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Auto Repair & Service, Automobile Parts & Supplies, Tire Dealers
Address: 5410 N Macarthur Blvd, Dfw-Airport
Postal code: 75038

3 Shops, 1 Stop; Maintenance, Repairs and Tires since 1926.

Firestone Complete Auto Care is a full-service auto maintenance and repair shop offering a large and affordable selection of tires, convenient hours & locations for car repair, tire replacement, brake services, auto tune ups, radiator repair, car batteries and more.


Customer No Service Thieves
I went in during my lunch hour to get my spare tire replaced after a blowout. The service manager said it would take about 45 minutes to get the tire replaced. They pulled it in within a few minutes and started a courtesy check under the hood. I let the manager know I didn`t need the courtesy check, I had just spent $5000 at the dealership and didn`t have all day.He didn`t like that.But did say he stopped the co... view moreurtesy check. I was planning to just get a tire and go right back to work so I didn`t take may laptop bag with laptop inside from my vehicle. My vehicle was in the shop bay for 2.5 hours to get a tire they had in stock put on. After going back to work and opening up my laptop I noticed it had acquired greasy finger prints on several of the keys since going into Firestone. Now my $900 laptop has oil stained fingerprints on several of the keys. I can`t get the oil to rub off completely. Now everytime I use my laptop I am reminded of the Customer No Service I received at the Firestone at 5410 N Macarthur Blvd, Irving, Tx
CustomerNo Service / 4/16/2012

Let this money trap burn!!! 0 stars
First of all let me say f this place!!!! My first experience with this place was just terrible. I went for a state inspection on my car. Being knowledgeable about state inspections, I did not know if your check engine light is on you will fail inspection. However these guys did but did that stop them from warning me that it would fail, no! these jackasses kept my car for an hour and a half to break the news that ... view moremy car failed bc of the check engine light. Regardless i went to the dealership to get the repairs made and drove it back to Firestone. Again without a warning they attempted to inspect my car again. When it failed b/c i hadn`t drove it long enough to reset the cars comp they took my $40 and ignored me and worked with the next costumer. A month later, I`m still without a sticker but having drove my car for 300+ miles i stupidly decided to try get it inspected again here. A f n mistake. They took my $40 and said that my car failed inspection bc of old wipers. This was not noted on the First attempt to get my inspection done and besides the fact these wipers were only 2 months old and the passenger wiper only had a 1/2 inch tear. They guy offered me a $70 pair of wipers and said that if i got them he would pass the inspection. Well F him. Lesson learned... Go to the ghetto the get your inspection stickers people, at least you`ll get one!!! Theses business only want to take your money with little effort as possible. Customer service was just sht!!! As I was checking out i heard the service manager telling a 65+ man the same thing, he could buy $70 wiper and he would inspect his car. So in all i just had to say something about this fn money trap. Save yourself now b/c soon they are going to want your first born just to inspect your car. BTW the people i delt with were... Juan Lopez Memo DeLaCerda and the inspector (young black male) all need to be cleaning bathrooms or selling tacos instead of touching your car!!!!
dallasdoobman / 11/9/2011

Bad Service.
Rip off and moronic staff. I went for an oil change and inspection. They bought it back out and said it failed, I went and replaced the wiper blades and a bad bulb. When I bought it back I noticed I wasn`t charged for the oil change..... Because they didn`t do it. They apparently figured they could waste another hour of my time doing the oil change while putting in the wiper blades and the new bulb. Horrible service.... view more I`m taking it someplace else for the oil change. Just horrible.
ShatrdSky / 1/19/2011

Avoid FIRESTONE at all costs!
Firestone has the most outrageous costs and prices for maintenance that I`ve ever seen (next to dealerships).. Might as well take it to the dealership for the extra dollars because Firestone is incapable of hiring polite and knowledgeable people. I am going to start a watchdog group to start testing all the local Automotive shops (NTB, Firestone, Goodyear service, etc) to see which ones are cheating consumers. Em... view moreail me at geminiboxer AT ymail dot com to join the email list and results or for more info.
PurchasePower / 10/16/2009

Avoid at all costs!!!
I submitted a B etter B usiness B ureau complaint about this company on 8.3.09 due to the manner in which Mike Shaw and other counter help treated me:

On 7.24.09, I had encountered an issue with my breaks that I didn`t understand after having them done by Firestone in February. My breaks made a VERY loud noise and I was extremely close to not stopping when coming to a busy intersection. Had I not veered out o... view moref the turn lane I had intended on being in, I would have rear ended the person in front of me. I took my car to Firestone to get this issue checked out. Yes, I was emotional because I haven`t experienced that before and my young child was in the car. Instead of being understanding, Mike Shaw opted to be extremely unprofessional and rude to me. When he called and let me know that nothing was wrong with my breaks, he was again just as uncaring as possible, not explaining anything to me. When I went in to pick up my car, Mike was not there, however the person who was at the front was less than concerned when I told him about the cr ack that had appeared in the skirt of my seat where someone had clearly thought they could move my seat forward in order to reach the pedals.He simply said, ""Mike will be in tomorrow."" Offered nothing more and was just as rude as Mike Shaw had been.

I have not taken my car back to them because, frankly, I`m afraid something else will get dammaged. My car isn`t a Lexus, but I treat it like it is something I cannot replace because I CAN`T.

I have a history of having this Firestone take care of my vehicle because it is so close to where I work and I have never received this kind of service from them, however after this incident, I am having to reconsider that decision. In order to understand what occurred on 7.24.09, I had to call a dealership to ask them why my car behaved the way it did, and only THEN was I told that the sound I heard coming from my breaks is my ABS. I have owned my car for two years and have never had the breaks replaced, but have also never heard my ABS kick in, so obviously I`m under the assumption that something is now wrong with my breaks.

There is a lot riding on my breaks, however emotions aside, I want to make sure the $400.00 I paid to have my breaks completely redone is not a complete loss.

On 8.24.09 I received a response from Mike Shaw:

Vehicle was dropped off for a brake inspection complaining of vehicle not stopping in normal distance. Vehicle brakes were inspected and no problems were found. We called customer and explained that the noise she heard could have come from her ABS brake system and that the vehicle probably stopped at a shorter distance then would have accrued without having ABS option on her vehicle. Her complaint of a cr acked drivers seat skirt because we moved her seat forward has no merit. Moving the seat to a safe position for the technician to drive the vehicle on a test drive is a standard automotive practice. Mark Shaw

I notified the B etter B usiness B ureau that this is not acceptible. Mike is still treating me as though I`m a raving lunatic when all I`m trying to do is ensure the $400.00 + I spent on breaks wasn`t a total waste of money.
BFossett / 8/24/2009

Keep off from this firestone they said they need to replace distributor at a ridiculous rate.. later I got fixed it for less but the other mechanic who towed my car from firestone told that all the fuses were removed and stealed by these guys.. please keep off from this firestone... place.. if you want to save your car or any automobile
firestonevj / 3/31/2009

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