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2013 Toyota Camry Se 4dr Sedan on 2040-cars

US $18,500.00
Year:2013 Mileage:19500 Color: White /

United States

United States
Vehicle Title:Clear
Fuel Type:regular unleaded
For Sale By:Dealer

Certified pre-owned

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
: 4T1BF1FK1DU717653
Year: 2013
Interior Color: Black
Make: Toyota
Model: Camry
Trim: SE 4dr Sedan
Drive Type: FWD
Mileage: 19,500
Body Style: Sedan
Exterior Color: White

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manufacturer warranty Toyota's Full Manufacturer Warranty, for an additional 23 months / 16500 miles.
drivetrain warranty Toyota's Comprehensive Drivetrain Warranty, for an additional 47 months / 40500 miles.


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Edmunds says...

With its well-rounded nature and long-standing history of dependability, the 2013 Camry stands as one of the top choices in the highly competitive midsize sedan segment.<br/><br/>After saddling the last generation of its best-selling sedan with a disappointing interior and dull personality, Toyota got with it and redesigned the Camry last year. The newest Camry continues the model's long-standing record of reliability and low running costs and adds an improved interior, more expressive styling and, especially in SE trim, livelier driving. The 2013 Toyota Camry gets further polish with a few more standard features and upgraded interior materials.<br/><br/>As before, the Camry powertrain lineup deserves kudos for its combination of peppy performance and admirable fuel economy. Even the four-cylinder engine provides pleasing acceleration, while the potent V6 manages an impressive 25 mpg in combined driving <br/><br/>Strong and fuel-efficient engines; comfortable and spacious backseat; better-than-average outward visibility

Kelley Blue Book? says...

Whether it was years of criticism regarding the Camry's lackluster styling, or a gentle wakeup call from Korean competitors like the Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima, Toyota finally took the plunge last year and gave its hot-selling family sedan the red-carpet treatment. With a stronger appeal to younger buyers, Toyota hopes to keep the 2013 Camry's impressive sales figures running high, and with models ranging from the base L to the sporty SE, to the fuel-efficient Hybrid or the luxurious XLE, it seems there is no shortage of variations to appeal to just about every taste.<br/><br/>If you like the idea of Toyota quality and resale value, but years of Camry mass-appeal styling has made you look elsewhere, the 2013 Toyota Camry will bring a smile to your face. Fuel economy on the hybrid model is actually better than some compact sedans.

What’s special about this Beepi car

The 2013 Toyota Camry stands among the top choices in the very competitive midsize sedan segment. With its longstanding record of reliability and low ownership costs, it should come as no surprise that this baby is one of the most demanded vehicles in the market.

Beepi Seller Trung absolutely loved his Camry, but he no longer has the need for an extra car. That being said, we are absolutely certain another lucky owner will find the need for such an excellent vehicle.

Our Beepi Inspector Dae exclaimed that the vehicle drove like new and that it is an excellent fuel efficient and spacious car for a small family. We are thrilled to add this proven winner to our collection!

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Specs & Features: General

SE 4dr Sedan
Body type
See inspection report
See inspection report
Transmission See inspection report

Specs & Features: Options

t8-Way Power Driver's Seat
tAM/FM HD Radio/CD/MP3 Audio System
tAnti-Theft Alarm System
tFront Floor Mats
tRear Floor Mats

Inspection Report: General

SE 4dr Sedan
Exterior Color Super White
Interior Color

Inspection Report: Exterior (visual)

Front bumper free of defects, scratches, dents
Roof free of defects, scratches, dents t
Hood free of defects, scratches, dents
Doors and body lines are properly aligned t
Windshield free of cracks, stars, chips
Pillars free of defects, scratches, dents t
Right headlight free of defects, scratches, cracks
t Right quarter panel free of defects, scratches, dents t
Left headlight free of defects, scratches, cracks
t Left quarter panel free of defects, scratches, dents t
Right front fender free of defects, scratches, dents
t Trunk lid / hatch / tailgate free of defects, scratches, dents t
Left front fender free of defects, scratches, dents
t Left tail light free of defects, scratches, cracks t
Front-end body panels are properly aligned
t Right tail light free of defects, scratches, cracks t
Drivers door skin free of defects, scratches, dents
t Fuel filler door free of defects, scratches, dents t
Passenger door skin free of defects, scratches, dents
t Rear window free of damage, cracks, chips t
Drivers rear door skin free of defects, scratches, dents
t Rear-end body panels are properly aligned t
Passenger rear door skin free of defects, scratches, dents
t All body panels free of corrosion t
Left rocker / sill panels free of defects, scratches, dents
t Condition of paint t
Right rocker / sill panels free of defects, scratches, dents
t No signs of collision damage t

