so old now and I have driven it well under 2000 miles. The engine has been rebuilt by me to a very high specification in that it has been blue printed in every detail, but the power has been significantly increased by way of placing a modern Ferrari crankshaft from a Ferrari 360 in the block as well as boring the sleeves along with extensive intake porting and valve redesigning. The Ferrari 360 crankshaft features a 79mm throw (also significantly lighter) vs. 71mm from a 308 crankshaft, the new bore of this engine is 83mm, while stock is 81mm. This required re-engineering of the pistons as well which was completed with JE pistons. A Ferrari 360 crank is a piece of jewelry, they are gorgeous and are undoubtedly something that only Ferrari can craft to such a level and as a result are incredibly expensive. The overall displacement of this engine is now just over 3.4L. The camshafts are a brand new billet steel set from a company in Europe featuring significantly higher lift (.425 vs. early US/European spec cams .350) and a good bit more duration(248 @ .050 vs. 235 @ .050 stock); these cams are still very streetable as the car is wonderful to drive on the street with a very flexible power curve. The idea was to build an engine with significantly more performance but without losing street manners or stock appearance. The original flimsy fiberglass camshaft belt cogs have been replaced with a custom made aluminum fully adjustable cam cog of aircraft quality. Higher specification valve springs were secured from an excellent company in Australia to control the valves and more aggressive camshaft lobe ramps. New valve guides and guide seals of course were installed and honed to appropriate tolerances. The intake valves are of a larger size by 2mm, designed by me, and use a larger internal diameter intake valve seat which further benefits flow. The exhaust valves are also new yet the exhaust ports and flow were unchanged as they flow a bit too much from the factory already, and at the time the factory didnít know about modern concepts such as intake to exhaust flow rates etc. The intake bowls have been ported and enlarged/reshaped so intake flow is significantly higher than stock, thus more air which = more power. Custom pistons were designed then secured from JE and are about 10.5:1 compression, the quench to the cylinder head was designed by me to be an optimal .040. I used gapless top piston rings so this engine is very tight with minimal leakage in the cylinders. All gaskets and seals were of course replaced as well. While the engine was out I went ahead and replaced the synchros and all shift shaft seals in the gearbox, specifically synchros for gears 1, 2, and 3 with new genuine ZF synchros. The flywheel was skimmed and a new clutch and release bearing were installed. I spent a significant amount of time tuning this engine on the dyno and the road with a wideband O2 sensor and it is very well prepared.

I installed a new water pump, and I just replaced the timing belts again for the sale of the car, so this engine is 100% ready. This engine is kept cool by a custom designed (by me) tig welded aluminum radiator which slots into the stock radiator position, it works very well. I have manufactured a large number of these radiators for the Ferrari club community which some of you may be familiar with, and they are all very functional units which handle dreaded 308 overheating remarkably well. 

The ignition system is a crank fired digital Electromotive system which is very popular for these engines and Porsche 911 engines as the stock system for the Ferrari is not only very weak, but inaccurate and extremely expensive to maintain as the parts are very pricey and extremely time consuming to service correctly. No more points or distributor caps to ever replace, nor does the advance curve ever need to be adjusted as itís all digital, and it looks the part. 

As a result of the above, this engine obviously runs very well and the car is substantially quicker than any 308/328. An engine rebuild of this high specification is done by very few places on the planet and costs are typically $25-$30k. Servicing is the same as any other 308 with the exception being the ignition system which requires zero servicing as itís digital which has made the car much more drivable and easier to service. Belt changes ever 3-5 years, adjust carbs a bit at the same time, done, but from the outside the engine appears largely stock which was the idea, while power at the crankshaft is about 330bhp with 270lbs torque with a large amount of that torque available at 3000rpm. A solid stock 308 engine makes no more than 230bhp at the crank (despite factory claims north of 250 at times), so this is a very significant bump in power and efficiency. The sister engine which was blueprinted identical my engine specifications (with my permission) was featured in the Forza magazine article ĎSnowball Expressí and credits were kindly given to me. That car was also featured on Petrolicious. 

Chassis and other restoration work: 
This car has never been involved in any accidents, the paint is in good shape making for a very presentable car and the body is very straight. This car weighs 2800lbs with about 1/4 tank of fuel which is what a European specification fiberglass 308GTB weighs. Additionally, this weight is 350-400lbs less than a 355 or a 360 and is even lighter than a 360 Stradale. This car is obviously significantly quicker than any 308/328 and quicker than a 348 and will hold its own with a 355. The car has been lightened simply by removing the US bumpers and replacing them with proper European spec bumpers (as Enzo intended), much lighter radiator, lighter (new) stainless exhaust, much lighter rotating engine internals, much lighter gear reduction start motor (with lifetime warrantee) and by removing the significant smog pump equipment. The wheels are 16Ē QV wheels (repros) with new tires. The suspension system on the front end has been entirely rebuilt as have all 4 brake calipers and the brake master cylinder, the front pads are very new Porterfield R4 spec and they are brilliant, brake fluid is Motul RBF600 which is all I ever use. The shocks were replaced before I picked up the car and they are in great shape, so I have not replaced them with exception being the front shock bushings which I replaced as they were shot. The steering rack has been rebuilt and the bushings have all been replaced. New aviation grade fuel pump and fuel lines. New battery. Upgraded Bosch 85amp alternator. All new coolant hoses throughout including the incredibly tricky heater hose which traverses the left side rocker panel. All a/c line seals have been replaced as has the evaporator and a/c dryer, a/c oil, and a/c charge (only use R12 or equivalent in these, NEVER use R134 as the system was never designed for such). The seats and leather are in wonderful original condition as is the headliner. 

Records and tool kit: 

All records are present from day 1, this car has wonderful provenance. The tool and jack kits and spare are complete with the exception being the tool kit is missing the pliers. All Ferrari books, manuals as original are complete. 

The car is ready to go, no stories, a/c works well, has been fanatically maintained and above all else, loved. Belts and all fluids just changed, gearbox oil is Redline MTL, new tires with less than 50 miles on them replaced just for this sale. I consider this car a Ď288GTO lightí in how it goes and drives, not entirely dissimilar to Magnus Walker and his style of prized early Porsche 911 modified cars. Nice early GTBs are trading hands in the UK and EU for upwards of 50k+ Euro, and US auctions are following suit. Fiberglass Euro cars are trading at upwards of 150k overseas and rising, very nice early steel GTBs will go the same way albeit probably not to that extreme! 308s are incredibly easy and relatively inexpensive Ferrariís to maintain as they are such simple cars really, especially compared to 348/355s. We are but custodians of these wonderful machines and I believe itís time to move her on to another loving owner. Car is sold as is. 

Price: $69,900.

Inquiries emailed to John @: 

I have the original airbox and performance air filter as well which of course comes with the car, if the buyer wishes for the original airbox to be installed I am more than happy to do so. 

several more photos available here:

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