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Billco Mazda / Fairoaks, Pennsylvania

Rating: ★★
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Address: RT 19, Fairoaks
Postal code: 15090
Phone: (724) 940-1000

At Billco Eveyone Saves

Billco Motor is the oldest VW and Mazda Dealership servicing the Pittsburgh market since 1950. We have a complete line of New Mazda and Volkswagen so stop in our showroom or visit us at our website, * VW Dealer * VW Repair Facility * Mazda Dealer * Mazda Repair facility * Full selection of Mazda car Parts * Full selection of Volkswagen car Parts * Auto Body Repair * Pre-owned and Certified Used Kias Billco Motors is prepared to help you with all your Mazda and Volkswagen needs. Our Mazda/VW Certified sales staff can help you find your dream car whether new or pre-owned. Our Friendly and knowledgeable customer service team can get you back on the road again whether you need routine maintenance or a major mechanical overhaul. Our state-of-the-art repair and diagnostic facility is staffed with factory-trained and fully ASE certified mechanics. Request service online and get your car serviced quickly. Let our experienced team of technicians exceed your maintenance and repair expectations! Our motto at Billco is Fix it Right the First Time.


Billco Mazda was great! See M...
Billco Mazda was great! See Matt Ferguson for Great service, he`s the best!
lisab12 / 2/22/2012

Billco is a rip off. I use to...
Billco is a rip off. I use to have my serviced there and started to research cars for sale. They will take advantage of you every time. The issue is that no one does their research on what is out there and what they should be paying, so they think they are getting a deal, but have no idea what is really happening and what they should be paying. I realized after a period of time that the prices were outrageous on ... view morethe service and the car sales. As a consumer it is vital to do your research and realize what else the market has to offer. Also the service at Billco is awful. They treat customers with absolutely no respect and try to charge them for things that they simply do not need. I experienced this myself and watched them take advantage of customers while I was waiting for my car. I would never do business with them every again and if you buy a car from them you are going to regret it for the lifetime of your car, their service is the worst I have ever experienced in the car industry.
das26_2 / 1/19/2012

I will highly recommend Billco...
I will highly recommend Billco VW to family and friends. I just purchased a new car last week and was delightfully surprised at how well I was treated. First off, I knew exactly what I wanted and did not need to do a test drive...I called several dealerships and asked them to give me their best price. I wanted to give my wife a BIG surprise for Christmas this year because she deserved to drive something better than a... view more 1993 Jetta. Rich Chestnut picked up the phone and was the only salesman out of four dealerships that I called that was straightforward, courteous and diligent. He came back with the best price and was able to guarantee the quote through email. I did not have to come down to the dealership and haggle about price or be hassled whatsoever. Again, this is the only dealer that would allow me to do business in this manner. The excellent service and attention to detail did not end there. Because I wanted this to be a surprise Rich suggested that he send a driver to come pick me up to help make my wife`s Christmas one that she would never forget. Did I mention that I live 60 miles away? For no extra charge a very friendly gentleman named Bob picked me up in his personal vehicle and got me to the dealership. That is above and beyond great service! Sendell wouldn`t even return my phone calls. Cochran would not deal with me over the phone. Bowser tried to sell me a different car with more options. If you live in the Pittsburgh area you owe it to yourself to give Billco Motors a shot. They have made me a customer for life and to helped give my wife a Christmas she will never forget. Thank you Rich and all those at Billco VW!
Clay / 12/29/2011

I just picked up my new Passat...
I just picked up my new Passat TDI. This is the 5th car I have purchased at Billco. I find the sales department to be very easy to work with. I have also been servicing my cars at Billco for 22 years and the service department has always been fair and honest with me. I would recomment Billco Motors. I love the new VW Passat and would suggest anyone looking for a mid-size sedan to take it for a test drive before ... view morepurchasing another vehicle in this class.
alan_carney / 11/19/2011

Hold on to your wallet when yo...
Hold on to your wallet when you walk into Billco`s service department! I purchased two cars from Billco but will never purchase another one because of their service department. On both of my cars they tried to rip me off, telling me my tires were "unsafe" on my CX-9 only to have them pass inspection days later. And now on my 2-year old Mazda5 -- that has less than 15k miles -- has "failed state insp... view moreection". They say I need new rotors, pads and tires all because I had the audacity to complain about a minor shimmy when braking and asked them to turn (cut) the rotors under warranty. To top it off they actually wanted to sell me Toyo tires for $198 a pop! Of course I found Toyos for $110 a tire -- not that I actually needed them! Predictably, I took my car to a reputable garage where it passed state inspection with flying colors. I actually offered to make a bet with the service adviser at Billco that it would pass inspection, but he wasn`t interested. You can get a good deal on a car at Billco, but whatever you do, take it somewhere else for service!
SteelerPower / 10/5/2011

