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2015 Ford Mustang production to begin on July 14? Not quite, says Ford

Thu, 10 Jul 2014 believes that it has unlocked start date for 2015 Ford Mustang production citing a Ford dealer communiqué. According to the report, job one on the 2015 hardtop will allegedly start in just a few days, on July 14, although units that are known as "OK to Buy" won't enter production until September 9. The cars built between those dates are most likely final pre-production cars for the executive test fleet, and will likely include the cars we'll be driving at the media launch.

Sun worshippers, meanwhile, would seem to have a longer wait. Job one on the droptop supposedly isn't slated to start until September 14, with production models starting on October 27. As is the case with the hardtop, these final pre-pros are for the execs and media to test, while actual dealer orders will come from vehicles made after the October date.

After speaking to Ford, though, we wouldn't put a great deal of stock in those dates as reported. We reached out to Said Deep, Ford's North American Product Communications Manager.

"There are multiple build schedules for any product that we build," Deep told Autoblog. "We don't recognize any of those dates."

While it's a virtual certainty that Ford is actively building pre-production Mustangs (your author spotted an uncovered, fully badged 2015 GT Convertible just yesterday), it doesn't seem like we're going to hear about the first consumer examples until they roll down the line at the Ford factory in Flat Rock, MI.

By Brandon Turkus

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