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Midwest Auto Mart / N College Hl, Ohio

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Address: 6537 Dixie Hwy, N-College-Hl
Postal code: 45014
Phone: (513) 892-2100

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Bill Delord Cadillac Buick GMC is committed to the values and principles that have personified our dealership for many years.?  We believe that the path to success is paved with 100% customer satisfaction.?  We take pride in our contributions to our business and our role in the Lebanon Ohio community.?  Our drive to succeed is fueled by our passion for our cistomers and our fellow employees.?  In all that we do, we strive to continuously innovate and embrace change to ensure that we improve who and what we are everyday.?  Find out what our local communities of Lebanon, Middletown, Dayton and all greater Cincinnati have known for years.?  When it comes to getting the best new or used car payment, our finance professionals at Bill DeLord Cadillac Buick GMC are the best in the Tri-State area.? ? ? 


Worst decision, hands down, I have ever made. These people are liars, as are most salesmen... But these people are another caliber of bad. Greg, Evan, Don, Dave, Michelle- I know them all by name and the games they try to play. I am currently almost 7 months pregnant, my husband and I took our two children to purchase a vehicle from these people stressing about how safe and reliable were obviously two huge key factor... view mores with our purchase that day. I`ll try and put this all in a nutshell as best I can. We ended up pulling off the lot (we live well over an hour away) only to get all the way home, pull off the interstate and go to turn in a major intersection (with our kids in the car) and the transmission slips and sends us flying from 5 to 15 mph. Called the very next day, had to take the vehicle back to get what they told us was a rebuilt transmission... Only to be told WE have to pay for half of it. There warranty is CRAP, by the way. The one mechanic they do have in their "fully serviced auto dept" is inept and cannot deal with any problem he is given. I was stern, held my ground and told them I refused to pay anything because they sold me a car with a broken transmission. Miraculously, the salesmen happened to find extra money we had paid that had been misplaced due to a "glitch" in the system and they now had enough money to pay our half of the cost to get it fixed. WHAT A JOKE! 4 days later, we go to pick up our vehicle, only to be told that a belt and spring were replaced. Needless to say, a week later.. The transmission starts slipping again. They have now had our vehicle for OVER A WEEK and their communication has been the worst of the worst. Literally have not called us one time, and everytime we have called them we have been put on hold for over 20 minutes and left without an answer as to what is going on. These people have had our vehicle more than we have since we`ve purchased it! This is a nightmare and has traumatized me from ever buying anything ever again. I cannot stress enough- DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!
elizabeth.manning.12 / 3/27/2013

I STRONGLY recommend not buyin...
I STRONGLY recommend not buying from them. I am not a competitor. I am/was a real customer. When you let them know that you have read online reviews, they tell you their competitors write bad reviews etc. It`s BS. I bought a used SUV and it needed some work. I am okay with that because they discounted the car a little bit to offset some of my cost, plus it is a USED car so I didn`t expect it to be perfect. Here... view more is a list of things that I knew needed done before leaving: 1. New tires $700-$800 2. Rack and Pinion ($265.49 for parts - I don`t have to pay labor because my husband is fixing this for me, but if he wasn`t it would be an additional $500-$600 just in labor for 6-8 hours) 3. New hood (rust spot on hood that can`t be filled in) Hood is between $300-$500 The owner (I think his name was Evan or Ethan) agreed to take $1500, I was happy. BUT!!!! Then..... 1. Transmission started slipping (I had Acura do transmission flush hoping to fix it, $280 and still slipping) If I have to replace the trans, will be $3000-$5000 2. Axle seals leaking (part was around $20 labor would have cost around $100) 3. Oil pan started pouring oil out of the bottom. My car doesn`t use regular oil gaskets, it just uses a compound. Whoever put the compound on, caked it on in some spots and didn`t put it in others. Therefore, there were breaks in the seal and caused it to leak oil. (I got this fixed) 4. After oil pan leak was fixed, then we realized oil wasn`t just leaking from the oil pan but also from the rear main seal!!! So the seals aren`t expensive but to fix this, (would be approx $1000) 10-12 hours of labor!!! The transmission has to come out and the oil pan and other various parts need to come out (again). 5. Engine mount was busted (Parts around $200 ) 6. Rear reverse light blown out (Fixed, don`t remember how much) 7. Anti freeze leak 8. Badly needed shocks and struts ($280 for parts) 9. Is having some kind of an electrical problem that I have not quite figured out yet. Sometimes heated seats work sometimes they don`t, sometimes windshield wipers come on, sometimes they don`t. Sometime the memory seats work, sometimes they don`t. 10. Wiper blades front and rear - not expensive but a little annoying. ($40) All of this, and let`s not forget about the first 3 things that were wrong with it to even get the "discounted" price. Their 50/50 warranty is garbage. It is just another way to get more money. When I bought the car, they made it sound like you can take it wherever you want and they will reimburse you 50% of the costs. WRONG!!! No, here it is folks, what really happens is, you go to any reputable repair facility, get a quote and they will do the repairs that you need at Midwest Auto`s garage. So let`s say you get a quote, $1000 for parts and $1000 for labor. They will cover $500 for parts and $500 for labor BUT here is the kicker.....ready? They are actually MAKING MORE MONEY OFF OF YOU! Dealers get the parts cheaper than the marked up quotes that we get. So where our price on parts may be $1000, their price may be $400. So then.....they make $600 off the parts. Get it? If they pay 50/50 then you are still paying $1000 ($500 for labor and $500 for parts). So you pay them $1000 for what cost them $400 and they make $600 less what they pay their mechanic. Who by the way, has no certifications according to Evan or Ethan or whatever his name is. But as he says, he trust his mechanics with his wife and daughter`s cars. Just a joke, an all around joke! BUYER BEWARE! Sorry this is so long but wanted to make sure people understand the WHOLE situation and what you can get yourself into there. Add up all of my figures. Have fun with the math, by the time I am done, I will have a car that I have almost put more money into fixing than I did for the whole car. (about $10,000). Yeah me! Yes, they seem like nice and friendly people, but do you want nice people or a nice car?
julesofdestany / 2/29/2012

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