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Honda reveals XR-V crossover in Chengdu

Thu, 04 Sep 2014 10:01:00 EST

Global automakers have been moving largely towards global products, but that doesn't mean it can't tweak them for local tastes. Take Honda, for example, and its new compact crossover. Unveiled late last year as the Vezel, the crossover is expected to arrive in Europe and North America as the HR-V. But in China, it's being called the XR-V and adopts the form you see here.

Presented by Dongfeng Honda at the Chengdu Motor Show, the new XR-V is based closely on the Vezel but adopts some unique bodywork for a more rugged look. The front end gets a more SUV-like grille and bumper, while the side flanks are less swoopy but with more muscular wheel arches. The result may not be as bonkers as the Mugen version that debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon tuner show, but reminds us more of the similarly named and ruggedized Subaru XV Crosstrek.

Though technically billed as a concept, the Chinese-market XR-V looks just about ready for production as it is. Both 1.5- and 1.8-liter engines are specified, and while there may not be a wealth of other details available, you can read what there is in the press release (presented in original and translated forms) below.

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Chengdu Dongfeng Honda Auto swords unsheathed - new Platinum Core production car debut compact SUV XR-V starting

August 29, 2014, the Chengdu International Auto Show officially kicked off. Dongfeng Honda for the first time together and two heavy vehicles, all-round display to the media and consumers Dongfeng Honda changed the pattern of creating strength and confidence. Including senior flagship product - the new Platinum Core production car for the first time to meet with you, show FUNTEC leading technology focused charm. Meanwhile, Dongfeng Honda force market segments again, following the urban SUV CR-V after the leader, the new compact SUV concept car for the first time released and announced the model name XR-V.

For breaking the senior auto, the new Platinum Core production car debut

Dongfeng Honda's first designed specifically for Chinese consumers flagship models, but also for the high-class car market for the Bureau of breaking, the new Platinum Core comprehensive transformation Upgrade: Power revolutionary change, forward-looking technology innovation, is to raise the overall body size, build a sense of the value of B + class cars. It will lead the development of revolutionary technology strength mainstream senior car direction and force a breakthrough product for the existing market structure to form a strong impact.

As a representative for FUNTEC top technology, the new Platinum Core for the first time equipped with a 8-speed dual-clutch transmission (8DCT) + gold power portfolio 2.4L direct injection engine, the 2.4L direct injection engine applications Honda Earth Dreams Technology (Earth Dreams Technology ) of new technology, can be comparable with the power level luxury cars; coupled with Honda originally developed eight-speed dual-clutch transmission (8DCT), called the history of the strongest senior car power combinations. To provide consumers with a high standard of handling both the sense of movement but also a high level of fuel economy.

In addition, the new Platinum Core configure many FUNTEC forward-looking technology: In carrying Head-Up Display (HUD), Enhanced smart screen interconnected system (DA +) and a number of very futuristic, science Fan intelligent configuration, but also equipment, including pre-crash warning system (FCW), intelligent traffic sign recognition system (TSR), lane deviation warning system (LDW), Blind Spot Display System (LWC), including a full range of intelligent safety support system, and strive to create the most secure senior car.

For cutting-edge of the compact SUV market, XR-V concept car China debut

Dongfeng Honda is another highlight of the new compact SUV concept car unveiled and announced the name of XR-V.

Honda XR-V fusion of the latest design concept, with stylish and textured exterior and interior, 1.8L whole system comes standard with a panoramic sunroof, very cutting-edge style, (4275 × 1770 × 1605) mm body size and ultra long axis of 2610mm from SUV to create the same level of comfort beyond space; Power, models equipped with 1.5L and 1.8L displacement of two engines, with comparable sports car driving pleasure; technology configuration, equipped with intelligent screen DA interconnected system, I / S Engine energy-saving automatic start and stop, ECON intelligent green energy support system, VSA vehicle stability assist system, EPB electronic parking brake system. The new Honda XR-V brings together the world's most sophisticated FUNTEC technology, and from the comfort and safety aspects, environmental protection and other perfect interpretation of this remarkable technology crystallization overturn the people for a compact SUV impression and understanding, is a name In fact, cutting-edge fashion symbol SUV.

Dongfeng Honda XR-V is a masterpiece and a SUV, but also following the Jed Dongfeng Honda Insight after another a group of young Chinese demand and the development of specialized models, inherited the essence of CR-V specializes in city driving fun, and aims to be happy good move, like fun young urban groups to provide a new car experience. In addition, XR-V will be along for the consolidation of Dongfeng Honda and excellent reputation in the SUV field, leading the compact SUV new consumer trends.

Both heavy new models released simultaneously in different market segments, first of its kind, the strongest voice of Dongfeng Honda passed out for the second half of 2015 and even issued. This is not only a new product announcement Dongfeng Honda pattern forming, Dongfeng Honda also announced medium-term business plan to enter the critical early stages of planning to break across the period. After careful preparation, with two heavy vehicles simultaneously unveiled and listed off point for the new Dongfeng Honda's sales target for the determination of higher more resolute, a new round of development of enterprises curtain has been opened, will be living Nirvana's Eve Dongfeng Honda to bring a powerful impetus to further strengthen the young, stylish, vibrant corporate image.

By Noah Joseph

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