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Glendale Dodge / Sunland, California

Rating: ★★
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Address: 1101 S Brand Blvd, Sunland
Postal code: 91204
Phone: (323) 245-2333

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Located in Santa Rosa, CA1000 Santa Rosa Ave Santa Rosa, CA 95404 707-544-3833


Robbery out there
I buy a used car there, i drove it 3 days and big problem. I bring the car back and they said that there is a transmission problem. They can fix it but I should pay $1400 (according to my insurance 50/50). I even didn`t had the time to bring the car to the manufacturer to make a total check out of the car. I put my lawyer on the case. I think they sold me a Lemon car. Saler are good, comprehensive but service is rea... view morelly not good. If you want to buy a car there back yourself with a lawyer.
famany90 / 1/21/2012

The best service center
I have been going to this place to have my white Jeep Patriot serviced and it has been a great experience for me. Of course the locals probably know this. This is why developing a good relationship with the staff pays off. Everyone is courteous and greets you with a smile. Thanks Glendale Dodge!
ypcommentor / 2/14/2011

They are nice until you get an issue with the car
They never took care of my issues (mostly legal paper). They just want to sale their vehicules, don`t care about their customer. It`s been 6 months now, and I still don`t have my paper for my car. It`s now illegal for me to drive my own car that I pay every single month !!!
debrice / 11/29/2010

Glendale Dodge Service techs are liars and crooks
I started bringing my car to Glendale Dodge last year when Chrysler dropped all the other dealerships in the area. Why Chrysler decided to keep this one is a total mystery to me, because the service center at Glendale Dodge has done nothing but consistently try to rip me off.

My first encounter with Glendale Dodge came last year when my car wouldn`t start. I had a new battery and the way the car had reacted be... view morefore it died made me think the problem was the starter, so I brought it in for service. I was told that the battery was dead and that I also had bad battery cables that were not covered under warranty. They said it would cost me $700 for the new cables and labor.

I had a new battery that was still under warranty at Pep Boys so I told them I would take the car there to get the new battery and then come back for the cables. While at Pep Boys I asked them to check the battery cables. They said the cables were fine and that all I needed was new connectors. Pep Boys gave me a new battery for free (because of the warranty) and charged me only $20 for the new connectors.

That was over 9 months ago and I have not had any problems starting the car since. So either Glendale Dodge is completely incompetent or they flat out lied about the battery cables. Either way, had I listened to them I would have been out $700 instead of $20.

Now, last weekend my check engine light came on. I took the car in on Wednesday to get it looked at and I informed them that I had a reoccurring problem with the #1 cylinder. That problem has always been covered under warranty. Glendale Dodge however tells me that the problem is a cracked spark plug that just coincidently is in the #1 cylinder. Gee, isn`t that convenient?!?! Instead of honoring they warranty and fixing the vehicle for free they tell me the spark plug is not covered under the warranty and that I need a $300 tune up to fix the problem. I say no thanks and decided that I would take the car elsewhere for a tune-up.

But wait, last night when I am driving home from work the check engine light goes off and the car is running fine. So either a cracked spark plug can mysteriously fix itself or Glendale Dodge was once again lying through their teeth and trying to scam me out of more money.

My car is still under warranty. With all the other Dodge/Chrysler dealerships in the area closed down or forced to go independent I have no choice but to bring my car here or go to Canoga Park (quite the trek). So I`m stuck with these scam artists, but you don`t have to be. If your car is not under warranty do not bring your car here under any circumstances! If your car is under warranty and they tell you that you need repairs that are not under warranty GET A SECOND OPINION!! Don`t ever believe anything that they say...EVER!!

Okay, I`m done now and I am off to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
Knarferr1 / 7/24/2010

horrible repair service
My story is too long and horrific to put here. dont try to have anything fixed here they dont provide shuttle vans their work is not guaranteed and I didnt drive my truck for 2 years because of their repair till I got rid of it However I was still making payments on my truck. They dont have good mechanics.
chvy87us / 7/25/2009

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