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Creel Motors / Indian Shores, Florida

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Address: 4870 66th St N, Indian-Shores
Postal code: 33709
Phone: (727) 546-6736

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Go somewhere else! They Ripped me off! Car broke down only after 1 day. They rigged everything on the car, covered things up with black electrical tape under the dash, so check engine light would not come on. The car overheated and i could not see the light. They knew the car was no good says my mechanic. Plus i found out the mileage may have been rolled back!
Floridalady646 / 5/16/2013

My cousin, a single mother of three young children (living on a very limited income), financed a vehicle this month (March, 2013) from Creel Motors.Two days after she purchased the vehicle, the turn signals failed to work properly and it took her several tries to get the engine to turn over. She tried to drive the vehicle on the highway but, once the car reached over 40 miles per hours, it began to shake violentl... view morey, and she had to pull over. When she returned to Creel Motors to have the car diagnosed, the mechanic told her nothing was wrong with it. The mechanic also placed the blame of the vehicles failures on my cousin, saying she must have "dogged the car out." About a week later, she noticed on the dash, behind the glass, black electrical tape had been placed over the dummy lights to cover them up--a clear act of deception. When she confronted the mechanic about this, he claimed he had not noticed it before. Now the glove compartment is beginning to come "unglued" and a headlight has come loose. Because she bought the car "as is" she is being told she must pay to have the engine replaced (because it is making a very loud noise) in addtion to making her scheduled monthly payments. Please check out the Better Business Bureau`s website for Creel Motors: Fifteen complaints have been filed against this business within the last three years, ten of which were for "problems with product/ service."
D3frauded / 3/28/2013

ok here is one better... i was...
ok here is one better... i was in need of a car.. the down payment was really good... the sales people was a lil pushy. the first car i test drove blew up in smoke.. which is when i should of walked away. but anyways i went ahead and test drove a ford focus and it drove fine didnt over heat (atleast that day) so i went ahead and took it. the very next day i was going to work so i went out to go start my car and ther... view moree was a huge water puddle under my car. it leaked out all my water so i added more water to it. that night i had my boyfriend at the time look to see why it was leaking water and he looked and there was DUCK TAPE on my radiator. i was so mad and then i took it to someone else who knew cars and they told me there shocks were out the seat didnt even move ( lucky for me i have long legs lol) the rear view mirror kept falling down. the truck would just pop open at a stop light or whenever it wanted to. oh yea my stroughts was completely out... so i brought that car back to them left it on the side of the road with a lil note saying you can take this piece of chit and shove it where the sun dont shine..... SO MY MOM WENT THERE AND GOT A CAR WITH THEM AND ITS THE SAME CHIT JUST A DIFFERENT CAR... SO PEOPLE BEWARE THIS PLACE IS A FRAUD PLACE ALL THEY WANT IS THE SELL AND THEY WILL NOT DO ANYTHING WITH THE CAR AND THEY WILL LIE TO MAKE THE SELL... SO GO TO FETT MOTORS THEY ARE ALOT BETTER
sexyhermosa88 / 9/13/2012

Ok.. first things first. i nee...
Ok.. first things first. i needed a car desperately so i found this place on craigslist that splits your sales tax into payments. I liked that. and that was the last thing i liked with this company. ok SO. I see a super cute little convertable sebring with a tear in the rough (minor problem to me for the perk of a convertable) so i take it . this car overheated and stalled in the middle of a huge road and i had to pu... view moresh it to a fire station IN HEELS. and wait an hour and a half ( on a satruday) for the tow truck to come and pick it.and drive 45 minutes back to there shop to "fix it" they gave me a different car while they were "fixing it" and then they came to the conclusion it was unfixable (the car they had just sold me HA) so i traded it in for a 96 jeep. i test drove it and it had a check engine light so i wasnt happy, he said it was an h20 sensor so i left they fixed it and i drove it home. within 45 minutes of leaving the ligth was back on. it stalled all the time, backfired, the dash lights didnt work, the gas gauge was inaccurate, just every problem you could think of. my payment was due on saturday and it is now tuesday ( 3 days later) and they personally came and took my car (not with a tow truck, but one of the employess) from my job. i called and said whats going on its been three days and they said i would have to pay my car fee plus the "repo fee" of 300 dollars even though they did it themselves (im not suppose to know that but i have an inside source). i decided they could keep the dreadful car and said can i get my stuff since my wallet, school books, ids, cds, makeup and everything else is in the car, they said i`d have to pay 50 dollars to even get my things! my mom works for an attorney so i had her three way them and ask to fax over the contratc sayign i would have to pay 300 for repo fee and 50 to get my belongins and she said i have a copy, i told her my copy was in the car, she said thats unfortunate and she doesnt do three way calls. aka, the contract says nothing about that. this company has been the must unhonest, unethical, backstabbing, dirt ball company i have ever in my life used. with the exception of one awesome salesman this place is dreadful! my advice to anybody is you are an idiot if you even consider doing business with them.. repoed in three days.... ridiculous.... lesson learned. run while you can fellow readers. beware
ROSS12711 / 7/29/2011

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