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Porsche Cayman GTS in track battle with 996 GT3

Wed, 09 Jul 2014

Here's your tough question of the day: Would you rather drive a new Porsche Cayman GTS or a slightly older, 996-era Porsche 911 GT3? Certainly, both cars have their plusses. The Cayman is the more modern proposition, sure, but the GT3 is, well, a GT3. So yes, it's a tough decision.

If you're one of the lucky souls that have to make that choice, then this video from Evo should prove pretty helpful. It's a track battle, starring Jethro Bovingdon with a new GTS and an old GT3.

Calling the GTS "fantastically agile" and "fast, but it's also hilariously good fun," Bovingdon bangs home a solid lap time of 1:05.2 before switching to the GT3. It's remarkable to see just how dated the 996-generation 911 looks after viewing the newer Porsche, and from where we sit, it's further proof that the old car's headlights are something that's best forgotten. Styling qualms aside, though, can the GT3 keep up with its racy younger cousin?

You'll need to scroll down to find out. After watching the video, head into Comments and let us know which of these two vehicles you'd rather have. An informal straw poll of the Autoblog staff turned in a fairly even vote, so we're counting on you, loyal readers, to break the tie. Have your say below.

By Brandon Turkus

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