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Perte Auto Sales / Hillsboro, Oregon

Rating: ★★
8 years in Business
New Car Dealers, Used Car Dealers
Address: 1775 SE Tualatin Valley Hwy, Hillsboro
Postal code: 97123
Phone: (503) 648-0900

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New Car Dealers, Used Car Dealers
Open hours:
Mon - Sat 9:00 am - 8:00 pm


I love my new van! Financing ...
I love my new van! Financing was easy and over the phone. This was important because I live on the coast and was looking online. Everything was as expected and I made the 220 mile trip home without a problem. I have since had my van checked out and it is A-OK. All of my friends tell me I got a good deal. Thank You Chet and Everyone at Perte Auto Sales for being so wonderful and courteous!
littlAmber / 6/6/2012

Perte Auto Sales in Hillsboro ...
Perte Auto Sales in Hillsboro sold me a lemon.
weeksm / 2/22/2012

HORRIBLE! We couldn`t figure out why
HORRIBLE! We couldn`t figure out why they really pushed the warranty on us when we purchased our car there. Soon to find out that the check engine light came on 40 miles later. Brought it in they checked for codes and said it came back clean and reset the check engine light. EXACTLY 40 miles later it came on again. Brought it in and they said it was the O2 sensors, and the warranty would cover it and they would ... view moreorder parts. They also claimed they would fix the laundry list of other things that were broken. Driver????s side window doesn`t role down, seat warmers don`t work, lights on dash are out, passenger side door needs to be realigned and drops when opened, back seat head rests are missing, none of the doors on the cubbies close, floor mats were found upside down in the trunk stained black, 4 bad cats and rear defrost does not work.. Several calls and weeks later we get it in and I signed an invoice listing all they would be fixing (which disappeared later) and we were now safely out of our states lemon law and I dropped my car off. 8 days later I pick it up to find they only fixed what needed to be fixed to pass our states emissions since law states they cannot sell a vehicle that does not pass smog, and are now refusing to fix anything else. Warranty wouldn`t cover it because all damages are considered normal wear and tear. They sold us the vehicle knowing what was not running properly and needed repairs, assuming the warranty would cover it and tried to bill the company for parts and repairs they should have fixed before selling since they claimed it was a certified used vehicle. When the warranty company declined the claim that????s when things got sticky. Have filed with the BBB and are now filing in small claims court. I wouldn`t refer my worst enemy to them for business!! Today when I called they said ????remember we have attorneys, have a nice day???? and hung up.
KayceesMama / 1/17/2012

Best Used Vehicle I`ve Ever Bought
Wow. A 1986 Toyota truck that drives like new. The staff here is amazing. Test drove the truck for 30 minutes and liked it even better. Everyone at Perde Auto Sales made this a fun experience. You can`t go wrong here.
bryanchambers / 11/30/2011

Overall good experience, but check older cars carefully
Overall very good experience. :) This was my first experience buying from a used car dealer. First off, I think it`s important to separate my opinion of the dealership from the car I purchased. Let`s start with the car. It was the 16-year old BMW M3 that another commenter mentioned. Yes, it was very over priced considering the below-average condition it was in. But that doesn`t really relect poorly on the dealership,... view more they are free to price it at any price point they want to, and their defense for the price was that they replaced the entire cooling system and head gasket (which as far as I can tell, they did). Considering the age of the car, it would have meant at least $3k more for Perte to take care of all the other cosmetic, comfort and other maintenance the car would have needed to be up to par with other cars you can buy in the same price range. I think that Perte knew the car would sell at the higher price despite the condition it was in, due to the rarity and desireabily of the car. So let`s talk about the dealer. I worked with Chet (lead salesman) and Adrian (owner`s son/mechanic). Basically the shop is run by Chet, Adrian and the owner. I found the 3 of them extremely helpful and knowledgable, always polite and courteous. They took great care of me, and made the paperwork seamless. They sell a lot of cars to overseas and domestically to customers and have many repeat customers, so they must be doing something right. My only caution is that the window stickers do claim to have a ""79-point Vehicle Inspection"", which I found doesn`t apply to every car. It didn`t seem to apply to my car, which needed/needs quite a bit of work: missing the tire on the spare tire, heater didn`t work (needed coolant flush), interior fan didn`t work (in-cabin microfilter had never been replaced in 16 years and was completely clogged), 3 of the 4 seat heater elements don`t function, tires were mismatched, one tire was 16 years old and badly cracked, rear speakers missing, door speakers not hooked up, numerous trim pieces missing, lug wrench missing, cracked corner light, 1 missing foglight, etc. These items were all up to the buyer to discover and find on their own, which any future customer of Perte should be aware of. If you`re buying a car that`s only a few years old, you`ll probably be ok, but be sure to ask what they`ve checked in that 79 point vehicle inspection. If the car you want to buy from them is much older (like mine), be sure to check the car carefully.
ragebomb / 6/13/2011

