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Fiat reveals oddball FCC4 in Sao Paulo

Wed, 29 Oct 2014 16:30:00 EST

The striking new concept vehicle seen above is called the FCC4, which stands for Fiat Concept Car... with, um, four doors. We're not quite sure what else to call it, because the Fiat Design Center Latam (as in, Latin America) has apparently tried to transcend market segments and traditional bodystyles as much as possible. It's sort of like a four-door coupe, riding high on a jacked-up suspension, with what looks at first like a pickup bed but is actually covered by a sloping glass fastback.

And we thought the Strada was weird.

This Sao Paulo Motor Show showcar is the kind of thing that makes the BMW X6 look positively conventional. Only BMW actually, you know... built theirs and put it on the market. And then it built another. The FCC4 is also longer than an X6, and less than two inches smaller in both width and height. All that weirdness is done up in metallic blue with LED lighting and a face that looks like someone gave the Range Rover Evoque a fat lip.

Since the gradual takeover of and eventual merger with Chrysler, Fiat has become an American automaker as much as it is an Italian one. You might say the inverse is true of Chrysler as well. But long before the courtship between Turin and Auburn Hills kicked off, Fiat was making more vehicles in Brazil than it was anywhere else outside of Italy. That makes the Sao Paulo Motor Show a vital stage for the increasingly global automaker, and it's not missing the opportunity to showcase its wares, from this brave new concept to various versions of the 500, Panda, Punto and Bravo.

Fiat Automóveis in the 28th Sao Paulo International Auto Show

In all editions of the International Auto Show, Fiat takes into its stand a concept that demonstrates the image of the brand: of the young, innovative, pioneering and democratic company. Now in 2014, it was no different.

Sales leader for 12 years in the Brazilian market, Fiat assumes the road as a communication territory. And this will be the key concept of the Auto Show this year.

With the so-called "road view evolution" – which is a means and not an end, and also catalyst of connection with people - , it will be possible to drive through lines, inclinations and impacting angles with the use of lights and LED panels, in the form of unprecedented interactivity. All this is planned to demonstrate the products that make Fiat a market success.

As avant premier, the visitor will get to see in the Auto Show two great novelties that Fiat will be launching in the next few months, the 500 Abarth and the 2015 New Bravo. Also as highlight, the new FCC4 concept car, which explores a new language in design. From the charming 500 family, there will also be present in the Fiat stand the 500e, which reveals all the technology of an electric citycar. As well as the entire range of Fiat products, for example, the 2015 New Uno that has just arrived in the market, bringing new technology, like the Start&Stop, a state-of-the-art feature that shuts down and turns on the engine again automatically during stops in traffic, which becomes a national benchmark in fuel savings and low CO2 emissions.

The stand also brings an exclusive area for exposure of two supermachines, the desire of those who love cars and speed, the Ferrari 458 Speciale and the Maserati Quattroporte, brands belonging to the same group as Fiat, which are in the scenario of high performance and luxury automobiles.

Mopar, company of the Fiat Chrysler group that develops and sells a wide range of accessories for the entire line of models of the brand in Brazil, also has a space dedicated to exhibition and interaction with the public of its products, with highlight on the exclusive accessories of the 2015 New Uno, like the Multimedia Center and Easy 4 U.

The attractions include the "Live Store". With 100% interactive activity, live demonstrations of the Fiat virtual store will be made, where the attendants will be presenting to visitors of the Auto Show, detail by detail, the models especially selected. The Live Store is a digital platform created with the aim of providing personalized and individualized attendance of a consultant for any customer, through the internet, where more than content, it is possible to also see details of the vehicle and operating instructions. This platform also earned in the 2014 Cannes festival a Bronze Lion in Media and the new award in Innovation, the 1st Innovation Lions of Brazil.

At the end of the experience, a quiz will be made on what was presented and the winners will win a souvenir from Fiat.

Also to interact, there will be the "Bravorama" station, a game for four players who will challenge themselves in a fun virtual track. "Vacilândia" is another game with the concept of the campaign "Fiat por uma rua melhor – Vacilão na Rua Não" [Fiat for a better street – No idiots on the street], which alerts the points of attention for all who are on the streets, from the pedestrian to the driver. All this to the sound of the Jovem Pan FIAT radio, which has a studio on site with live broadcast and participation of personalities.