Inspection Report: Exterior (functional)

Mirrors operate as designed t
Door handles operate as designed
Trunk Handle operates as designed
Lights function as designed
Brake Lights
Turn signals
Hazard Flashers
Backup lights
License plate light

Inspection Report: Interior (visual)

Door weather seal free of dry rot and damage t
Door panels free of defects, stains, damage t
Carpet/ Floor mats are free of water damage, wear, stains
Trim pieces are free of damage / defects: dash, center console, doors, etc.
Dash and vents are clean and properly dressed
Glovebox and console compartments are free of stains, debris, damage
Cup holders are free of stains and debris
Seats and seat belts are free of stains
Headliner & pillars are free of stains, (water) damage, sagging
Trunk interior is free of stains, debris, heavy fragrance
Trunk tools are in the correct location t
Trunk floor plan is free of corrosion, rust, damage t

Inspection Report: Interior (functional)

Pedals are damage free and function as designed
Horn functions as designed t
Interior lights operate as designed
t Stalk controls operate as designed t
Windows and sunroof operate as designed
t Instrument cluster & back light operating as designed t
Central locks operate as designed
t Wipers function as designed t
Mirrors operate as designed
t Cup holders function as designed t
Gear selector operate as designed
t Glove box function as designed t
Parking brakes function as designed
t Sunshades operate as designed t
Auxiliary power socket functioning as designed
t Seats operate as designed t
Heating / air conditioning operate as designed
t Seat belts function as designed t
Audio / navigation operate as designed
t No diagnostic / airbag codes set t
All speakers operate as designed
t OBD readiness monitors set t
Steering wheel controls operate as designed

Inspection Report: Tires & Brakes

Tire measurements
BS TURANZA EL400 215/55 R17 93V

Tires are free of damage: sidewall damage, scalloping,
uneven tire wear
L/F Pressure
Tires brands are matching t
L/F Depth
Rims free of damage, cracks, dents t
L/F Brake Pads
All lug nuts / bolts present t
L/R Pressure
All wheels have wheel locks and key This car does not
have wheel locks
L/R Depth
Spare tire present Yes
L/R Brake Pads
Brake hose check: dry rot, cracks t
R/F Pressure
Brake lining check: condition of rotors / pads t
R/F Depth
Suspension bounce test: vehicle sits level t
R/F Brake Pads
Brake hose check: dry rot, cracks
R/R Pressure
Brake lining check: condition of rotors / pads
R/R Depth
Suspension bounce test:vehicle sits level t
R/R Brake Pads

Inspection Report: Engine

Engine is free of leaks: coolant, oil, P/S, A/C
Coolant hoses are free of swelling, leaks, dry rot
Belts / tensioners / pulleys are free of cracks,
wear, looseness, glaze, excessive noise
Battery is free of corrosion, swelling, damage
Battery cables are free of corrosion, tightness, damage
Coolant level and condition acceptable
Brake fluid level and condition acceptable
P/S fluid level and condition acceptable
Oil level and condition acceptable
Carrying rails and firewall are free of damage / body work
No signs of body dust and panels align properly
Factory painted bolts and body hinges are free
of indication that body work has been performed
Engine is free of odors while running t

Inspection Report: Underbody

Undercarriage free of leaks, rust, damage
Engine free of leaks, rust, damage
Transmission free of leaks, rust, damage
Transfercase free of leaks, rust, damage
Differential free of leaks, rust, damage
Axles free of leaks, rust, damage
Suspension components free of leaks, rust, damage
Shocks free of leaks, rust, damage
Control arms free of rust, damage, excessive play
Tie rods free of rust, damage, excessive play
Exhaust system free of leaks, rust, damage t

