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St Louis Auto & Truck Repair / Breckenridge Hills, Missouri

Rating: ★★★
10 years in Business
Auto Repair & Service, Truck Service & Repair, Brake Repair
Address: Breckenridge-Hills
Phone: (314) 436-2788

Keeping you on the road and not in the shop!

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Truck Service & Repair, Auto Repair & Service, Brake Repair, Towing, Wheel Alignment-Frame & Axle Servicing-Automotive
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Da best spot to get yo whip or bike fixed in da louie
Got a swweet zip, the one in my pic. Dam fool make me crash, St lou auto fixed it for cheap and quciker den da dealer! Got my gurls car fixed up good to pass inspection fo cheap and ma tinkerin bud culdnt fix an he be good at fixin whips!
rgsxriderguy / 10/18/2011

Best repair shop in St. Louis
We have been going to this shop for about 7 years with all of our company vehicles. The price always comes in below the competition. Work is done in a timely fashion and estimates are accurate as long as our drivers are honest and disclose all information about the problem upfront, like hooking batteries up backwards
Mflight57 / 10/18/2011

BBB A+ Life saver!
Our family was on a road trip just passing through St. Louis Missouri when our car died and the check engine light came on. We looked at the BBB and saw that this shop has an A+ rating and was nearby so it was a no -brainer. They had us towed to the shop and sent a free shuttle for us and the kids. We were there in less then 20 minutes! Once inside we were greeted by a bald gentleman that was very polite and it was ... view morethe real polite not the fake stuff we get in KC. The kids played with the house cats they have in the office until a customer that is afraid of them came in, yes, afraid of house cats! Apparently they are trained to go upstairs when you clap, that is pretty amazing to me. The kids shifted to the TV, PS2, and free donkey kong arcade game. The very friendly staff had our van up and going again in no time. The price was very reasonable and the repair seems complete. We finished our road trip (there and back) and everything is still fine. I wish I could convince them to open up a shop out here in KC!
hotroddee420 / 10/18/2011

Crooks, see comments.
I called the shop on Friday March 25th around 10am and spoke with Sid. Told him my vehicle would not start, he said it would be a $99 dollar diagnostic. I towed the vehicle in and dropped it off. I was told I would be contacted later on that day with the diagnosis issue. Come Monday around 11am I still had not received a phone call. I called the shop and spoke with Sid again. He said that they could not figure ... view moreout what was going on. The car`s computer was not communicating with their equipment. He asked me why the fuse box cover was off, I stated I was checking the fuel pump fuse to make sure it didn`t blow.
Tuesday I called again for an update, Sid stated that they had spent 5 hours diagnosing the car and the initial and could not come up with a solution and that the diagnosis was $99 an HOUR. He asked me to keep the car one more day because his master mechanic was on vacation Monday and Tuesday returning on Wednesday.
On Wednesday I receive a voicemail from Sid (This is the first time he has called me since Friday when i dropped the vehicle off) around 11am. He stated that the master mechanic looked at it and wanted to know if I had tried to jump the car off and if I had was it possible that I crossed the cables. I called back and I said that was quite possible. He stated, well then its a bad ECU. He$1300 for a new one. I found a used one and bought it brought it to Sid on Monday and unfortunately it was the wrong ECU. He told me that we were sitting on 5 hours of diagnostic time, but it would only take 15 minutes to put the new computer in, I told him I was uncomfortable with the 5 hours of diag time as it only took his master mechanic one morning to figure out what was wrong with the car. He stated he would talk to his 2 bosses and work with me on the time.
Sid told me it was the wrong ECU of course after I called and asked for an update. Wednesday I located the CORRECT ECU and had it overnighted to the shop on Thursday. So at this time I should have been sitting on 5 hours of diagnostic and ALLDATA says to install the ECU it takes 30 minutes and 30 minutes to reprogram (if needed) Sid had also confirmed that it should only take 15 minutes to put in the computer the week before.
I call Thursday and Sid stated that they had received the part that afternoon and was going to put it in on Friday. I call Friday late morning and Sid said they would have it in in the afternoon. I call in the afternoon and Sid said that they had put it in but wanted to keep the car for more ""testing."" I told him I would be there that afternoon to pick it up.
Mr BitJazz / 4/11/2011

A Downtown Favorite
St Louis A &T is definately a full service shop, it seems like if it rolls they will work on it. Pj, Lisa and the crew have have been known to come through in the pinch. They find ways of getting the job done or finding the obscure part. They will go the extra mile to make it happen. I`ve known them for some time now and they have a great attitude which trickles down and they are very customer oriented. They are pret... view morety easy to find since it seems like the shop is about 2 blocks big. They are just behind the City Museum. So if your downtown just drop it off before work and have it ready when to leave.
PLinck / 5/5/2010