The visitor also finds at the stand the exclusive store of Fiat Fashion Innovation Attitude, where the products that bear the daring present in Fiat's DNA will be on sale. Fiat Itaucard customers will also have discount of 50% in any product of the store during the event.

The "Quero meu Fiat" [I want my Fiat] application was also developed, allowing the public present to request a proposal for any Fiat car. For this, the models displayed in the Auto Show will be labeled with QR Codes for reading and, upon recognition through the smartphone, the application will allow detailed knowledge of each model. It is as if the Fiat stand could fit into the pocket of each visitor.

In addition, the social side is present with the display of materials on the work performed by the Tree of Life program, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary and has already benefited over 20 thousand people through socio-educational activities, generation of employment and income and strengthening of the community surrounding the factory in Betim (MG).

Fiat's new Concept Car – Exploring a language in design

Fiat is presenting in this Auto Show its latest design lab, the FCC4 (Fiat concept car), which brings innovative concepts and elements, with new surprising volumes and proportions.

The FCC4 is a design exercise developed by the Fiat Design Center Latam and, more than adopting a specific typology for a car, it treads hybrid paths, has generous dimensions and raised floor height, immediately placing it in a new world. The adventure DNA of the brand is combined with the luxury and internal space of a large sedan. A real "Four Door Coupe" with an adventurous spirit.

The side of unprecedented and surprising proportions, with dynamic lines, muscular surfaces and reduced glass area, reaffirms the feeling of power, protection and privacy. The wrap around concept that combines windshield, lateral glass area and rear glass reinforces the highly dynamic character of the concept. The diversity of highlights creates layers of reflections along the body, emphasizing the duality of light and shadow, relieving masses and giving the car a lighter look.

New positions were adopted for the optical groups in the front, giving the FCC4 a strong and determined look, marked mainly by adoption of the upper stripe made up of DRLs, that is, position LEDs that remain on even in the daytime. Right below, supporting and complementing the main assembly are the other optical groups. The FIAT logo appears on the top part, protected by refined surfaces and framed by the LEDs from the ends.

The rear with its fastback glass characteristic and its asymmetrical doors appears provocatively, adopting a new typology of opening and use. The LED lamps remit to the front assembly and like it, are loaded with technology and refinement. Also standing out is the visual force of the bottom part with its exhausts at the ends of the bumper and central protection in aluminum.

Each finishing of the FCC4 and its set of details were considered in the ferocity of forms, demanding sobriety and elegance.

Dull surfaces, overlapped with details in aluminum, blend technology and innovation. The body has a marking presence of the new metallic blue color: noble and luminous, with nuances of light and shadow, further enhances the volumes and surfaces of the FCC4.

Dimensions: Length: 5,000 mm. Width: 1,940 mm (without mirrors). Height: 1,600 mm.

First hand in the Auto Show, two new models: 500 Abarth and Fiat Bravo

Abarth, a brand internationally renowned for designing high performance vehicles intended for lovers of cars and speed. The new Fiat 500 Abarth bears the full tradition of the brand: an aggressive style, with details designed to improve the car's performance, but at the same time maintaining the language of the five hundred's renowned design.

Faithful to the spirit of the pocket rocket (the famous little rocket), the Fiat 500 Abarth is arriving with high performance and excellent weight-power ratio that made it a success on the race tracks in Europe and also a success on the streets of the US.

With a very sporty style, the Fiat 500 Abarth has double chrome-plated exhaust, exclusive headlights, 16" exclusive light alloy wheels, with 195/45 R16 tires, lateral stripes available in colors red, white and black, and the cover of the external rearview mirrors has the same color as the stripe.

Internally, its differential is in the shell-shaped sports seats, in black leather or red and black leather. The interior also matches the color of the seats. And for you to feel even more like you are inside a racecar, the dashboard has turbo pressure meter, while the steering wheel, gearstick and dashboard are coated in leather with red seam, in addition to the steering wheel with flat base.

