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1988 Pontiac Fiero Gt Coupe With 2.8l V6 Engine In Excellent Condition on 2040-cars

US $11,500.00
Year:1988 Mileage:51535

Simi Valley, California, United States

Simi Valley, California, United States

This car is an outstanding example of a low mileage 1988 Fiero GT survivor. There are very few left on the road in this condition. It still turns heads and draws attention when driven because it does not look like a 26 year old sports car. Its mid-engine layout and redesigned Lotus-inspired factory suspension make it the most collectible Fiero model.  This one is local car show quality; not Barrett-Jackson auction quality. That is reflected in the affordable asking price. Classic car dealers are asking as much as $14,000 for similar models. I sold my last Fiero GT to a classic car dealer who took it in on trade for a Corvette. This Fiero GT does NOT have the 5 speed manual transmission, the optional rear window defogger, the optional sunroof or the aftermarket T-Top option. The car has a clear California title, but has never been registered or smog-tested here in California. It has been stored in a garage the entire time I've owned it.



The Good:

The previous owner had a JEGS-style auto enthusiast business so he upgraded this car with several aftermarket options you will rarely find:

* The car has a stunning aftermarket Pioneer graphical color navigation system built into the center instrument cluster (where the original Delco radio and controls were).  All of the faceplates on the instrument panel, center instrument cluster, and interior trim were replaced with custom ‘carbon-fiber’ lookalike pieces that make the NAV system look like it had been a factory option. There are no exposed wires; the antenna is built into the windshield frame. The previous owner said it cost him $2,000. I also have the Pioneer user manuals as well as the original Pontiac owner’s manual. It works beautifully and is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in a Pontiac Fiero.

* The car has the ORIGINAL 2.8L V6 engine that was tuned to maximize its performance. The optional 3-speed automatic shifts smoothly and quietly every time. This car drives and handles better than any Fiero GT that I have owned since 1988. The buyer will not be disappointed in its performance even though it does not have a V8 engine swap.

* The suspension was upgraded with Corvette components that lowered the front-end about one inch.

* The car had very dark-tinted driver side, passenger side, and rear window aftermarket glass when I bought it. It also came with very dark-tinted aftermarket “GT” plastic sail panels from the Fiero store.  I replaced the original windshield (due to a ‘bullseye’ in the field of vision) with a brand new American-made Carlite windshield with a (removable) dark-tinted film across the top, since the factory spec LOF version was no longer available. I did not want a cheap Chinese windshield and only the tiny etched graphic is different. Note: although hard to see in the photos, these windows are almost black and look stunning with the black aluminum honeycomb wheels.

* The car has a replacement California-legal catalytic converter that cost three times the price of a standard model. It was installed by the previous owner and according to my research should pass California’s extremely strict smog test requirements. However, I have never had this car smog tested even though it passed the DMV’s visual inspection after I bought it.

* The car has a new K&N air filter, new CA-compliant lockable gas cap, new battery, and a heavy duty  Fiero GT car cover.  The tan car cover is slightly dirty but has the ‘eyeholes’ needed for cable tie down.

1. The pop-up headlights work perfectly. They go up and down quickly. I’m sure both headlight motors were replaced by the previous owner. Replacing those motors can cost up to $400 each at a GM dealer.

2. The interior is almost flawless. This is a non-smoking vehicle and smells like new. The car has the rare ‘Beechwood’ interior which was a one year only color. The cloth bucket seats look like new with no cuts, tears, or stains. The cloth headliner is perfect with no cuts, stains, or drooping. The glove box insert was replaced with a new one. It also has new factory-style tweed carpeting from the Fiero Store, the original tweed factory floor mats, and two newer custom cloth Lloyd floor mats with the Fiero logo.

3. All gages work as they should including the odometer and oil pressure gage. The gas gage has shifted slightly to the right (as usual) but otherwise works fine.  All of the power options also work fine, but the power windows are a little slow due to age. The cruise control was working fine when I bought the car.

4. The car has the Pontiac black aluminum honeycomb wheels that were so popular in the 1980s rather than custom wheels that reduce its value to a collector. All four wheels are in excellent condition with very minor curb rash on a single chrome rim (that is covered by a weight). Both wheels and tires are as close to factory specs as possible after 26 years.     


