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Ford demonstrates Mustang's new Line Lock burnout feature

Tue, 22 Apr 2014

Been saving your pennies for a 2015 Ford Mustang? Put in a few extra shifts or some overtime? Got a great down payment ready? Well, however much you saved for your new pony car, start saving more - you'll need the extra money to spend on tires.

That's because the Mustang will come with a system called Line Lock, which can lock the front brakes electronically, allowing drivers to perform big, dumb, smoky burnouts without moving so much as an inch. It's sort of like launch control, only the average driver might actually use it.

Now, line locks aren't uncommon, particularly in drag racing. Usually, a flip of the switch locks the front brakes. The Mustang, besides offering the system from the factory which is unique in and of itself, looks a bit more involved.

We're quite glad Ford has gone ahead and published this video. When it finally comes time for us to test the all-new Mustang, we'll be plenty familiar with the first feature we test. Take a look below for the full video.

By Brandon Turkus

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