Inspection Report: Road Test

Undercarriage free of leaks, rust, damage
4 wheel drive system operating as designed This car has a
2 wheel drive
Steering has normal feel in lock-to-lock turning
t Transmission / Clutch operates properly with no slipping t
Vehicle drives straight on level surface
t Automatic transmission shifts properly during cold
Vehicle does not pull to the side when applying brakes
t Automatic transmission shifts properly during warm up
Steering wheel centered
t Automatic transmission operates properly during operating
No abnormal noise or vibration from suspension
No abnormal tire noise / road noise
No abnormal squeaks and rattles from interior
Cold engine operation performs properly
Throttle operates properly during cold start
Vehicle operates properly during warm-up conditions
Engine performs properly during operating temperature
Engine fan(s) operate properly
No abnormal noise or vibration from engine


dim·ple [’dimpel/]: a small depression in the flesh, either one that exists permanently or one that
forms in the cheeks when one smiles.

Many Beepi cars have dimples, too. They are small, natural, form over the course of a car’s life,
and add character.

We love our car’s dimples, but want to make sure you know about all of them first before
considering purchase.

Take a look.



Paint Chip


Paint Chip


Paint Chip


Paint Chip

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CR breaks the list down by cost and vehicle size, and Toyota has at least one entry at every price point and in nearly every segment. To score a recommendation, a vehicle had to perform well in the magazine's initial tests and score above-average reliability results. It also tried to only suggest cars with electronic stability control. Of the 28 recommended vehicles, Honda/Acura had the second most mentions at six, and Ford, Hyundai and Subaru managed two each.
The Detroit brands also made it to the list, but not in a positive way. Consumer Reports compiled a list of 22 vehicles it wouldn't recommend because "they have multiple years of much-worse-than-average overall reliability." General Motors had the most unrecommended models on the list at six, but Chrysler and Ford weren't far behind, with five cars each from their brands not making the grade. The full list of recommendations is available on CR's website.

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Take Toyota, for example. With President Akio Toyoda at the helm, the Japanese manufacturer has gracefully weathered recalls and natural disasters, all while turning beaucoup profits. Last quarter, profits quintupled to 434.4-billion yen ($4.3-billion USD), according to Bloomberg. Toyota also upped its forecast for the end of fiscal year 2013 (which ends on March 31 for Japan), to a record 1.9-trillion yen (about $18.8 billion). Now, the Japanese brand is reportedly sitting on a cash pile of nearly $40 billion, leaving Toyoda-san in an envious predicament - what should the company do with all that money?
Some think Toyota should be doing something, anything with that big stack of cash.

Toyota JPN Taxi Concept is a Japanese riff on an English classic

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As far as beasts of burden go, New York City's new - and much maligned - Nissan NV200 "Taxi of Tomorrow" isn't a bad one. It's space efficient, reasonably economical, and its simple construction should mean it's pretty robust over the long haul, too. But it lacks panache and a sense of occasion - let alone a sense of humor - three things this this Toyota JPN Taxi Concept we found at the Tokyo Motor Show has in spades.
Unfortunately, that's about all the information we have on this cheeky London-taxi-inspired showcar. Toyota hasn't provided much in the way of details, other than to proclaim that the five-seat JPN was "created with Japanese hospitality in mind" and it "aims to enliven city streets." Japan's livery landscape has long been occupied by traditional three-box sedans - models like the Toyota Crown and Nissan Cedric. The JPN Taxi at just over 171 inches would appear to offer both a tighter footprint and added whimsy, both of which are in the automaker's favor; we hear it hopes this concept will one day become the country's own version of America's yellow Crown Vic cab.
Toyota isn't providing powertrain specifications, but we like the airy feeling of the interior (Japanese cabs typically don't have cumbersome partitions between cabbie and passengers), the minimalist driver area with three screens, and the widescreen overhead video system for passengers that bookends the panoramic moonroof. Check it out in our gallery of live shots and let us know what you think in Comments.