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VIDEO: Saturn's demise? We blame Jim Gaffigan*

Fri, 02 Oct 2009

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When the deal to sell Saturn to Penske Automotive fell through, there were likely a lot of surprised people at General Motors' Detroit, MI headquarters. Penske released a statement saying that the reason the deal fell through after months of good faith negotiations was that a suitable post-GM supply of vehicles could not be found. However, after reacquainting ourselves with over eight minutes of outtakes from Jim Gaffigan's old Saturn commercial, we're thinking the comedic pitchman is to blame.

Hit the jump to join in on the laughs. Gaffigan is a flat-out goofball, and we're pretty sure he's addicted to calling animals and inanimate objects his family members. We're not sure how the old guy with the lease term paper didn't flip the hell out, though. Sure, the video is old, but considering the quickening demise of the Saturn brand, we feel it's apropos to revisit it now. Besides, we reckon that both Saturn fans and employees could use a bit of humor at a time like this.

*WARNING: Explicit language may be NSFW.

[Source: YouTube]

By Chris Shunk