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Fender Mender / Charleston Heights, South Carolina

Rating: ★
Automobile Body Repairing & Painting
Address: 1474 N Highway 17, Charleston-Heights
Postal code: 29464
Phone: (843) 881-0066

Quality Automotive Parts, Service and Repairs.

We are an Independent Automotive Service Center featuring quality ACDelco Parts. We offer vehicle maintenance, service & repair. Feel free to call or come by our location anytime.


Please Don`t Make the Same Mistake I did
I was referred to This body shop by my Insurance Company and now will be shopping for new auto insurance if this is the type of shop they send their customers to. I had my vehicle towed to Fender Mender of West Ashley on Monday March 26, 2012. After arrival they called me to ask me to come by the shop and sign some papers allowing them to start work on the vehicle. While at the shop I expressed to them the need fo... view morer the vehicle and they assured me it would be taken care of quickly. On Wednesday I was informed that the vehicle would be done on Friday which I would call an extremely quick turnaround time. I called on Friday and they pushed it to Monday. Called on Monday and they pushed it until Tuesday. Called on Tuesday and they said I would be able to pick it up after 5:00 that afternoon. Upon arrival at Fender Mender I proceeded to inspect the vehicle and immediately found that the body filler that was used to fix the hood instead of replace the hood after a front end collision was already cracking out with an approximate 1.5?? long crack visible in the paint, the Hood, headlights, and grille did not line up. A Air condition refrigerant line was not installed correctly, there was white paint overspray on some black trim panels and the paint job on the hood felt like sandpaper. Underneath the vehicle I noticed that incorrect bolts were installed in the wrong locations, the Transmission cooler lines were not secured correctly, the car was leaking antifreeze, there was a piece of trim missing, and most importantly the frame was still BENT. I refused the repairs and demanded that I take the vehicle to another shop. At the other body shop they found the frame to be approximately ???? out of square which was causing an alignment issue and was the primary cause for the misalignment of the hood/headlight/grille. The new shop had to replace part of the driver?s side frame rail and completely redo all of the original work. The Supplemental repair made by the second body shop was more than the original repair by the first body shop. 5 weeks later I am finally going to get my car back and I want to end by saying this. Insurance Companies don?t fix cars. They look for ways to trim cost and get you back in your car to the lowest bidder. Body shops are the professionals and the subject matter experts on collision repair. When a body shop allows an insurance company to dictate what repairs are to be made to a vehicle you will not come out the winner. The insurance company makes money, the body shop makes money, and you are stuck with the bill such as your insurance premium, deductible, and in this situation all the future problems I would have had with the vehicle because the repairs were not done properly the first time. Please DO NOT take your vehicle to Fender Mender of West Ashley. I would encourage Fender Mender to try to rectify this situation. And I have given enough detail for you to figure out who I am and how to get into contact with me. Thank you
JaJones838 / 4/30/2012

HORRIBLE SCAM ARTISTS!! During a lock out 5/26 - Thomas Gross with JT Hookers Towing shattered the driver`s window of my BMW. JT Hookers Towing ordered a new window and took it to Fender Mender in Charleston for installation. JT Hookers Towing and Fender Mender in Charleston are owned by the same person - Jim Gabrish. Tom repeatedly stated he did me a ""favor"" by replacing the window as it`s Jim`s policy to not r... view moreeplace windows during a lock out. This was never relayed to me in any form nor did I sign a liability waiver. I was also informed they did me another favor by not charging for the lock out (by shattering my window?!?) or not charging to tow my car in (that was filled with shattered glass). While the window was installed on 5/27 - we were told from 1P-6:30P my car was done and being delivered back to me in 20 minutes. When the car was finally delivered at 7:15P the window did not close properly, leaving a gap large enough for me to easily place my finger in the window thus the car should have never been delivered back and they were clearly aware they were delivering back a faulty job. Fender Mender never once relayed they were unable to install a BMW window properly and never sought help from Exclusively Bimmers, which is who referred me to JT Hookers Towing for the lock out. As I live in Florida - a fact that I made them immediately aware of on 5/26, they were also aware I would be returning home on 5/30. Thus is was imperative my car be fixed in an expeditious manner or for them to make arrangements for it to be fixed at the BMW dealership here. While initially they said they would fix the window Saturday 5/28 (also my birthday) (when they were normally closed) they then rescinded the offer as I now discovered my leather console was all ripped from the broken glass and my GPS was missing. While the GPS was found (Exclusively Bimmers took it out of the car for safe keeping) Fender Mender refused to fix the window or replace the leather console. Again claiming they did me a favor by replacing the window. Tom made fun of me trying to think about taking him to court - and repeatedly arrogantly and obtusely insisted they were not liable and - best part - I should file a claim on my car insurance for their faulty work. He laughed several times - go ahead an try. I cussed at him worse than a sailor - who wouldn`t?!?! They had all day 5/28 and 5/29 to fix the window and make arrangements to replace the console. They adamantly refused to. DO NOT USE THIS PLACE!!
morankj100 / 5/31/2011

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