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1960 60 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Roadster 270hp Dual Quad 4 Speed 2 Tops on 2040-cars

Year:1960 Mileage:42909

McMinnville, Oregon, United States

McMinnville, Oregon, United States

 photo DSCN2653_zpsf40879d1.jpg  photo DSCN2657_zpsbc5b29eb.jpg  photo DSCN2663_zps2d64688d.jpg  photo DSCN2664_zps6b3fe4c8.jpg  photo DSCN2665_zpsbc3908bd.jpg  photo DSCN2658_zpsd7201cfd.jpg  photo DSCN2661_zps720b268d.jpg  photo DSCN2667_zps8903d071.jpg  photo DSCN2659_zps24ab7f97.jpg  photo DSCN2660_zps68936c77.jpg  photo DSCN2658_zpsd7201cfd.jpg  photo DSCN2666_zpseb942511.jpg  photo DSCN2669_zpsff1ccdbf.jpg  photo DSCN2670_zps9a99c10f.jpg  photo DSCN2671_zps507625ab.jpg  photo DSCN2791_zps861de824.jpg  photo DSCN2785_zps2365dc01.jpg  photo DSCN2787_zpsdb819037.jpg  photo DSCN2743_zps66204883.jpg  photo DSCN2742_zps6ee2e033.jpg  photo DSCN2739_zpsb667fd01.jpg  photo DSCN2744_zpsfafe4511.jpg  photo DSCN2747_zpsf8279b96.jpg  photo DSCN2750_zps61e407ed.jpg  photo DSCN2751_zps63487fe7.jpg  photo DSCN2753_zps2d057506.jpg  photo DSCN2755_zps0cd8fb67.jpg  photo DSCN2766_zps9b7a870c.jpg  photo DSCN2764_zpse2051794.jpg  photo DSCN2765_zps72faa650.jpg  photo DSCN2768_zps9aac3bb6.jpg

Today we have listed for sale a 1960 Corvette two top convertible. This is a gorgeous car with all the right stuff - it's clean, correct engined, super dependable and is ready for you. This belongs to the Chevrolet dealer that I have worked with for 15 years, and I had helped him find the car when he purchased it. The only, and I do mean the only, reason he is selling it is he has ordered and recieved a new 2014 Corvette (yes in red) and only has so much room in his garage at home - and I am listing it for him. He is a dealer, this is his personal car with the title in his name, and the bill of sale will be from them, nothing funny here, the title in the name of the original owner is in hand and available.   I will do my best to describe it so that you feel you know it.. It's hard to show the total story of this car in the words I use, but I have added as many pictures as possible - I tried to use pictures that covered the overall feel and look of the car. These pictures were mostly all taken at Evergreen Air Museum - and many in front of a Douglas C-47 Skytrain that was part of the Normandy invasion in 1944. You will also note the Spruce Goose a Saturn rocket and other planes in the background. Evergreen is gracious in letting us use their planes and facility as a backdrop for these pictures. If you're ever in the McMinnville are please stop and see them - they have not only the air museum but an aerospace museum and an indoor water park! I use lower resolution so that anyone in the world can download them with relative ease. Please be aware that this car is advertised and for sale locally, nationally and globally, and we do reserve the right to end this auction at any time if the vehicle sells before auction ends. photo DSCN2802_zps7a9bd62d.jpg  photo DSCN2797_zps5b0b3b4d.jpg  photo DSCN2790_zpsb0597c67.jpg  photo DSCN2805_zps64769698.jpg  photo DSCN2807_zpsb9a49d67.jpg  photo DSCN2605_zps466a0de0.jpg  photo DSCN2609_zps7bd6fa0b.jpg  photo DSCN2612_zpsdc5a865e.jpg  photo DSCN2613_zpsa18963d1.jpg  photo DSCN2611_zpsae85df40.jpg  photo DSCN2618_zps6f93c484.jpg  photo DSCN2621_zps1d241c66.jpg  photo DSCN2624_zps25ea9ad8.jpg  photo DSCN2625_zps2e61db88.jpg  photo DSCN2626_zpse9fe8def.jpg  photo DSCN2627_zps090a6d44.jpg  photo DSCN2628_zpsda4f893f.jpg  photo DSCN2638_zpsef963187.jpg  photo DSCN2639_zps4618f647.jpg  photo DSCN2640_zps48718182.jpg  photo DSCN2641_zpse0a9aefe.jpg  photo DSCN2642_zps6ffeb4b4.jpg  photo DSCN2643_zps389b886c.jpg  photo DSCN2644_zpsa560f036.jpg  photo DSCN2645_zpse9b2d52a.jpg  photo DSCN2646_zps642cda5e.jpg  photo DSCN2648_zps701d9be6.jpg  photo DSCN2647_zpsf4b4bc44.jpg  photo DSCN2650_zps971ca2ea.jpg  photo DSCN2652_zps02571bd1.jpg  photo DSCN2654_zps10b1d1c4.jpg  photo DSCN2656_zps2ffb7689.jpg  photo DSCN2769_zpsd105f05f.jpg This very collectible Corvette is definitely for sale and definitely on the money price wise. If you are SERIOUS about the car - please call my cell # 503.580.6225 if I don't answer the first time - try again later - if I am at work I may not be able to answer your call. Please be considerate of the time. This is an amazing car - one you can drive, enjoy, preserve and show with pride. Buy it today and be the envy of those who hesititated and missed. 