The Not-So-Good:

1.  The car had an older repaint that has some more recent touch-ups. The paint is still very shiny and presentable with no clear coat damage. However, there are some imperfections in the hood that can be seen up close in bright light, the front fascia has virtually no stone chips but was repainted years ago. The plastic license plate bracket is missing. There are a couple of   1/4 inch scratches on the rear sail pillars near the engine compartment vents, and the rear bumper and rear wing were repainted several years ago. Both mirrors were touched up. The paint looks very good from a foot away but is not showroom quality.

2. The car has Goodyear Eagle HP tires in great condition that have about 500 miles on them that are as close to factory specs as possible now, but they are not brand new.  They are several years old and were installed by the previous owner before I bought the car so there is no tire replacement warranty.

3. The passenger side door latch sticks slightly, but the door opens and closes fine with a little extra effort. The driver side door works just fine. The key sticks in the truck lid lock and needs to be jiggled, but all door and trunk locks work correctly. There are two complete sets of GM keys; one is original. 

4. I do not have the maintenance records for any of the mechanical work done by previous owners.

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Every few a decades, the folks running General Motors lose their minds briefly try to market a car that public doesn't see coming and often aren't ready for. In the '60s there was the rear-engine, air-cooled Chevrolet Corvair, then the mid-engine Pontiac Fiero in the '80s and the completely bizarre Chevy SSR in the 2000s. What all of these had in common was that they bucked the trend for American models of their era, for better or worse. The latest episode of Generation Gap tasked the hosts with finding two cult classic vehicles to choose between; they came come up with two of these quirky products from The General.
On the classic side, there's a 1967 Chevy Corvair Monza convertible. Being from later in the production run, it wears slightly more aerodynamic styling than the earlier, boxier examples. Hanging out back is an air-cooled, 2.7-liter flat-six pumping out a robust 95 horsepower. In the other corner is the somewhat more modern 1986 Pontiac Fiero SE with a mid-mounted, 2.5-liter "Iron Duke" four-cylinder, an engine nearly ubiquitous in GM cars of the '80s.
Judging by when they were new, the Corvair was far more successful than the Fiero with over 1.8 million sold. Of course, Ralph Nader's book Unsafe at Any Speed kind of poisoned the well, even if the poor safety reputation wasn't entirely deserved. The Fiero on the other hand only lasted for a few model years before shuffling off, but it eventually got its own performance boost with the V6 version and rather attractive GT models. Check them both out in the video and tell us in Comments which you want in your garage.

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Say what you will about The Monkees, but the guys in the band had great taste in automobiles. Take the Monkeemobile, for example. Built off a 1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible, the custom featured genuinely interesting bodywork and some wild engine bolt-ons. If you're a fan of 1960s pop and yearn to relive the genre's glory days, eBay Motors may have what you need. A recreation of the 1967 Monkeemobile has showed up for auction. This particular replica was built by Dakota County Customs using an four-speed GTO, just like the original.
Built for the band's 45th anniversary and the final Monkees tour last year, this Monkeemobile is faithful down to every last detail. Unfortunately, the trumpet exhaust poking out of the front fender wells and the massive gold-flake blower are for show only. Seems fitting.
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Bob Lutz was one of the forces behind bringing the Holden Monaro to the United States, as the ill-fated Pontiac GTO in 2004. And while that car received critical acclaim, it was a sales disappointment. Now, Road & Track is reporting that our suspicions were correct - Pontiac was working on a two-door, G8-based coupe before it was shuttered.
In that R&T article, which is no longer available online, Lutz explained that the new GTO would solve many of the issues found in the original. Car Advice speculates that the new model would have look like a rebadged version of the Holden Coupe 60 Concept from 2008, a conclusion we also came to.
That car would have been a big departure from the 2004 to 2006 GTO. It has an extremely long hood and short rear deck, with an almost fastback roofline and a wide greenhouse with a tall beltline. The wheel arches were very pronounced, and the chin and rocker panel splitters gave it a race-ready look. Would it have been enough to make the GTO work in the US? We think it might of, but it looks like we'll never know.