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F & M Auto Repair / Stuart, Florida

Rating: ★★★
Auto Repair & Service
Address: 6810 Heritage Dr, Stuart
Postal code: 34952
Phone: (772) 464-7182

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We all have different experiences at different businesses. I brought my used Escape there for an oil change, and front brakes. (I had just bought it). After the oil change, I asked the tech if he saw anything under there I needed to know about. I had a blown valve cover gasket and some other stuff wrong. They fixed it and even gave me free spark plugs. My vehicle runs well, and i don`t have any reservations about go... view moreing back.
RANDYIS49 / 4/21/2013

RANDYIS49 / 4/20/2013

AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL! I had to take the time out to write a review on this place because this is how fed up with this place I am. Years ago after the hurricane I first took my car to them after I drove through really high water and broke down and they did such a good job that I always kept them in mind afterwards, well back then the guy frank was the mechanic and now I guess his sons do all the work and they are horribl... view moree! First I was warned by a friend that she didn`t trust them but I went anyway after I bought a used car and wanted to make sure it was in great shape since I had a baby on the way, my car had a really bad squeaking and grinding that seemed like I needed power steering fluid but it wasn`t that, well they told me I needed struts and long story short I spent $1800 with them and left with the same noises and the check engine light on that was not on before. I paid also to get all the fluids and all that done and when I pulled out and heard the noises still they said oh you must need power steering fluid , shouldn`t you know if you put that in since all the fluids were supposed to be filled? and isn``t that what I was bringing my car there for in the first place, Now I know I probably never even needed struts. I went back to get my brakes done a few months after when they started squealing and when I picked the car up it never felt or sounded like they were replaced at all, they never stopped squealing and they just didn`t feel like new brakes that stop abruptly, THEN like an idiot I went back again when the CV joints went out on one side of the car and this is what really rubbed me the wrong way, I called to tell them after the work was done that I might not be able to get a ride up there before they closed since hello I didn`t have a car so I had to wait on a ride, they got pissed and said they put a lot of money into parts and wouldn`t have started on my car if they`d have known I couldn`t get up there and pay that day, what kind of business can`t wait 1 day for a person to come and pay for their car? He really got rude with me over it when I had just spent over 2 grand with them previously and still had problems. So NOW my boyfriend broke down right by their shop a few weeks ago and really had no choice but to take it there since AAA only tows you a few miles, his car has been having a problem starting every once in a while, but it seems like a wiring issue, so they tell him its the starter and charge like $400 which seems like a lot for just the starter, THEN they tell him he needs a new battery and that he has a dead cell in his battery, he decided to pick it up and not get the $140 battery with them since he had a warranty still on the battery he had, the same day after he picked it up the car started sputtering so he took it to auto zone to have the battery checked, they tell him the battery was fine and the guy notices one of the spark plugs was undone!!! the guy below me talks about rigged work, Ya think! So, they lied about the battery, undid a spark plug to make it drive crappy and Now today not even 2 weeks later the car is having problems starting again so $400 later and NOTHING is changed or fixed. And I will agree with the guy below me that they do talk to you like you`re an idiot also, I walked in on a saturday and asked them if they were open, meaning were they open for a little while and the idiot kid in front looked at me like I was a moron and said some demeaning comment as well. I wish I could sue them for all the money I`ve blown there , please don`t go there, they are very shady, it makes me want to scream thinking about how they did me knowing I had a baby on the way, I`m a single mom and spent a ton of money that I had to borrow to get NOTHING fixed in the long run, my car still squeals and screeches every time I try to turn the wheel and I have to save up to fix it AGAIN somewhere else now.
nikki7885 / 3/29/2013

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