Classic Corvettes - we've all seen them, some of us have driven them, some have owned them - and you've probably been waiting - waiting for that 'just right' 'Vette to come along. Every once in a while one comes along that is super clean, super nice, and has 'all the right stuff'. This is one of those cars -  years ago the dealer that I work for sought out a '59 or '60 Corvette with some very specific equipment (red/4speed/dual quads and nice) - we searched for quite some time and found this car out of Seattle. The owner wanted a gorgeous car, as correct as possible, but not a car to keep in a bubble - he wanted to drive it, have fun with it, for the car to be dependable and enjoyable. Many times these cars hit a couple of the boxes but rarely all of them. This car checks every one of his boxes. It was on a lot there, but consigned by a gentleman who had spent an extensive amount of time and money and was super fussy. He had gotten it from a man who had spent over $24,000 having restoration work done at Ken's Klassics in Muscoda Wisconson in 2007. Before that, we don't know a lot of history on the car. We will go through what we DO know from front to back. This car is a Roman Red with Ermine White cove 4-speed car with a red auxiliary hardtop and a black soft top. The car was produced around February 29, 1960. One thing I can tell you for certain is that it's one of the nicest driving solid axle Corvettes I have ever driven, and the owner of the car agrees with that - he's had several. The engine casting # is 3756519, and the engine pad stamping # is 0104354 / FU222CU, this is correct for this car and appears to be its original 283 / 270HP engine. The distributor casting # is 1110891 0B9, Generator casting # is 1102096, Right exhaust manifold is 3750558 / left is 3749965. The starter casting # Is 1108762, the crank pulley is 3756328 and the rear axle casting # is 3707306. This is a solid lifter engine that was rebuilt by the owner previous to who had the restoration done. At that time it showed 38,000 miles. The intake manifold part number is 3739658, the front Carter carb (no choke) has a cast # of 6-1310 and the rear one is cast 6-1277. The engine cranks and starts as it should, has the right rumble and idle, and is an excellent runner and driver. Temp. controlled Multi-blade fan and clutch are in place. It appears that everything is in place, and I have taken pictures of everything I could. Is it all # match? You will have to decide, all I can do is present what is there. The transmission is a T-10 and was replaced in 2008. A Muncie 4 speed had made it's way to the car (the original T-10 probably broke) and it was restored by Ron Worthen of Garden Grove Ca. The trans case is iron, T10-1b with a date code of 2-17, the T10-7B aluminum tail 02-3-60, side cover 148B is 2-17-60, and the rear plate 148 is 12-9-59. The trans itself was $2000 outright. Another $3600.00 was spent at Rick Stark Corvette in June of 2008 - I believe this is when and where the T10 was put back in along with the original shifter. Again, the car functions, drives, starts stops and drives amazingly and nicer then I had expected. The steering sector shaft, worm gear and sector shaft roller wre found to be worn in 2010, so this was all replaced and put back in the car to the tune of 1300 bucks. The wheels on the car are all stamped K186 / 5/15 and 12/3 (one is 6/3) and the one in the trunk is stamped K186 12/3 by the stem. The tires are like brand new B.F. Goodrich Silvertown 6.70x15 wide whites. Wheels covers all very nice with no markings or anything on the backside as sometimes happened. The car stops straight, stops right, steers well and does everything it should, and definitely better than most. Getting past the # stuff - here's the coolest thing about the car - everything works. It would appear that most of the soft parts - the ones that get all cripsy and old - have been replaced. The weatherstrips are soft and supple, the seats not brittle etc. It also appears that the carpet may be original. The odometer reads 42909. Odo and speedo work. Dash lights work, heater