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Only 15 Bugatti Veyrons left to be sold

Thu, 07 Aug 2014

Have you been putting off your chance to buy a Bugatti Veyron? Better get your deposit in quick – like, Veyron quick – as production has almost run out.

According to Autocar, Bugatti has to date built and delivered 405 Veyrons to customers around the world, out of the total allotment of 450 examples it set out to build – 300 coupes and 150 additional roadsters. Subtract from that total another 30 which have already been ordered, and the number of Grand Sport and Vitesse roadsters left up for grabs (the coupes having sold out three years ago) rests at just 15 units – down from the 50 that were still left in December.

Of those 15 units, three will be taken up by the last series of Legend editions, set to be unveiled shortly at Pebble Beach, and will surely sell out right away. We wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of final farewell edition before all is said and done, either.

Once production is completed, Bugatti will likely announce its next step, expected to be an even faster, more powerful supercar that could pair that monstrous W16 engine to an electric motor for hybrid propulsion. The idea of following up with something different – like the four-door Galibier concept – has long since been nixed.

By Noah Joseph

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