Beneath the hood is the great attraction of the Fiat 500 Abarth: the 1.4 16V Multiair Turbo engine of 167 hp and torque of 23 kgfm, able to take the sporty 500 to 100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds, something well above the average in compact vehicles.

The safety is also worthy of sports cars. The Fiat 500 Abarth comes with seven airbags – 2 in the front, 2 Side Bags, 2 Window Bags and Knee Bag. Besides the ABS , there is EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution), ESS (Emergency Stop Signal), ESC (Electronic Stability Control), TCS (Traction Control System) and TTC (Torque Transfer Control).

Very well equipped, the 500 Abarth's series equipment includes automatic air-conditioning, seat with easy-entry and memory, Blue&Me, radio command in the steering wheel, electric power steering, front headlights with projector and electric height regulation, Hill Holder, Isofix, brake calipers in red, Alpine Premium Audio Package, radio/CD with MP3, AUX and USB. It can also be equipped with Sky Wind electric sunroof and Audio Beats system, which provides passengers with a high-definition sound. The system includes six Premium loudspeakers plus an 8-inch subwoofer mounted in the trunk and 368-Watt amplifier.

The New Fiat 500 Abarth is arriving in the Fiat dealer network yet this year.

New Fiat Bravo. Reference in safety, comfort and quality, the 2015 model Fiat Bravo is arriving with novelties that further reinforce these characteristics. Like the 500 Abarth, it is being presented in the International Auto Show, but it will only be launched in the market in the coming months.
Regarded as one of the foremost purchase factors, the design of the new 2015 Fiat Bravo has taken on an even more remarkable and modern look.

The new front design has elements that enhance sportiveness, in addition to giving the model a greater size impression. The new air grid is now reinforced with a chrome-plated bar with the Fiat logo located in the middle, which together with the new windshield and the new frame of the fog lights revitalizes the design with more elegant lines, giving the model more modernity.

In harmony with the new front design, the rear of the new Fiat Bravo also presents changes. New lamps, remodeled bumper and logo on the top update the lines of the 2015 Bravo which, to complete it, wins new wheels in all its versions.

Since its release, the Bravo has stood out not only for its high finishing standard, but also due to its onboard technology. Now, the 2015 New Bravo takes another step toward this connectivity. Since its entrance version (Essence 1.8), the New Bravo's vast list of contents includes a new multimedia system with LCD touchscreen with media and phone commands through the leather-coated multifunctional steering. This system also has integrated reverse camera and GPS navigation system.

Always in tune with the consumer's needs, Fiat has also renewed the New 2015 Bravo's range. It will now be made up of the Essence 1.8 16V, Sporting 1.8 16V, T-Jet 1.4 16V versions, and the Blackmotion 1.8 16V Special Series. The models with 1.8 16 V engine may be equipped with Dualogic Plus transmission, while the top of line sport scar T-Jet already comes with six-gear manual transmission.

A Auto Show with highlights on the technologies

Uconnect Mobile. The practicality of smartphones has now become an extension of your own vehicle. Thus is Uconnect Mobile, a modern technological concept that Fiat will be presenting in the Auto Show. It integrates the smartphone with the car and allows the customer's device to be a means of interaction with his vehicle. Nothing better than to choose the New Uno to show this technological concept, which still does not have a launching date.

With a practical, safe and connected application, the goal of Uconnect Mobile is to allow the user to bring his world into the car and provide convenience in use of the smartphone and radio functions. The smartphone is attached through a mechanism that adjusts to the size of the device, optimizing ergonomics, visibility and comfort. With the Uconnect Mobile, the customer no longer needs to "hang" several equipment inside the vehicle, since his smartphone will now command the sound system, GPS, phone, personal contacts and a series of conveniences, such as the

The Uconnect Mobile was designed for the IOS and Android platforms, adopted by the majority of today's smartphones. Through communication via the phone's Bluetooth, access to the radio and all the applications are done by touch, in the smartphone itself. Functions like agenda notifications, song playlist, use of GPS navigators, internet music and location of the vehicle itself are available, increasing safety while driving under the hands free concept. A USB cable serves as the means to charge the device while the customer uses the applications or the phone itself.