works. The radio is a Wonderbar that is converted to Am/Fm Stereo and has rca outputs on the back for some great cruising tunes. All the glass is good - the windshield has LOF markings but doesn't appear to be date specific to the car and has some typical minor wiper scuffing - the wipers work. The tach is the correct 7000 rpm tach and it works. All the guages work. Courtesy light is an option I think and it works. Car has 4 new matching T3 headlamps. High beams work, horn works. Doors lock and unlock with the key as they should. The car has been a non smoking car, no burns, rips or tears anywhere. The car has a new black soft top - you will see in the pictures it's a little wrinkly as I didn't fully latch it, but it and the rear window appear as new. The auxiliary hardtop is in super nice shape, the inner liner is a dielectric stamped type material and it's nice, all its glass is good too. An original owners manual is included as well as a owners/operators manual and manual for the radio. The body, paint and chrome on the car are beautiful, and not overdone. We've had many people ask if it's original paint, as they can't tell, which I think is the best sign of a good 'Vette restoration - not over the top or overdone. Is clean and nice, very little orange peel, and the fiberglass looks pretty darned good. There is a slightly thin place on the paint on the left rear 1/4, I hadn't seen it til the other day under flourescent lighting. The body may have had a repair or two over the years, but it's 54 years old - and it wasn't perfect when it was new - as anyone who has had a vintage Corvette knows. Sometimes it's hard to tell a bonding strip from a repair, and I know when they appear perfect, something is probably wrong. The paint's been on long enough that any imperfections are well visible now. I'm around vintage cars and trucks a lot and often toss out the 'challenge' to people to tell me what a 'perfect' Corvette is. The chrome is fresh and bright, and looks to be all original stuff rechromed. I don't see anything there that is out of place or wrong. There is no rust anywhere and it's pretty darned clean from top to bottom - this is a driven car, so it shows and appears as such, but it's kept in heated and cooled storage. There is no sign of rust or rot anywhere, and the car has been touched, or left untouched from top to bottom. I especially like the underside of the body tub itself - it really shows the fiberglass and it's originality, and it's not been spray painted or undercoated - in fact, most of the finishes are what I would call 'natural'. This car has not been fluffed, buffed or detailed - it's exactly as it has been kept, driven and garaged by the owner. No rattle can details, or anything phoney anywhere. It's as honest a car as you will find anywhere, at any price. The trunk is not latched in the pictures, so you may notice a bigger gap than normal there, I'd left it that way to take the pictures. You are absolutely welcome to make an appointment with us and view this car during normal business hours here in McMinnville Oregon - it's currently on the showroom floor of the dealership.This is a car you can enjoy - drive it, show it, show it off, and not be frightened to do so. It drives, starts, steers, works and every operating feature on the car we can think of works. It's clean, it's sharp, it's right and it's right on the money. Title is clear and clean and in our possession. Please don't pick us or the car apart - it's very likely that you know more about Corvettes than we do - we aren't touting this as Bloomington Gold or Survivor status, it's a beautiful and fun car that's pretty right on. It may not be the car for you, but it's exactly the car that one of you out there has been searching for. We give the best description we possibly can and invite you to drive or fly in to see it in person. Nothing hidden whatsoever. It's an amazing value - and as good as money in the bank, if not better.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will answer questions to the best of our ability.Thank you for your interest and your time.

