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Terrible experience
I worked for this dealership for 1 year and 6 months as a salesperson and I ended up buying a car with them . They sold me the car for $3k over the price that they got when the customer traded the car in . I knew all the numbers and the owner told me that he was only doing that for me because I worked to him for so long . ( imagine you guys that walk in as a first time customer ) So they sold me a warranty that the... view morey call 4 star plus ( they said the warranty covers everything , except brakes and tires are not included ) this is the best warranty that they have for sale and it is the most expensive one . After a little less than 2 months, the ""check engine light"" came on . I called the service department and I set up an appointment for service . After driving 3 hours from NY I got there and after they checked my car they found out that it was a valve which needed to be replaced . $500 was the cost to get it fixed . (Every car that comes in with a problem the owner decides whether he`s going to fix it or not . After I was there waiting for 4 hours that service manager comes to me and says that it wasn`t covered by the warranty . So I walked to the owner`s office trying to talk to him . He was in the finance office speaking with Matt ( the finance manager that sold me the warranty) he was yelling at him saying that he told him not to sell me the best warranty and that he was suppose me to sell another one . Marcio Vasconcelos is the owner , but he asks everybody to say that hes not the owner and instead the president so he can get rid of customer problems. I tried talk with the owner thinking that he was going to resolve the problem ,but he didn`t even look at me . He treated me like the average clients that walk in and not as an employee which had already worked with him for a year and a half. Moral of the story, they end up not fixing my car . That was only my experience ,but I saw many ,many other peoples getting screwed by Direct Auto Mall . One woman bought a car and her transmission was gone . They didn`t want to fix it , so she held a huge sign in front the dealer saying that she got screwed by them . After 2 days that she protested they decided to fix her issue because he was losing a lot of customers due to the woman protesting in front of his dealer . He told her that hes was going to get her a new transmission . They bought a used transmission and put in the car , and only God knows when this transmission is going to break again . Unfortunately , the poor woman thinks that she has a brand new transmission . I could be here writing about many cases that I have experienced there as an employee . However, I think this is enough for everyone to know that this dealer is a joke . If you leave a deposit at this dealer, in theory the car should be reserved for you . Truth is , many times they just sell the car to another person that shows up and lie to the customers saying that they found an issue with the car and had to send it to the auction. I do not recommend this dealer for any person or customer. This place will sell you a car and once that`s done , let you deal with all the issues even if it was something they promised to assist you with. That`s just a few things that i point it , like a said I was working over there for 1 year and 6 months and I saw many many people having trouble and end up not getting their car fixed .
romaspqr / 2/28/2012

first don`t fall for the double your down payment.
it make no sense at all and you`re still paying the retail price of the car.
they seen nice till they sell you the car but after that all you have is their back!!
i bought a car from them 3 years ago a 2006 scion tc 13.500.00$ the car was involve in a accident but was fix on back yard and wasn`t report on car fax, after few months i had to redone the repair.... view more
now in 2011 i bought a 2008 honda accord 17.000.00$ thinking they have changed the quality and honesty about the company but they still with the same mediocre service. haven`t heard from them since a payed the car 9 days ago. i left in this company in less than 5years 30.000.00$ and this is the quality of the service i receive.
beware from this dealership.
dudunoseua / 9/8/2011

You have read the reviews and I am just here to confirm that you should take your business elsewhere! This was the worst buying experience ever. The dishonesty and unprofessionalism are unbelievable. They even had their BBB accreditation revoked due to the complaints and failure to resolve.
AVATAR / 9/3/2011

I was looking for a newer car, with deposit plus my old car as a trade in. I thought i had gotten a good deal.. I got the newer car and contract stated Direct auto would pay off my loan for the old car. 6 weeks later still paying off the loan for the old car AND my new car.. I do not have the old car in my possession. The dealer took it. I called the dealer and Their excuse? ""ITS IN THE MAIL"" i know we have snail m... view moreail but it does not take 6 weeks to mail a check,. Reported to BBB.. All done playing miss Nice lady. You are better off NOT going there. Their prices on the cars are cheap and seems like a good deal but their honesty policy are out of whack. They will never call you back, they will not pay attention to you after the deal as been done. Sorry DIrect auto! You s*ck! Ps. BBB contacted them and THEY DID NOT respond to my claim after 30 days case was close.. It is now on their record.
janet rae / 7/12/2011

Wish I had a second chance...
If you`re reading this review then you`re doing your homework.. This place is decieving. I wish I had done my homework. I basically was obligated to purchase my car here because I needed to re-establish my credit. Still it was a mistake. I waited to what seem like for ever after purchasing the car. Once I got the car I found a few things wrong with it. Since I live quite far away from the dealer, I asked if I can bri... view moreng the car somewhere closer to my house for repair. I was told that as long as the repair shop was certified that their will be no issues and so I did. Before I had the repair shop do the work I contacted the dealer to verify that they were going to take care of the bill. Their respond was that they did`nt have an account with this particular repair shop and that I would be required to pay for the repair, faxed them the invoice and that a check will be mailed to me. I faxed them the invoice right after the repair was done and a month and half later I am still waiting for the check.. Oh but they talk a good game. Now I am stuck with a car that might not even last me the lenth of payments I have with the bank for wich I am obligated for the next four years. Thanks alot!!!!
willlop / 5/18/2011