Worst Customer Service By THE OWNER!!!
We went in to look at a car that we liked and the salesperson was alright but as we were inspecting the car for any monir scratches and dents the owner came by and said that we did not have to pick it apart and we showed him where the rear bumper was loose and then showed him where the clearcoat was peeling and he said it was dirt and even wiped it off and you could still see clearly that it was the clearcoat not dir... view moret and when we told him that he just slammed the truck and if i hadnt moved my hand he would`ve crushed it so we asked him why he had done that and all he said was that if we werent going to buy then we shouldnt have came in the first place so we told him that as the owner he should respect the customers and we just left. We recommend that noone go to this dealership becasue THE OWNER DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO TREAT HIS CUSTOMERS!!!!!
tellr994 / 8/25/2010

This is one of the most class act places I have every dealt with. Don`t get me wrong I had my concerns walking into any used car dealership. They had a vehicle I had been seeking for a while, it was very hard to come by. So I did it! It went in and they blew me away with thier perfessionalism and the quality of thier vehicles. I was impressed that every car comes a 6 month 6000 mile warranty and a great exchange poli... view morecy.
Johnlance / 2/19/2009

First sales man we dealt with was very nice, but made promises that were never kept. Felt like there was a problem with the clutch, he guaranteed that I could walk off the lot with at least a 30 day warranty on the clutch. Also stated it would be no problem to get a owners manual for the car. Went in the next morning and a different salesman helped us. He was a HUGE **** who didn`t seem to know anything about what he... view more was doing but was trying to make up for it in over-confident arrogance. Took every question or inquiry we asked as a personal attack on him (since he kept contradicting himself). At one point got upset at my friend who was with me and stated, like a child, that he wasn`t even going to answer or talk to her anymore since it was going to be my car! Basically would not honor anything that the salesman had promised the night before; finally him and the owner agreed to write up a $700 minimum repair or return contract that stated I had 5 days to bring the car back if I found major mechanical error. Contract came back typed up on plain white paper, not on business letterhead, and I had to write in what type of car it was and the VIN number. Was weary of it when I signed, should have got up and left! Drove the car on the freeway that evening, 70mph and the whole car started shaking due to a really bad bent rim on the rear tire. Also, took it to a mechanic and, surprise, it does need a new clutch, as well as a MAJOR tune-up (the spark plugs were the original ones form 2000), all that and Perte had claimed to put it through a ""79 point mechanical check"". Right.
went back in within the 5 days. The owner didn`t even want to see the mechanics invoice, stating there was no way a new clutch would be over $800!! Had to make him sign the receipt. Said he would have to have his mechanic check it over and then they would see if the work was over $700. And if the clutch still had a little ways to go on it, there was no way they would fix it.
Save your time and money.
GaryLarry / 11/31/2008

Rip Off
I bought a 1999 Dodge Stratus from these jerks what a mistake, I test drove the car and the oil light kept flickering and Chet the sales manager said he wants to fix the problem before he delivered the car so we left it over night so they could fix it the next day. When we picked the car up the next evening Chet wasn`t there but Floran another sales guy was, I asked him what the problem was and he said it was a loose... view more connection and like an idiot I believed him. So a couple of days later I changed the oil and fews days later a big leak appeared from the trans, so I called Chet and asked for my money back of they said no it was sold as is and you didn`t buy a warrenty, but they would get the mechanic next to them to fix it at dealer cost and my expense. I declinded, so while I was looking at a new problem I found how they fixed the OIL LIGHT they unplugged it, YES THEY UNPLUGGED IT. So now I have an oil issue and an engine light issue and a transmission leak issue. These are the most dishonest group of car salesmen I have ever run across. DO NOT GO TO THEM< RIP OFFS.
RB63 / 2/20/2008

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