 photo DSCN2770_zps428a9381.jpg  photo DSCN2771_zps7867b013.jpg  photo DSCN2772_zpsb88eb456.jpg  photo DSCN2779_zps7e34bf70.jpg  photo DSCN2777_zpsea7bbe6a.jpg  photo DSCN2672_zpse3d7358f.jpg  photo DSCN2673_zpsa7b1be1d.jpg  photo DSCN2674_zpsdd252e69.jpg  photo DSCN2732_zps02d0f861.jpg  photo DSCN2733_zps9f50aeef.jpg  photo DSCN2675_zps3b7b8b4e.jpg  photo DSCN2676_zpsd564a981.jpg  photo DSCN2677_zps65a560f6.jpg  photo DSCN2678_zps1d5f991e.jpg  photo DSCN2679_zpsbf9bb6e4.jpg  photo DSCN2680_zps6540c2e6.jpg  photo DSCN2681_zps2f42840b.jpg  photo DSCN2682_zpse0489282.jpg  photo DSCN2683_zps3d23d400.jpg  photo DSCN2684_zps84baaa17.jpg  photo DSCN2686_zps2cc4a505.jpg  photo DSCN2687_zpsef1c0a73.jpg  photo DSCN2689_zps105af7d2.jpg  photo DSCN2706_zps646cb5fa.jpg  photo DSCN2714_zps4463103c.jpg  photo DSCN2715_zpsa559408f.jpg  photo DSCN2718_zpsb28178e0.jpg  photo DSCN2719_zps483e2003.jpg  photo DSCN2720_zpsb2a85d7f.jpg  photo DSCN2721_zps4a122dd3.jpg  photo DSCN2722_zps2473210d.jpg  photo DSCN2723_zps1c2afd28.jpg  photo DSCN2724_zpsfa040e63.jpg  photo DSCN2725_zps3f88c99a.jpg  photo DSCN2726_zps7abcf5b8.jpg  photo DSCN2727_zpsb283d68c.jpg  photo DSCN2728_zps1c5a665b.jpg  photo DSCN2729_zps867c50ff.jpg  photo DSCN2731_zpsf2c60cf9.jpg  photo DSCN2814_zps0b3969f3.jpg  photo DSCN2815_zpsd9defc1f.jpg  photo DSCN2816_zpsd6040901.jpg  photo DSCN2817_zps4337825f.jpg  photo DSCN2818_zps8de1d6cf.jpg  photo DSCN2819_zps3b81277a.jpg  photo DSCN2820_zps2f4396bd.jpg  photo DSCN2734_zpsc9938d75.jpg  photo DSCN2736_zpsfeba6427.jpg  photo DSCN2737_zps46650a0c.jpg  photo DSCN2738_zps1afc3b22.jpg  photo DSCN2891_zps7cb2a03c.jpg


