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1992 Chevrolet Lumina Z34, Under 18,000 Original Miles, Rare 5-speed Stick Shift on 2040-cars

US $13,900.00
Year:1992 Mileage:17752

Lincoln City, Oregon, United States

Lincoln City, Oregon, United States

  • Odometer reading:  17,752 original miles…………………….at time of photos on Friday, 4/25/14

  • The car runs  and drives wonderfully.

  • It has always been garaged since we've owned it, probably it's whole life.

  • 3.4 Liter Fuel Injected 24-valve Twin Dual Cam V6 power with a Getrag-licensed factory 5 Speed Manual Transmission Gearbox.

  • Factory white paint exterior.

  • Factory red cloth interior.

  • Power windows.

  • Power door locks.

  • Tilt steering wheel.

  • Power steering.

  • Four Wheel Disc Brakes.

  • Factory AM/FM/CD radio.

  • Cruise control.

  • This twenty two year old car is in very nice original condition and is under 18,000 original miles.

  • Original factory paint.

  • Original factory stripes and decals.

  • Original Factory interior is in very good condition. I see no rips, tears, or cracks.

  • I bought this car at the end of January of 2013.

  • This car was in Pennsylvania before we bought it. We have copy of previous owner’s car title of this car. This Pennsylvania Department of Transportation title copy is dated 7/20/11 and it has odometer miles showing as 016182 on that date. i.e. 16,182 miles. This confirms the low mileage reading.

  • This car now has a clear/clear Oregon Vehicle Certificate of Title.

  • I believe this car has never been wrecked, including anything minor.

  • My mechanic says this car is very clean in the engine bay and the under side of the car it was very clean with no rust and little road wear. That was the first thing I had checked since the car came to us from Pennsylvania.

  • In 2013, we paid a professional auto detail shop to have the under side of this car power washed and then a preventative undercoating was applied. We decided to do this to prevent any rust from happening ………the coating that was applied provides an added barrier between the underside of the car and the road/rocks/debris, which keeps the inside of the car ride slightly quieter, too.

  • All items below were done at a professional mechanic shop with ASE certified mechanics and all work is one year guaranteed at nationwide NAPA Auto Centers.

  • Synthetic oil change, oil filter performed in 2013. Auto shop mechanic / owner says the car has not gone enough miles to need another one yet this year.

  • Replaced Fuel Filter – 2013

  • New air filter – 2013

  • Replaced Serpentine drive belt – 2013

  • Replaced Brake Fluid – 2013

  • Spare tire inspected and PSI level is 60 in this tire in the trunk - 2013.

  • Set of four new tires purchased at Les Schwab Tires in 2013. P225/60R-16 97T Eclipse All Seasons BW. Four wheel spin balance done at time the tires were put on. Four tubeless valve stems installed at this time, as well. These nice all weather Toyo tires come with a limited warranty good at all Les Schwab Tire Centers. Have paperwork on this that spells out what is covered / under warranty.

  • 2013 - Two new wiper blades installed, 5620 20” Touring Ultra Wiper Blade – 2013, from Les Schwab Tire Center.

  • 2013 - Replaced Compressor HVAC – installed New A/C Compressor

  • 2013 - Replaced Accumulator HVAC – Receiver/Drier

  • 2013 – Replaced Expansion Block/Orifice – expansion valve

  • 2013 - AC Service R-134 – Hooked up a/c machine to vehicle, charge system and performance test. Add dye to system. AC Oil Dye added. Refrigerant added.

  • 2013 - AC Convert. Evac AC system retrofit to R-134 recharge and performance test install retrofit kit as per manufacture specs.

  • 2013 - Replace Radiator Hoses – upper hose, lower hose, four new hose clamps

  • 2013 – Coolant Fluid Serv Extd Afrz – Back flush cooling system, add anti freeze to specs, pressure test system &rad cap, checked thermostat & elec fan operation.

  • 2013 – replaced battery & terminal protection pieces.

  • 2013 – I decided that now matter how much I hand washed the front bumper, that it had a dirty white look/tone that was like tea stained teeth. So I had a local auto body and paint shop take off the front bumper and factory bumper stripes off of the bumper and then had it repainted whiter shade to better match the actual color of the car's original paint. Over twenty two years the front plastic bumper over 16K miles of travel had faded and darkened a different shade of color than the car. So I had the front bumper removed, then repainted and re-striped to a more uniform color look. The front bumper (or this car) has never been wrecked or dinged. The front bumper is the only part on the car that is not the original paint. But it looks better now than before I had got it re-painted.

  • 2013 - New front license plate frame/support piece for the front license plate - we also had it painted the exact white color of front bumper.

  • 2013 – Replaced broken/worn shift cables – replaced two custom made heim joint shifter cables, drilled oem fasteners, modified and fabricated connections as needed, adjusted and performance test as required to confirm integrity of repair. Replaced 4 new clips.

  • 2013 - Brake Inspection – test drove and removed all four wheels, inspected integrity of brake fluid, inspected master cylinder for leakage, Inspected brake lines front and rear, inspected for brake leakage, investigated rear auto adjusters and adjustment.

  • 2013 – resealed shift gear

  • Car has never been smoked in. In fact, I think it still slightly has that ‘new GM car smell’ inside.

  • Car is something that the former owner represented to be in mint condition, etc….the reality truth is that this is a very nice original condition car.....but is not perfect mint condition. But very nice. Previous owner also made claim that this low mile rare car will increase in value over time. I am not sure if that is the case or not. I do know these are real hard to find like this in real good condition with such low actual miles. But what I have learned is when you do get a nice low miles car that is older, most need new tires right away and then more (see above items I have done in 2013, for example) to get the car actually functioning and operating as well a it looks and feels.

  • No windshield cracks, no dash cracks that I see. I have brought this car up a level or two from the level it was at when I got it at the 16K mileage level.

  • Have the factory floor mats.

  • I do drive the car on occasional sunny afternoons every week or two just to keep everything working and flowing well. So there may be up to a hundred or two hundred more miles added, depending on if and when it sells.

  • There are two 1992 factory Chevy Lumina Service Manuals/books in the trunk. These books from 1992, book 1 and book 2, are each a couple inches thick. These books are specific to the Chevy Z34 model and each have tons of illustrations and literally spells out every detail part of this car’s body and engine. Great for future repair shop quick reference, or for plan B reference if you/they don’t have the info electronically as plan A.

  • Original factory owner’s manual booklet from GM is in the glove box.

  • The car comes with three pairs of original sets of GM keys – ignition and doors/trunk keys.

  • All lights work, everything works as it should, down to the unused cigarette lighter.

  • Reason for selling : an unforeseen recent IRS tax bill is due for us this year, so we are selling our collector car. Absolutely hate to see it go, was hoping to keep and enjoy this for a long time. But IRS is needing our $ this year soon, so car must go up for sale to raise funds. No trades.

  • Our family has invested over $15,000 in this car in total. The $13,900 ebay 'Buy it now price' sells this car for us at a loss of a couple thousand $ when all is said and done. We'll make no profit on this eBay sale compared to the grand total $ we have invested in the car to date.

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