Communication of the Uconnect Mobile with the vehicle is complete. The system has access to information from the vehicle centers and thus allows assessing the driving in real time. We are talking about the Eco:Drive live, where the driver can assess his performance in relation to fuel consumption, since the system monitors accelerations, braking, speed and even gearshifts, seeking greater efficiency in the way of driving.

Fiat 500e. The most charming and ecological model of the 500 family is also a highlight in the Fiat stand in the Auto Show. Sold in the North-American state of California, the Fiat 500e, a 100% electric car, reveals all the technology of a citycar, not just on account of its size and agility, but also due to its easy use, safety and performance. It can be supplied, that is, its batteries can be charged in roughly four hours. In California alone, more than 1,000 public charging stations are available in places like workplaces and cafes, allowing the use of electric cars.

The Fiat 500e is made up of three main components: advanced lithium ion batteries, a high power electric motor and electronic modules to manage the flow of power. In decelerations, for example, the system is able to regenerate a part of the power, further increasing its use without recharging it. It is able to reach 160 km of autonomy.

Despite being a fully electric model, the Fiat 500e has items that are only found in high standard cars with combustion engines. Note the steering with electrical activation, air-conditioning, traction and stability control, ABS brakes, inter alia. It is, in practice, a modern city car with zero emission.

Everything in it remits to modernity and daily use, like its lines, small dimensions, practicality, driving comfort and even entertainment. Its electric motor, able to generate high torque of 20.4 kgfm, thrusts the 500e to 100 km/h in just 9 seconds. And with 113 hp of maximum power, it can reach the final speed of 140 km/h, more than enough for an urban model.

Without forecast of sales in Brazil, the 500e reinforces Fiat's vanguard position in developing innovative, intelligent and functional designs. And also highly charming.

Accessories and exclusivity in the MOPAR brand

One of the great advantages of MOPAR is precisely the fact of developing, together with the engineering, exclusive equipment and accessories that guarantee not only the perfect functioning of all the vehicle's components, but also safety and reliability. It is the best way for the customer to customize his car, with guarantee, safety and comfort.

Present in over 10,000 dealers spread in 130 countries, MOPAR will be present in the Auto Show with several novelties, like the exclusive Easy 4 U radio.

MOPAR will also be showing its successful items, like the platform extension for the Strada pickup, reverse cameras, multimedia centers, in addition to countless accessories of the most varied types aiming at comfort, safety, customization and sportiveness.

The 2015 New Uno is a good example. Despite bringing many novelties, state-of-the-art technologies and refinement, the consumer can leave it more complete and sophisticated. There are over 120 customization items for the New Uno, among them a multimedia center, a reverse camera with image in LCD coupled to the inner rearview mirror and the new Easy 4 U radio with unprecedented interactivity with smartphones.

The reverse camera has a 3.2" LCD screen integrated to the vehicle's central rearview mirror, transmitting images in real time of the rear part of the vehicle, when the reverse gear is activated, which greatly facilitates the driver's life in maneuvers.

MOPAR also presented to the Brazilian market the new and exclusive concept of the Easy 4 U radio. This device has adjustable support that allows integration with various smartphones, including with the Iphone. The Easy 4 U connects via Bluetooth and allows reproducing in your car various contents from your mobile phone through an APP (developed exclusively for Easy 4 U) like audio files, making of phone calls through the car's audio system, radio memory, internet access, radio, among others. It also has USB input that also works as battery charger for the mobile phone.

The complete multimedia center arrives fully integrated to the dashboard in the case of the New Uno. With the 6.2" LCD touchscreen, it offers various functions like GPS, Digital TV, DVD Player, USB input, Bluetooth, reverse camera, all this controllable through the New Uno's steering wheel commands, bringing greater comfort and safety to the consumer. It has a modern and robust processor that allows its connection with external HDs of great capacity. The MOPAR Multimedia Center combines sophistication and technology in a single device. It unites several functions, guaranteeing comfort, safety, easy operation and various possibilities of interaction between the driver and the vehicle.

MOPAR products are unique because they are developed in conjunction with the platforms that design and define the technical specifications of the vehicles. During all these years, MOPAR has gone ahead with the launching of new technologies, understanding the most demanding customers who do not waive quality products, functionality and safety.

By Noah Joseph

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