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Stanley Tire & Automotive / Prairie Village, Kansas

Rating: ★★★
Auto Repair & Service, Tire Dealers, Brake Repair
Address: 15100 Glenwood Ave, Prairie-Village
Postal code: 66223
Phone: (913) 239-8473

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These guys are honest, courteous, helpful and kind. Everyone that works there is respectful. I have recommended them to soooo many people after having been ripped off and lied to time and again at other places. If something needs doing, but not quite yet, they forewarn me and give a timeline on approximately how long I have before a part or service will need to be taken care of. Brakes are a great example. I went in ... view morethere thinking I needed new brakes. They told me not only did I not need them, but about how long till I would even need to worry about them. How many mechanics wouldn`t have taken advantage of me at that point?? Everyone that I have referred to them has been more than happy, as well.
SueAnn68 / 8/29/2013

@jpryden. You must be talking to incapable shops. You can replace an ECM with a used ECM. It is done all day long ... all shops have done it ... everywhere. Maybe you should do some research before you post misinformation or make inaccurate postings. Unfortunately for this guy below, some programming changes were made by Toyota to his vehicle over the years and the result was that he needed a new ECM. This mean... view moret that the ECM needed to be flashed at Toyota as well to get the new software. The customer then proceeded to get upset and angry with us for the fact that he couldn`t use "used" parts on his vehicle. We let him know that this may or may not fix it but we would try this first. This was a unique situation as the information was not readily available to us given we are not a Toyota dealership. Unfortunately for this gentlemen, it meant he was going to have to spend a lot more money on his vehicle than he anticipated. Brand new ECM modules are not cheap. And yes it was going to require more time to fix his vehicle. Once we learned that the used ECM was not going to work in this case, we refunded him the money for the used ECM so he could apply that to a new ECM. However, that was not good enough. He wanted a refund on his entire bill even though my mechanics diagnosed and found the problem for him. How does that make sense? The fact that he couldn`t fix his car cheaply of course made was what made him very angry and it was of course our fault that the used ECM didn`t work. From then on we were unable to do anything right. We bent over backwards for this customer to try to take care of them. As he mentioned, we even took his vehicle to Toyota on a Sunday (when we are closed by the way) to give him the type of service that we felt he deserved given the unfortunate situation that arose with his vehicle. This is one of those customers that you can never make happy no matter what or how much you do for them. There is a manager at Stanley Tire. He knows this too. Our service writers did not tell him there was no owner. The owners are onsite daily but sometimes step out to run errands to take care of the business. We are extremely sorry for your bad experience as we mentioned, but sometimes owning and operating a used vehicle requires that you spend a little more money than you expect sometimes. My suggestion to you is that if you don`t want to spend money on repairs for your vehicle to fix it properly, you should trade the used vehicle in on a new vehicle where you have a full warranty and you don`t have to worry about it.
StanleyTire / 4/15/2013

I took my car in on a Friday afternoon to have the ECM replaced with a used ECM. I was told that the this repair would take approx. 1 1/2 hours. Waited to call on Saturday at 1:00 to ask how things were progressing. At that point we were told it would be done within the hour. Five hours later I called and asked how things were progressing. The gentleman on the other line said Chet was not in but would give me a ... view morecall that night and if they did not get the problem fixed that they would deliver it to my house on Sunday. I did not get a call back that night and had to call on Sunday at 1:00. Chet informed me that they had to take it to the dealer to be `flashed` and that he would deliver it that afternoon. I then asked him to make sure to keep me informed on how things were progressing. We did not receive the car back nor did we receive a phone call from Chet informing us of the progress. My wife had to miss work due to not receiving the car back plus missing out on a bonus. I called Monday morning at 7:30 in which Gary informed me that he did not know much and that he would have Chet call me as soon as he got to work at 9am. I called back at 9:30 to speak to Chet in which he informed me that it would take an additional 2 days and another $900. After informing him that I did not find that acceptable, I asked to the manger. He told me they do not have a manger. I asked for the owner in which he said that they do not have an owner. I asked how do you have a business without an owner? After 15 minutes of talking Chet tells me that the owner gets in at 11:00. Finding this ridiculous I asked to have the owner call me as soon as she gets in. 24 hours later I have yet to receive a call from the owner. My wife finally got a call from Chet saying that they put the car back together and she can come and get it. (Unfixed). I have since called several shops and asked about ECM`s. Each has said that you can not replace an ECM with a used ECM. It must be replaced with a new ECM or the existing ECM be rebuilt. Shouldn`t Stanley Tire and Automotive known that?
jpryden / 4/10/2013

Terrible service!! Do NOT go h...
Terrible service!! Do NOT go here unless you want to pay a lot of money! Me and my dad took our cars to this place, mine was for a bad starter, all they did was put a new battery in and it broke down again the next day. Charged me 200 dollars, I had to re-tow it back to them, they finally replaced the starter for 400 MORE dollars. My dads car, whole other story.. But every time we get our cars back, there`s something... view more else, MORE things wrong with it than when we took it there originally. I will never, EVER take it back to this place, I will never let them near my car again.
lane.briggs.7 / 12/20/2012

jeffhatton / 12/17/2012

Top Shop
My experience at Stanley Tire and Automotive was great! Not only do they replace tires, but they also do EVERYTHING mechanical on my car! Great bunch of guys too! Everyone there was reliable, honest, and respectful! That`s very important to me considering I am a woman! I would recommend anyone and everyone to go there!
maryann23 / 12/24/2009

What a clean facility! Work wa...
What a clean facility! Work was done on time and right the first time. I would recommend to anyone & everyone!
Tom2tone / 10/16/2008

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