I have been getting my car ser...
I have been getting my car serviced here for a year and it has been a pride swallowing experience from day one. I have dealt with everyone at the dealership in order to get some satisfaction, all the service advisers, the service manager, even the owner, all will treat you horribly. I heard this about this place prior to getting my car serviced and all the bad stuff I heard was true. I have had a multitude of ... view morethings done to both VW`s over this period of time and there is always an "additional" charge for something when you pick up your car. I also found out the more you know about cars the worse they treat you. I am able to do some work on my cars and know about parts on the car and they are always trying to find some angle and take advantage of the customer. The advisers are rude, arrogant, and disrespectful. I have never got service done and walked away feeling good. They are terrible at customer service and tell you to stick it if you do not like how they treat you or the prices. They will charge you "book rate", which is some computer generated number associated with the job they are doing on your car, if they are WELL under the time it requires, and they always are, oh well you still pay the rate they quoted you. They will quote you rates WAYYYYYY over what is needed and still charge you this outrageous time and hourly rate. I have seen over this period of time the service advisers treat people poorly and turn customers away after they did shoddy work and laugh in their face. I realized later that the service advisors were bad because they management is poor. They seem to purposely hire these advisors that are arrogant towards you to put you in your place, so you pay and shut up. I knew more than them, so they were grouchy with me all the time. The work is highly average, there were times I had to explain to them what to do, which was deeply frustrating. I was so happy I knew things about cars and had a service manual for my cars, because they would say things needed to be done that were simply not true. You will get ripped off from day one, so you need to know, just do not go there. I went here, because it was so close to my house, but now I realized it was better to drive an hour to be treated with respect and honesty. Management is TERRIBLE. The last situation I had the service manager was literally in my face while I HAD MY 3 YEAR OLD WITH ME!!!! I had left him 3 voice mails about my issues and 2 emails, he ignored them all, and told me he never got them. He them lost his temper and got angry. You will have no luck with them. I finally had enough and will tell you to save your money, time, and frustration. They will lie and treat you horrible. I would not back there for free, because from the top to the bottom there is nothing there that will give you any happiness or satisfaction. The time of the customer being right and being treated with respect, dignity, and honesty is gone. I have a feeling this place has never seen those days. STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN.
dddddddddddddddd / 8/31/2011

TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!!!!!! 0 STARS IF IT WAS AN OPTION. CX-9 has had tons of small annoying issues and I`ve had to bring it in over and over taking off of work costing my a ton of lost wages. On top if it all they couldn`t find the issues under warranty, NOW all of the sudden the warranty is up and the magically found the issues and resolved them at MY COST!!!. The 1-800 number is a joke NO HELP from corporate Mazda. ... view moreLady said they could at least waive the $100 charge because of my issues then called to retract her statement...laughable. Finally, I dished out $1,000 plus for the extended warranty and i`ve paid the deductible multiple times because they COULDN`T fix all the issues on the same visit. I`m going back to Honda and Accura. If you`re looking at a Mazda I`d suggest doing some real research and looking elsewhere. I realize there are such things as lemons out there and perhaps thats what I got, but there is NO excuse for the level of support that I`ve received from both corporate Mazda and the local dealer. I paid $40k+ cash and got a piece of junk. Some additional issues were a driver window that wouldnt stay up when the whether changed, air conditioning that only worked when set to 60 degrees(still broke), lights blow out on a monthly basis, fans stay on and wont go off even when the car is off and locked. STAY FAR AWAY FROM MAZDA in my opinion. I`ve been the ideal customer to this point, patient and composed. They know I`m writing these review because I told them this was my last resort and they are fine with that, they`d rather this happen than to assist a paying customer. Please feel free to email me at for more insight into the frustrating experience.
craignicholson / 5/15/2011

Miracle on Perry Highway, No.
We had nice new tires put on a 2008 VW Jetta, when I say nice, I`m mean top of the lines tires. Anyway, after the tires were installed at Firestone, the tire pressure indicator light was on in the car. Firestone eventually, after a month, said to take the car to the dealer and back-charge them for any cost incurred, pretty fair offer. Tire pressures were check at 34 psi and again but raised to 36psi, recommended ... view moreby VW. Now, keep in mind, this light has been on for a "solid" month. We take the car to the "Dealer", 7:00AM, go through all the write-up motions. The service advisor even starts with the "Well, if we have to break them down it`ll be about $48.75 per tire." "That`s the only way to see if the sensors are bad".....etc. After an hour, the service advisor comes back and says "the light wasn`t on"....What, a religious intervention, a miracle of sorts. But here`s what makes no sense, they now tell me all that was wrong is that the tire pressures were off. Well if the tire pressures weren`t right, isn`t that when the light is supposed to be ON ? So, the light is on all month; certified mechanics from the around the greater Pittsburgh area and three drivers have witnessed this light, the tire pressures were checked and rechecked. Yet, when I handed the keys to the service department the tire pressures had been skewed and the light was miraculously out......but it should have been on....especially if the pressures were wrong, that`s how the system is suppose to work. Frankly, this story is about believability and nothing, in my opinion, the had to say made any sense at all, even from a pure logical standpoint.....forget the technical. Now, we had a problem for a month and they dismissed us like we were nuts and moreover, I don`t know if the system even works at all now,..they never checked....never even pulled a wheel to insure that the system was working. Hell, I`m thinking the bulb burned out at the second we handed them the keys.....makes more sense than their ridiculous responses.....but again, they never checked and it may never alert us. Can you say safety check ? Just remember, the road that gets you to that extra mile is a lonely stretch of road. So, if I were traveling, got a flat and ended up in their lot I would sit there for an hour while it fixed itself or have it towed to another dealer, one that goes the "extra mile".
drhutch01 / 2/11/2009

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