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Infiniti Q50 Active Lane control is scarily self-driving

Wed, 06 Aug 2014

Occasionally, we post videos that require us to tell you not to try something at home. They usually involve some unsafe activity that requires a high-degree of skill and planning to achieve. This video, though, gets a more interesting disclaimer: don't ever try this. Ever. Never ever. Period. Seriously, just don't.

Some clowns in Germany decided to put the Infiniti Q50's Active Lane Control system to the test. For those not in the know, ALC can make small adjustments to keep the vehicle in the correct lane, a feature that's just starting to pick up steam. Instead of using it the way you're supposed to – with both hands on the wheel – these morons not only take both hands off the steering, but at one point climb out of the driver's seat while traveling at freeway speeds, just to see how automated the combination of ALC and adaptive cruise control really are.

Yes, we've seen this sort of stunt before, but it was done in extremely controlled circumstances that didn't put the cars, the driver or any other motorists at risk and probably had appropriate emergency personnel on hand should the worst happen.

These nitwits took their hijinks to the Autobahn, though. Is it impressive to see how good the systems on the Q50 are are when left to their own devices? Yeah, sure. Is the autobahn the right place for it? No way.

Take a look to see what we mean. And don't ever try this.

By Brandon Turkus

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