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2001 Kia Optima Lx W/ Newer Engine 87k Miles-all New Sensors, Ecu & A/c-1owner on 2040-cars

Year:2001 Mileage:158000

Mission Hills, California, United States

Mission Hills, California, United States

The car is for sale as is. For either simple repair and drive, or for parts. Either way complete. Nothing missing. Almost everything under the hood has been changed.

 Just so for the ones whom may ask after reading the ad, YES. I am An Automotive Tech, with extensive knowledge and experience of 15 plus yrs in both the Import and Domestic automotive field. Have built many show / race (track and street) / as well as many of team cars in fast & furious (first title). 

 With that all said, you can understand why i went to the limits of basically rebuilding the whole powertrain and everything attached to it. THIS MEANS THE CAR IS SET FOR ANOTHER 13-14 YRS USAGE READY 

 -Whats all been done: Replaced engine at 118,000 due to spinning a rod bearing, and journals damaged... Replaced with 82k mile Engine.. After engine swap,.. every so often,. ECU will throw a MIL and code out,,. and started off a Domino ripple on PARTS REPLACEMENT.... Replaced -- - Both ignition Coils - Wires,. Sparks Plugs. - Crank and Cam Shaft Position Sensors - Fuel Pump and Relay (Relay was overheating/worn out) - IAC - TP - MAP - O2 Sensors - Changed All,. Tested.. both Resistance values for iac, map, tp,. and dwell on O2's to be sure. - MAF Sensor changed few yrs before replacing Engine. - Changed majority of the Relays (Just for good measure) - Fuses all good - - ECU/ECM, as I noticed the Unit Was heating up and shutting off the engine after 15-20 minutes,.. O.E. Ecu had a Ckp circuit malfunction, from bad grounding point (choice) during a Jump Start,..

 I just gave up on wanting to fix it after the extensive parts replacement period of the last yr all to find out the culpuret is a nagging short in the main harness from engine bay to ecu/ecm, that has been causing the engine control module to heat up and go into a safety shut down mode. The optima will start up and drive and run fine for 20-25 minutes till the short causes enough intermittent signal loss and voltage fluctuations to the ecu and shut down. At which point have to reset the ecu via a obdii scanner and then drain the mem by disconnecting battery Over night. Ive replaced the ecu thinking of damage, but sure enough is fine, a $400 dollar extra double check expense. 

Myself and a fellow autotech (well over 35+ yrs in the field) tackled from all angles and finally put the last bit of testing, directly checking each harness end for continuity, came to notice voltage spikes and intermittent loss of signal. Which is a short as it was same repeat in a coordinating parallel wire in the harness...... 


Feel free to inquire with any questions. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. If interested in purchasing the Engine and Transmission assembly, you can take the whole car along with.

Kia Optima for Sale

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2015 Kia K900 proves Korea's other brand has arrived

Thu, 21 Nov 2013

Kia entered the US market in 1993 with the Sephia, a compact economy car you probably don't (want to) remember, and two decades later it has stepped on stage at the LA Auto Show to unveil a rear-wheel-drive, fullsize luxury sedan called the K900. The achievement here isn't the car itself, its handsome styling or the incredible value it might be (pricing has yet to be announced), but rather that no one thinks it's strange for this company that once sold us the Sephia to compete head-to-head with the best luxury brands in the world. It's a testament to what 20 years of hard work can do.
No one thinks it's strange for this company that once sold us the Sephia to compete head-to-head with the best luxury brands in the world.
As for the car itself, it does indeed have handsome styling. Kia's design language wears nicely on the K900's larger frame. The large, 19-inch, multi-spoke wheels keep that big body from looking disproportionate, and the all-LED headlights give the front end a suitably high-tech appearance that's required in this class of overachievers.

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Even with the arrival of the new Hyundai Genesis Sedan (above) and the expected introduction of at least two other new vehicles in 2014, Hyundai-Kia is estimating its sales will only increase by about 4.1 percent this year. Bloomberg has found that figure, which works out to a total of 7.86 million vehicles worldwide, to be lower than average analyst estimates of eight million vehicles. If the automaker is correct, that figure will represent the most sluggish growth for the Korean brands since 2006.
Based on an exchange rate of 1,050 won to the dollar - right now it's trading at anywhere from 1,050 to 1,052 depending on where you look - Hyundai is predicting a 3.8-percent uptick for sales of 4.9 million units, while Kia is expecting a 4.7-percent uptick for sales of 2.96 million units. That exchange rate is predicted to be part of what will hamper sales this year, with a stronger South Korean won making Japanese cars more price-competitive when cross-shopped. It's unclear how Hyundai derived its exchange rate, but 1,050 won to the dollar almost matches the 52-week high for all of 2013.
The company chairman mentioned a "low growth era" in the world economy, and weaker US sales are rumored to at least part of the reason John Krafcik recently vacated the post of Hyundai Motor America CEO, a post that has been filled by executive vice president of sales, David Zuchowski. That unexpected news capped a year in which two top execs resigned over quality issues and recalls and Hyundai agreed to settle a consolidated lawsuit over inflated fuel economy ratings for $395 million.

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Tisk, tisk, dancing hamster. Kia's trio of anthropomorphic rodents may be down a member as the actor that portrays one of the dancing hamsters has been arrested on charges of disability fraud.
According to The Huffington Post, 27-year-old LeRoy Barnes accepted over $51,000 in disability payments following a workplace injury in 2010. While accepting the money, he's accused of performing under aliases, in addition to his costumed work for Kia.
"Fraudulently collecting disability benefits is not only illegal, it disrespects legitimately injured Californians who are unable to work," Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said in a release obtained by HuffPo.