Solid Honest Work
I read all the reviews, as did a few of the reviews before me, and thought since it was near where I live, I would give them a chance. The original job was to replace a break line that was rusted out, which they did, much to my surprise, the amount of rust was incredible, the initial quote and cost for the amount done was less then I was quoted at other shops, which was good. Once that was replaced, the brake lines... view more needed to be bled. I was informed that the calipers needed to be replaced for this to happen. Some people might think that I was being ripped off, but since I had done some work on the truck already, I knew that was definite possibility already, so it came as no surprise. They did the work quickly and at a decent price. The pick up and drop off from work was great and helpful. It was a good service and I would use it again. I reserve five stars for something that blows me out of the water. Three is average, so this was an all around good experience that I would recommend to others.
mcroke / 11/18/2009

new to the lou
I recently moved to the downtown St. Louis area and was forced to make that awful transition from my hometown mechanic to a new and unknown mechanic...but luckily after a few poor choices I found St. Louis Auto & Truck Repair! Although my first repair was a small one (battery) and my second was just an oil change and a detail but I now swear by this place! Drop your car off before work, they give you a ride to work, ... view morethey come and pick you up when you get off work, and pick up your newly repaired/maintained/detailed vehicle! It`s amazingly convienent! Silly people getting all upset because this repair shop wants you to be safe and have your repairs done correctly...I understand that vehicles require maintanence and repairs and both of those as I know require money (as does everything else!). Thank you St. Louis Auto & Truck Repair. You have a new customer for life (or I should say my life in St. Louis!!!)
mike matthews / 9/30/2009

Personal opinion
Well, today I received a call from someone who needed a loan for a car. When I got home, I wrote the check and decided to look the business up in the Yellow Pages. After reading the reviews, I will not be assisting my friend with as much as I`d like. I fear that the vehicle they receive will not be up to par. I noticed that the owner answered a review but the date of her review was 2 years after the date of the c... view moreomplaint. 2 positive rating was provided by the owner and an employee. That is not bias. 1 positive review was from a customer. All other reviews were negative. I am going to review the BBB before I warn my friend. But from what I have read, I do not think I will change my mind. Too bad. I too try to frequent small businesses.
leonvon1 / 9/11/2009

I have thought about putting this review up for a few days. I`m typically the type of person who thinks about things prior to doing them; especially when it comes to slamming a small business owner`s reputation. My Vehicle needed a brake job. The rear drivers side was making a grinding noise. I called around town, looked at some online reviews and decided, even though there was one or two bad reviews of St. Louis... view more Auto, the employees responded, and I would take my chances with them.... I was informed that a brake inspection was $34. Assuming that a brake INSPECTION means that someone inspects the brakes, rotors, calipers, etc... I decided, do the brake inspection, give me an estimate and we should go from there. Being familiar with what the prices were around town, I budgeted $250-350 for the brake job. I was also told that If I dropped the car off at 8am in the morning that it would be done WITHIN a couple of hours. I dropped my car off at 8am. It was nice of them to give me a ride back to my apartment - that was the ONLY good thing they did. At 11:45am, I got a phone call telling me it was going to cost me $304 to fix my brakes. When I called them at 3pm to come pick me up (my car wasn`t finished yet), they informed me that I also needed my calipers replaced on one side. And the new estimate is now an additional $206. At that point, I asked what the point of doing a brake inspection was, what good is an estimate, etc.... I told them that I would have to come down there because now we had a much bigger problem on our hands (the fact that it was $200 more - 40% more than the original estimate)... When I got there, I talked to the owner, Lisa Renaud. She informed me that there was ""nothing she could do about it."" I explained to her that I picked her store over Midas, Minieke, Dobbs, etc.... because they were a small business owner and I generally prefer to do business with a local small business owner than a chain store because if I had a problem I would be able to talk directly with the owner (for the past 4 years I`ve been taking our vehicles to Floyds on St. Charles Rock Rd, and am now convinced THEY ARE THE BEST, AND I Won`t TAKE MY CAR ANYWHERE ELSE AFTER THIS EXPERIENCE - I went here because it is 2 miles from my house). Lisa told me she would ""check to see if she could do any better on the price"" - at this point she wasn`t acting like the owner, she was acting like an office manager - it wasn`t till later I found out she was the owner. When everything was said and done, it was 4:45pm my car was fixed, she showed me the bill, it was $499. I informed Lisa that on her own paperwork there was a difference of $8 in the labor charge and what was on my paperwork, when she informed me that she had to pay her technician overtime to finish my vehicle - again, not my problem-my car was suppose to be done at 12 at the latest, not 5pm!!!! She then told me she would refuse to change the labor charge. I simply wish that doing business with a small business owner would of been better than doing business with a chain store; however, I now understand that with a chain store you can complain to the regional manager, district manager, and the VP or operations, etc.... where with a small business owner, when they have your car hostage, they can pretty much do whatever they want to. I`m glad that this post is going on Facebook - I HOPE AND PRAY that no one ever uses St. Louis Auto on Delmar to get anything fixed. I am currently in the process of taking Lisa Renaud (the owner) to small claims court for $200 + court costs, etc... I don`t mind paying the $300 (the original estimate), but I do have a BIG problem with paying the $500, especially after I got a BRAKE INSPECTION If you have any questions concerning this post, feel free to e-mail me at notredamedude@charter
Notredamedude1980 / 4/5/2009

I recently took my 96 chevrolet lumina into St. Louis Auto & Truck Repair, Inc. I was having trouble keeping the vehicle running while at an idle. I figured it was something HUGE and I was going to have to start looking for a new car (bummer!). They called me about one hour after I dropped it off with the news...
I needed a new IAC valve, fuel pressure regulator, pcv, and hose. Total cost about $300 bucks! It was ... view moregreat news! The women in the front office were great! They reassured me of everything and then got me a ride to work! The mechanic that called was so knowledgable about the repairs he described it to me and helped me understand what it was. I`m going to bring my car back for everything, even my routine maintenance! The place is wonderful and I finally found my HONEST MECHANIC!
mickeyd2381 / 10/15/2008

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