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Mulally will stay close to Ford after he steps down, plans to advise Fields [w/video]

Fri, 27 Jun 2014 18:00:00 EST

Ford CEO Alan Mulally has less than a week left in his role of leading the Blue Oval before he hands off duties to Mark Fields on July 1. It doesn't look like Mulally is going to be shuffling off into his retirement anytime soon, though. The 68-year-old is being rather secretive about his next move, but he tells Bloomberg in a recent interview that he plans to stay close to Ford. Also, if Fields wants to ask for any advice, Mulally is happy to help.

Mulally took over at Ford in 2006 and led the company through a seriously rough patch in the auto industry. According to Bloomberg, he became famous or his Thursday meetings where executives were forced to deal with any problems before they could leave. Since announcing his retirement from Ford in May, Mulally has been insuring a smooth transition of power by traveling the world to all of company's major locations and saying goodbye to employees and dealers.

In terms of the future at Ford, Mulally doesn't predict any big changes in management style because the rest of the executive team is staying in place. He believes that Fields is going to maintain the processes already in place to keep things going. After all, it seems to be working. The company is predicting a return to profitability in Europe next year and is opening 88 new dealers in China. If the business could get its recalls under control, things could get even better.

Mulally is clearly a canny interview subject, though. Bloomberg attempts to pin him down about what's next, but the CEO refuses to even hint at anything. He's rumored to become the chairman of the board or a board director at another company, but with Mulally's track record, anything's possible. Scroll down to watch a portion the interview and see if you think he has something up his sleeve.

By Chris Bruce

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