Now for the nitty gritty: PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO PAY! If you have zero or negative feedback - please contact us first. We reserve the right to cancel bids to those who don't adhere to this request. If you need to get permission of any sort to buy - PLEASE GET IT FIRST. Excuses such as - I had the money now I dont, My spouse doesn't like the color, Gee I got sick as soon as I won the bid in the last 30 seconds of the auction, Oops I hit buy it now by mistake, My kid bid not me, My attorney says etc etc will not be tolerated or excused. PLEASE think before you bid! A 500.00 partial payment is required within 48 hours of auction close, the balance in full due within 7 days of auction close. Paypal will not be accepted on any part of the auction unless agreed upon in advance. Payment is by bankwire, cashiers check or cash. No overpayment situations please. If paid by any form of check - check will clear bank before vehicle leaves it's present location. Winning this auction does not qualify you to fly in and inspect the vehicle then decide IF you want it, or to renegotiate. The vehicle is available for inspection by appointment, so if you aren't sure - come see it first! Shipping is at the expense of the winning bidder. Vehicle must be picked up near McMinnvile, Oregon. Vehicle is a used car that is 54 plus years old and therefore sold as is and without warranty of any kind. Vehicle is being purchased from the current owner, not Houseofhotrod, and the bill of sale will be from that owner. We do guarantee the availability of a title with no leins or encumberances at time of sale, and that title is a clean and clear oregon title. We also have an odometer statement that backs the low original miles. We will help you arrange shipping any way we can, and will help facilitate a truck picking it up etc., but winning bidder pays for all shipping charges. Sorry if we sound snotty here - we just want to communicate that we take our eBay seriously - all we really ask is that you do the same!! This makes it much easier for those of YOU who are also serious about bidding and buying. I have bought many vehicles here and understand your concerns - we've been there! PLEASE ask questions if you have them - I will do my best to answer honestly and quickly. Thank you for looking and bidding!
 photo DSCN2888_zps3eb0aa81.jpg  photo DSCN2881_zps8a5a7277.jpg  photo DSCN2882_zpsef7a030f.jpg  photo DSCN2883_zps2d7b2654.jpg  photo DSCN2885_zps3839537b.jpg  photo DSCN2886_zps183ff924.jpg  photo DSCN2629_zps88a53ed5.jpg  photo DSCN2630_zpsdc22b3e8.jpg  photo DSCN2631_zps139322e4.jpg  photo DSCN2632_zpsefc5ef75.jpg  photo DSCN2633_zps3ca48767.jpg  photo DSCN2634_zps0c30f51b.jpg  photo DSCN2635_zpsc3695bb1.jpg  photo DSCN2636_zps6c1d8595.jpg  photo DSCN2637_zpsbc06bbdf.jpg  photo DSCN2888_zps3eb0aa81.jpg  photo DSCN2690_zpsd116825e.jpg  photo DSCN2691_zpsfd10179e.jpg  photo DSCN2692_zpsc5603e4c.jpg  photo DSCN2693_zps06f3fee6.jpg  photo DSCN2694_zps85efb2ab.jpg  photo DSCN2695_zpsdd75b41d.jpg  photo DSCN2696_zpsea544010.jpg  photo DSCN2697_zps63df0d9b.jpg  photo DSCN2698_zps3b01dbda.jpg  photo DSCN2699_zpsa9bba880.jpg  photo DSCN2700_zps73a8b4f1.jpg  photo DSCN2701_zps75c6099e.jpg  photo DSCN2702_zps99e37e97.jpg  photo DSCN2703_zps77ba6076.jpg  photo DSCN2705_zpsc9fbbafd.jpg  photo DSCN2704_zps8e3a03cb.jpg  photo DSCN2709_zps61a0eaae.jpg  photo DSCN2710_zpsdc0539af.jpg  photo DSCN2711_zps6e9e05db.jpg  photo DSCN2712_zpsb8a0ccd1.jpg  photo DSCN2713_zpsafaffc9f.jpg  photo DSCN2822_zpsad61e9de.jpg  photo DSCN2823_zps778e8be8.jpg  photo DSCN2824_zpse5cd4d32.jpg  photo DSCN2825_zpsb96f0354.jpg  photo DSCN2827_zps61fc4466.jpg  photo DSCN2828_zps9db83f1a.jpg  photo DSCN2829_zps64ce7ce5.jpg  photo DSCN2830_zps60a4769e.jpg  photo DSCN2831_zps1e2501b6.jpg  photo DSCN2832_zps025c4d6d.jpg  photo DSCN2833_zps6e2a2082.jpg  photo DSCN2834_zpsbf232b9b.jpg  photo DSCN2835_zpsb4b4a733.jpg  photo DSCN2836_zps120ba9f3.jpg  photo DSCN2837_zps4e58bf30.jpg  photo DSCN2838_zps9b32ec8f.jpg  photo DSCN2839_zps7245a6c0.jpg  photo DSCN2840_zps2e987beb.jpg  photo DSCN2842_zps8836197a.jpg  photo DSCN2843_zpsc9f73a6e.jpg  photo DSCN2845_zps8a51ddae.jpg  photo DSCN2846_zps4e52ca59.jpg  photo DSCN2847_zps14676a19.jpg  photo DSCN2848_zps14400ea9.jpg  photo DSCN2850_zps4968b38d.jpg  photo DSCN2852_zps9781ef47.jpg  photo DSCN2853_zps0057a3bb.jpg  photo DSCN2854_zpsf8dff18c.jpg  photo DSCN2855_zpsefeb035b.jpg  photo DSCN2856_zpsa805ab98.jpg  photo DSCN2857_zpsee671ded.jpg  photo DSCN2859_zpsf5155e0b.jpg  photo DSCN2861_zps81cc8e32.jpg  photo DSCN2862_zps5dee8c94.jpg  photo DSCN2866_zps332442a9.jpg  photo DSCN2867_zpsb9572248.jpg  photo DSCN2869_zpsefb32b18.jpg  photo DSCN2871_zps1ab2f7cb.jpg  photo DSCN2876_zps85d57aef.jpg  photo DSCN2877_zpsbca787b5.jpg  photo DSCN2878_zpsed085c1a.jpg  photo DSCN2879_zps95b654ff.jpg  photo DSCN2880_zps5fe6e689.jpg  photo DSCN2811_zpsf395b670.jpg  photo DSCN2810_zps67809d19.jpg  photo DSCN2809_zps4ed9cbe9.jpg  photo DSCN2800_zpsae709154.jpg  photo DSCN2791_zps861de824.jpg  photo DSCN2794_zps4faffdfe.jpg  photo DSCN2788_zps0363e610.jpg  photo DSCN2803_zps58889b84.jpg  photo DSCN2798_zps3a162a44.jpg  photo DSCN2813_zps424363f8.jpg

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