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Hyundai of Bradenton / Parrish, Florida

Rating: ★
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Address: 2503 1st St, Parrish
Postal code: 34208
Phone: (941) 747-9262

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STAY AWAY FROM HYUNDAI OF BRADENTON. I`d been a victim that had fallen badly under the ploy of their extreme friendliness/brainwashing. I`d become convinced the salespeople were great guys so I thought I`d be all set. With all the friendliness and chit-chatting I became relaxed and my guard went down! I became comfortable, trusting of my salesperson, even more so after he handed me what I thought would be my mon... view morethly payment figure! I`d told him I wanted to finance everything into a 6 year loan and the figure he gave was like.. wow reasonable! He announced he had just sold another Hyundai and every salesman began clapping!! Sound familiar? Those people should be behind bars! I was then led to the finance officer (Vaughn) who, I`m sure realized I was prepped, lubed and ready for ______. I was relaxed, friendly, trusting and happy; convinced they were great guys! My monthly payment had been figured out already so I thought - I felt I could easily put that to rest. They plan it that way! I told the finance officer I wanted a six year loan and hoped for a decent interest rate. I went with the extended warranty, the maintenance package and the road hazzard package. I was soo happy about everything I didn`t go thru the documents enough, didn`t see that my monthly payment was somehow $100 more per month over the given figure! The finance officer hadn`t told me. He hadn`t told me he also changed my loan from a six to a seven year loan! He also hadn`t mentioned my given interest rate was high (5.79%) considering my credit scores I told him were excellent (760). I later learned local banks were offering 2.99% on new car loans at the time. Navy Federal was offering 1.79%. I despise that finance officer. I`d been so high by everything it took over a day before I finally came down a little and took a look at the bill of sale! I couldn`t believe it when I did, felt so humiliated with myself, so awful and "taken" I didn`t know what to do! I don`t have many friends. I went back to the dealership, however, and managed to cancel all the extras, but was told it wouldn`t affect my monthly payment amount. I wanted to bring the car back and crap down their throats. I never did however, never confronted the dealership regarding how they had duped me! I waited for the dollar credits to be applied to my loan regarding the cancelled extras. Two of the credits hadn`t been applied so I finally contacted the accounting department. A nice lady said she hadn`t received the paperwork, but worked with me so all the credits were finally applied to my loan. I was finally able to re-finance thru Navy Federal Credit Union with a six year loan. Two local banks I`ve had accounts with hadn`t been able to help me and had to turn me down. It took two months for me to receive my regular license plate from the dealership. The day before the 2nd temp plate expired I stopped-by the dealership thinking I could receive another, but I hit a road-block instead! The front desk brought me to the finance officer who told me he couldn`t issue me another temp plate. He said I`d have to drive on the plate I had now and that if I got a ticket the dealership would pay the ticket. At that point I lost it! I told him he belonged behind f__ bars and I walked out spitting on the glass exit door!!! I had had enough! I called later that day asking to speak to my salesperson. I explained what had happened and he told me he`d call back within15 minutes. He called as promised and said he`d take the paperwork himself to get a license plate for me. I got two calls from him the following day and my plate was ready in the afternoon. I picked it up at a different dealership. I recommend anyone to stay away from Hyundai of Bradenton! If you must go there bring two good friends or hire an attorney to bring with you! DO NOT GO ALONE because Hyundai of Bradenton are a no good, bunch of ____ CROOKS!
jes328 / 12/29/2011

The Worst dealer in the world!
DON"T BUY YOUR CAR FROM JENKINS HYUNDAI!!! I just went through a huge fiasco with the dealer in Bradenton. We negotiated a price on a car and made an offer. The offer was $10,000 OUT THE DOOR. We agreed to place 1500 down and finance 8500. I told the salesman we could not afford any more than that. I told them that I am an Iraq disabled veteran and I am on a fixed budget. They "accepted" my offer on th... view moree car and after three hours of stalling, I went to see the finance officer. When I sat down in the seat, he tried to hurry us into signing the paperwork. I noticed that the numbers didn`t add up and that he placed a TOTALLY different setup in front of me. I checked their numbers and they were trying to make me finance almost 13,000!! That meant with our down payment, we would pay $15,000. THATS %50 OF THE ORIGINAL OFFER! I told them this wasn`t the offer we agreed on, and then he said that they couldn`t afford the offer we negotiated with them. I went back to the General Manager and when I asked him why didn`t he bother to tell me that they changed the price he exclaimed, " Well, you didn`t ask". SINCE WHEN DO YOU HAVE TO ASK PEOPLE that they are changing a negotiated price on a deal?!!!! I told him, "well what about the sheet of paper that you wrote our offer on that said 10,000 OTD (out the door)?" He said, "I didn`t sign it, so whatever"!!! They are trying to rob people blind by agreeing on a price, not telling them that they are selling it for another price, and then placing the new higher price in the financing and rushing them into signing it before they notice. I`m not telling you where to buy your car, just telling you don`t buy from them. I wouldn`t even send my enemy to them.
BucsGator / 4/24/2010

New Accent
We had problems before but with different people there we thought things would be different. We told them we could only afford a certain amount and was told no problem. We were there 4 hours and they said they would have to get a car from another dealer. We were told they would have it the next day. We signed all kinds of paper work(STUPIDITY) We went the next day to see the car we bought and it did not have the Powe... view morer windows and doors we wanted so they said they would fix it that day, two days later we got it back with the CHEAPEST work done to it. They overcharged us for that mess and we turned in an SUV worth more than two Accents. I called them and was told there was not a thing they could do. I could turn it in for a higher priced vehicle.Do not go there!!!
Marierob / 9/7/2009

These people recently led us on and lied to us for TWO weeks -- and we own one of their cars already!!! I`m embarrassed that my car even says "Jenkins" on it - told them we COULD NOT AFFORD ANOTHER HIGH LOAN - they promised us the world for a 2nd car - that "it will happen with payments you can afford" and we TOLD THEM about our already high bad credit loan - that we can`t AFFORD ANOTHER!!!! They had us all exci... view moreted - we test drove a couple of cars that they were going to get us in -- "not a problem.....we just have to be creative but you will leave here with a 2nd car you can afford" NO - THEY LIED - THEY LED US ON - we WERE APPROVED FOR ANOTHER LOAN THAT WE COULD NOT AFFORD WHICH WE TOLD THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE BUT THEY SAID WE COULD AFFORD IT!!!!!!! I SAID "ISN`T THIS HOW THE HOUSING CRISIS STARTED?" Don`t go here - they will do ANYTHING to screw you over and have your blood pressure boiling - this was a TWO WEEK ORDEAL.......
nottakingit1 / 3/24/2009

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