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1988 Oldsmobile 442_cutlass Salon Supreme Clone on 2040-cars

Year:1988 Mileage:38075 Color: metallic blue/ silver two tone /
 blue velour

Oneco, Florida, United States

Oneco, Florida, United States
Body Type:Coupe
Vehicle Title:Clear
VIN: 1G3GR11Y9JP303317 Year: 1988
Exterior Color: metallic blue/ silver two tone
Make: Oldsmobile
Interior Color: blue velour
Model: 442
Number of Cylinders: 8
Trim: Supreme
Drive Type: RWD
Mileage: 38,075
Power Options: tilt wheel, center console with floor shift, power antenna, power brakes, power steering, bucket seats, Crager mag wheels, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Sub Model: Cutlass Salon Supreme
Condition: Used: A vehicle is considered used if it has been registered and issued a title. Used vehicles have had at least one previous owner. The condition of the exterior, interior and engine can vary depending on the vehicle's history. See the seller's listing for full details and description of any imperfections. ... 

up for grabs again, with 15% lower reserve for fast sale, or buy it now for, and you pick it up yourself, i will include the holley carb, accel wires, and a new alternator. lets make it happen this week, i want it out of my driveway i need the space,thanks :)

Here for your consideration, is a 1988 Cutlass Supreme that has been converted into a 442 clone. This car has all the options, minus the ever troublesome leaky t-tops, this one has a real roof if that is what you prefer :) This i'm assuming was a loaded SUPREME to start with, i bought it at an estate auction a while ago thinking that i would do a 455 swap, but the deal i was making for the 455 fell apart after i bought the car. So, as the saying goes, something has to give, i want my driveway back, and have other projects i'd rather spend the time and money on. Make no mistake, this does not mean i NEED to sell, it means i WANT to sell, there is a big difference, i.e. low-ballers just move along to the next auction.

I've had this in storage since i bought it, washed it off, shined it up a bit, and looked it over. Overall i'd say this is a diamond in the rough sort of machine, not a 100 point show car by any means, but not basket case either. Would make a nice daily driver or grocery getter for someone who just wants something different and does not mind doing a little work, or maybe a fellow Olds fiend out there has an itch to do an engine swap? or maybe you need a first car for the kid to cut his or her teeth on? what ever your case may be, this one is worth the time. I've posted some decent pics to give you an overall of the car, but of course ebay limits me to 12 pics. This is not a rusted out heap, as you can see the trunk is solid and original, deck lid, hood, doors seem original as far as i can see, the worst spot i found is on the left rear quarter where the paint is starting to bubble, see pic. It does have the usual scuffs and minor scratches, bumps or bruises, etc, that are to be EXPECTED on a car this age, and a paint job this old. From what i gathered, the former owner drove it almost daily before he sold it, and the paint was done about 10+ years ago.

The metallic blue looks to be the correct shade, and is laid out fairly well actually, the stripe kit looks to be the correct Oldsmobile kit as well. The advantage to an having done this to an 1988 gives you the ONE PIECE headlights if that is what your prefer. Not to mention 1987-1988 were the ONLY two years Olds ever made the 307 with a steel roller camshaft. This car has all the fixings of a real 442, "four barrel, four speed, dual exhaust" was the moto back in the day. Even though the 80's cars stood for "four barrel, four speed, posi traction", either way you look at it, this car has it covered. The 307 seems healthy with GREAT oil pressure, but does need a tune. The electronic carb seems to run a little rich, but for the age probably needs a rebuild i'm sure. Alternator does need to be replaced, only reads 13 volts, the fuel pump is probably due as well, again the age, and the fact that most of the stuff under the hood looks original. The air conditioning looks to have been mostly replaced recently, including compressor, drier, hose, evaporator, etc, and it DOES blow cold. Someone didn't seal the evap box correctly though, so that needs to be addressed a bit, otherwise it does blow nice and cold. The power windows and power locks and power seat all seem to work but could use some tlc here and there, interior is not perfect but seems complete, again, do not buy this car if you expect it to be perfect.

This car is equipped with the 200R overdrive four speed automatic, which in my opinion is BETTER than a 700R4 in many ways contrary to popular believe. Not to mention it has the B.O.P. bolt pattern ( Buick, Olds Pontiac ) bell housing, making it even more rare, and more than likely the same trans you will find in a Buick Grand National. The 200R can be made into a real performer and is more versatile, easier to dial in, easier to adapt, and trouble free once it is set up correctly. I'm not 100% sure, but i THINK this car has the 3.42 posi rear as well, how ever i have not crawled under there to confirm or remove the cover to look etc, i'm just going by 25 years of experience, and feel, it could be a 3.23 or 2.9? for all i know, but it "feels" like a 3.42 when driven. The dual exhaust tips exit on both sides behind the tires, take it as is, or redo the exhaust as you prefer, it does sound like a donut gasket is leaking, but overall it runs pretty good once she warms up. This would be the perfect candidate for a nice FlowMaster exhaust system, a mild street cam, and some Fuel injection, or if you prefer Edelbrock? the 1403 carburetor in 500cfm will really make a 307 come alive. The stock Quadrajet can also be made into a real screamer if you know what you are doing, if you are more of a bolt-on kind of guy, get the 1403, you will be happy you did. Personally, if end up keeping this car, it will end up being FUEL INJECTED and get a decent camshaft, but the roller cams are not cheap, so you can bet my price will be substantially higher if i fix her up with fuel injection, etc.

Last but not least, as you can see, she comes equipped with some Crager Street Stars, that shined up nice, and some decent tires, three of the four are at maybe 55%+/-. the driver's front tire is at about 75% +/-, so, no need to go out and spend money or tires right off. It is currently shod with 235/60/15, i'm guessing that the wheels are probably 15 x 7 in size, or maybe 15 x 8 at the widest. So, here is your chance to get a nice piece that you can finish to your own liking, and not an original car that you know you really need to restore to OEM if you want it to be worth it's maximum. I've seen REAL 442 of this era hit near $20,000 at Me.cum's just this year when i was there in February, here is your chance to have a decent clone for a fraction of that price.

ALMOST forgot to mention, this has the full gauge package in the dash including tachometer, this is not just an idiot light equipped Cutlass. Also, the speedo/odometer reads 38,075.5 miles currently, Florida does not require proof of mileage, so, the title says EXEMPT, meaning they assume it is over 100k miles, etc, i am not entirely sure it is, judging by the condition, and the oil pressure, it might actually be a low mileage car that just did not get a lot of garage time, hard to say. Lastly, i can help with shipping arrangements, so contact me with your needs regarding shipping or special payment arrangements, etc, thanks.

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 come on guys, just a few more bids, daddy needs gas money! :)
if it gets to my original buy it now price, i will see if i can borrow a trailer and if you are close enough i might be able to deliver it, but if the price stays low, you pick it up :)

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