Important you read before you even think about buying here!
From the headlines, you should already know, this is going to be the worse dealership ever. Don`t say I did not warn you. This dealership is a scam. I am surprised that they are still in business. I must`ve of spoke to everyone there. They are friendly when they want you to purchase a car, even then, they don`t listen to what you say. They care about pushing cars. Everything about this dealership is BACKWARDS. The p... view morerices they have ARE not the prices they are really. No one communicates with each other. Spent 3 hours talking to someone, to fix the problem that THEY created and the next day we get the same phone call we recieved the past 2 days. Are you serious? This place is horrible. And these good reviews taht I`m reading on the internet about this dealer, is probably, people that work there. Because there is no way...2 stars for them is even possible. I would take my business elsewhere, if I had read reviews on them. Save yourself the hassle and go to a real dealer, who knows what you want, and trust me. You are not getting a deal. My experience? I could write a novel, but I`ll give you the jest of it. Told me my car would be ready in a few days...okay. WEEK AND A HALF LATER. what did they do? Fixed one thing on a list of things, they promised to have and do. The one thing, that was important, was the ONE AND ONLY thing they did. ""Oh we make sure, everything is spotless, we buff it out, and make everything look like new"". I walked around the car, and gave the positions on what needs to be buffed out. Was it? NO. Car came to us, a week and a half, after SITTING ON THE LOT, DOING NOTHING TO IT. The day of delivery, no one knows anything...passing the buck. Car comes with less than a half tank of gas and dirt. So they can make sure, we don`t see the STILL REMAINING IMPERFECTIONS THAT WE ASKED THEM ON PAPER TO FIX, OUR AGREEMENT FOR THE CAR. They are full of it, will say anything to get your money and then, forget about you and use every excuse in the book to save their behinds. Then gives us a phone call to tell us to take the review off the internet. try buddy. So that just goes to show what kind of business they do and how much they honor their customer satisfaction policy. If i can give them negative stars, I would. I agree completely with all the other negative posts. I wish i read them, before I decided on a car at this place. I never in my life, encountered so many empty minded individuals, who do nothing but make poor excuses for their untimely actions. But I know, with all satisifaction, with all these reviews, these people won`t be in business for too much longer.
jama0716 / 4/16/2011

This place is absolutely horrible. They seem nice as they are selling you the car but once i signed the papers for the financing, they pretty much fell off of the face of the earth. After I signed the papers, they said they would fax the information to my insurance company right away. That was Monday. I called my insurance and they didnt receive anything until Thursday morning and it took me 15 minutes to insure the ... view morecar. I started calling and apparently everyone there is complete moron. All I was trying to do was get a status on my car. How hard is that?! Just save yourself a headache and go somewhere professional.
ahurtado12 / 4/2/2011

This place is absolutely horrible. They seem nice as they are selling you the car but once i signed the papers for the financing, they pretty much fell off of the face of the earth. After I signed the papers, they said they would fax the information to my insurance company right away. That was Monday. I called my insurance and they didnt receive anything until Thursday morning and it took me 15 minutes to insure ... view morethe car. I started calling and apparently everyone there is complete moron. All I was trying to do was get a status on my car. How hard is that?! Just save yourself a headache and go somewhere professional.
ahurtado428 / 3/32/2011

nice cars but.....
well lets just start off by sayn the double ur down payment thing....doesnt help u at all. people r not that friendly there but its all bout getn you money so i guess thats y they r not ur friends. cars nice very low miles. but again the people that work there lack of communication with each otha with the customer with even the bank. i finally got my car but its took 12 dys after me signing papers and even give a... view more huge down payment. after i yell scream curse a little things startd lookn up and they finally started pushing thing along. thank god for matt. he is young but a every patient sales man who is like the best person for this job. i just wish he would go to a better dealership for work. again nice cars but the lack of communication w every one there is the worst. if u buy a car there be ready to have a headache til the day you pick up ur car and drive off lot
aljf9977 / 2/29/2011

Simon was awesome!!!
Me and my husband just moved here in july (he`s coast guard) and found out we have a little one on the way, needless to say we HAD to find a good vehicle at a good price! we shopped around for several months and finally found an add for direct auto mall. They had a special going on where they would match whatever we laid down. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted and immediatley taken to a sales representative (S... view moreimon). Simon was very friendly and very knowledgable about the vehicles and the sales going on. The best thing about Simon was that he was not pushy like your typical salesman. He told us the pros and cons about the vehicle. It was by far the BEST car shopping experience we have had in the last few months! We ended buying the car we looked at and have had no complaints. We did have to come back becuase of a slit in the tire that went down to the belt. We told them about it and they gave us not one but two new tires for our vehicle! Simon was there through the whole ordeal and made sure we were taken care of. He even called us to wish a merry christmas. Definately a very close nit place and very very friendy! If you are in the market for a car, I wouldn`t hesitate to send you to Simon at Direct auto Mall! Thanks Simon!!!
coastie wife / 1/9/2011

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