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Address: 1201 S Marietta Pkwy SE, Smyrna
Postal code: 30060
Phone: (770) 419-3900

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I went to City Auto Brokers in...
I went to City Auto Brokers in desparate need of a vehicle and they worked with me to get me into an affordable, reliable vehicle. I bought a 2005 Jeep Liberty Limited that was in great condition. The loan was short and they gave me many options. Kendall and his staff were of great assistance and made the buying process very easy. Chuck and Chad worked hard to get me that Jeep after I was told that I probably wouldn`... view moret be able to given my circumstances. I am happy with the results and I would recommend coming to this dealership!
jplib05 / 6/29/2012

I had a pleasure and great exp...
I had a pleasure and great experience dealing with not only City Auto Brokers but the Manger Kendall Williams. However I had a miscommunication with my second down payment due date. In result to that being a miscommunication cause my car to be on the repo list. However they were completely understandable and help me out by even lowering my payments!!!! Yes it was very awesome after getting bad news to having GREAT n... view moreews and blessed to have lower payments with a GREAT RELIABLE CAR!!! I would refer plenty more people to CITY AUTO BROKERS anytime!!! THANKS GUYS TRULY A PLEASURE DOING GREAT BUSINESS WITH YOUR TEAM!!!!!!!!
ERICA.ESP / 6/23/2012

My name is Sara and i have pur...
My name is Sara and i have purchased my third car from City Auto Brokers. I was present at the time of the conversation between the lady and Kendall. I don`t know him personally but the guy got the worst part of that exchange between the two. First let me just say that this lady was the aggressor in the exchange Kendall only asked her to leave because she was YELLING at the top of her lungs at him because he expla... view moreined to her that she would have to order her own car fax report because they where not set up to provide free car fax reports. After he stated that , she went on to say that you broke N!@@as should be ashamed of your selves and that you won`t be in business long. His jaw dropped when she said that and he asked us to please wait in the next room with our children. Before we walked into the next room the lady asked him for his business card and he asked her to leave she then stormed towards his desk and tossed his business cards to the floor he then told her he was calling the cops. She left right after calling him a sorts of names.. This is a good family ran business and they stand behind their cars that`s why i`m on my third car. This lady really went to far in her report about them and that day . What she wrote in her review is so far from what really happened that day . Sara
SaraWalker1 / 6/19/2012

Why is this place STILL in business????
This is the most GHETTO place of business I have ever stepped foot in....period! I didn?ˆ™t have a problem with the sales rep, in fact, we were on our way to test drive a Lexus ES 300 when I asked the ""gold toothed"" manager behind the desk (Kendall Williams/ Atlantickendall@gmailcom--per the business card on the desk he was sitting at) to see a copy of the CARFAX. You would have thought I asked him if he had prob... view morelems with erectile dysfunction the way he acted. In a very RUDE tone he told me I ""could get it myself"" and that they didn?ˆ™t even have it as they just got the car 2 days ago from another dealer.
I decided not to test drive the car because he was extremely rude and thought anyone getting that upset about asking for a CARFAX at an auto dealer must be hiding something. I advised the salesperson that I was not going to be test driving and before I could even get out of the door the ?ˆ?gold toothed manager?ˆ? struck again?ˆฆ?ˆฆthis time talking about me and cursing to the sales rep?ˆฆ..while I was STILL in the office; he didn?ˆ™t even have the courtesy, decency or common sense to wait until I had left. So I replied, ?ˆ?excuse me, what did you say?ˆ??ˆฆ?ˆฆ..and it was on! He proceeded to tell me that I should be able to afford a CARFAX and that I should not be in here begging for one?ˆฆ?ˆฆ?ˆฆ.WTF??? So I politely went back and sat in his chair and asked him what his problem was and why he was demonstrating the absolute worst customer service, or lack thereof, that I had EVER seen! This guy is a total MORON! He proceeded to insult me, called me fat and put on a hell of a performance for his little crack head cronies that were in the office. I asked if that was all he had?ˆฆ?ˆฆ?ˆฆFAT?ˆฆ?ˆฆ.really?ˆฆ..can?ˆ™t you come up with something better than that? ?? What was I thinking?ˆฆ?ˆฆ?ˆฆ?ˆฆ..he probably doesn?ˆ™t even have his GED? We went back and forth for a few more minutes and then I remembered they need my money I don?ˆ™t need them.
I sure do feel sorry for the sales staff having to be ?ˆ?managed?ˆ? by a d%$khead! With so many dealerships in the Atlanta metro area?ˆฆ?ˆฆ?ˆฆone doesn?ˆ™t even need to waste their time or hard earned money on these misfits. Do yourself a favor and pass right on by City Auto Brokers at 1201 South Marietta Parkway, Marietta GA ?ˆฆ?ˆฆ?ˆฆ..they SUCK!!!!!!
Atalien / 3/17/2012

City Auto Brokers were very pr...
City Auto Brokers were very professional and helpful. They want beyong the call of duty and made sure I left happy! If your having any type of credit issues they are the ones to deal with. They will make sure your ride happy! I highly recommend them!
nana712 / 9/10/2011

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