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2014 Subaru Brz Limited 2dr Coupe on 2040-cars

US $26,700.00
Year:2014 Mileage:7150 Color: Grey /

United States

United States
Vehicle Title:Clear
Fuel Type:premium unleaded (required)
For Sale By:Dealer

Certified pre-owned

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
: JF1ZCAC10E8601626
Year: 2014
Interior Color: Black
Make: Subaru
Model: BRZ
Trim: Limited 2dr Coupe
Drive Type: RWD
Mileage: 7,150
Body Style: Coupe
Exterior Color: Grey

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Edmunds says...

If you think you need 300 horsepower to have fun, a test-drive in the 2014 Subaru BRZ will prove you wrong. Sleek styling, rear-wheel drive and sharp handling make it one of the most appealing and attainable performance cars sold today.<br/><br/>Light and well-balanced chassis; excellent steering; high fuel economy; comfortable front seats; abundant standard features.

Kelley Blue Book? says...

Driven by its rear wheels only, the Subaru BRZ for 2014 is a departure from Subaru's other all-wheel-drive (AWD) offerings, but to purists it's the only way to build a true sports car. Whether carving out a winding road or spending a day at the track, the BRZ delivers in a way few cars in this price range can. Precise steering, a brilliantly balanced chassis and taut suspension bring back memories of early Mazda RX-7s and Datsun 280Zs, only with all the modern safety and traction-control features expected of a 21st -century performer.

What’s special about this Beepi car

The Subaru BRZ exemplifies what a well-rounded car should be. With its excellent steering, high-fuel economy, and plethora of standard features, there is little doubt as to why it has become one of the most desirable and attainable performance cars sold today.

You may ask yourself, “Why would someone want to part ways with this gem?" As it turns out, Beepi seller Madelene moved into the city and didn’t need the car anymore. That being said, we know that there are plenty of people out there who could use such a fun and sporty car. Beepi inspector Dae exclaimed that this car is in pristine condition; the next lucky owner will essentially be getting a brand-spanking new car, as it only has 6,700 miles on it.

We are thrilled to welcome this 2014 Subaru BRZ into the Beepi family, but we know that it won’t stay here for too long!

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Specs & Features: General

Limited 2dr Coupe
Body type
See inspection report
See inspection report
Transmission See inspection report

Specs & Features: Options

tAuto-Dim Rear View Mirror
tCargo Area Floor Mat
tUniversal Remote Transmitter
tWheel Locks

Inspection Report: General

Limited 2dr Coupe
Exterior Color Dark Gray Metallic
Interior Color

Inspection Report: Exterior (visual)

Front bumper free of defects, scratches, dents
Roof free of defects, scratches, dents t
Hood free of defects, scratches, dents
Doors and body lines are properly aligned t
Windshield free of cracks, stars, chips
Pillars free of defects, scratches, dents t
Right headlight free of defects, scratches, cracks
t Right quarter panel free of defects, scratches, dents t
Left headlight free of defects, scratches, cracks
t Left quarter panel free of defects, scratches, dents t
Right front fender free of defects, scratches, dents
t Trunk lid / hatch / tailgate free of defects, scratches, dents t
Left front fender free of defects, scratches, dents
t Left tail light free of defects, scratches, cracks t
Front-end body panels are properly aligned
t Right tail light free of defects, scratches, cracks t
Drivers door skin free of defects, scratches, dents
t Fuel filler door free of defects, scratches, dents t
Passenger door skin free of defects, scratches, dents
t Rear window free of damage, cracks, chips t
Drivers rear door skin free of defects, scratches, dents
t Rear-end body panels are properly aligned t
Passenger rear door skin free of defects, scratches, dents
t All body panels free of corrosion t
Left rocker / sill panels free of defects, scratches, dents
t Condition of paint t
Right rocker / sill panels free of defects, scratches, dents
t No signs of collision damage t

Inspection Report: Exterior (functional)

Mirrors operate as designed t
Door handles operate as designed
Trunk Handle operates as designed
Lights function as designed
Brake Lights
Turn signals
Hazard Flashers
Backup lights
License plate light

Inspection Report: Interior (visual)

Door weather seal free of dry rot and damage t
Door panels free of defects, stains, damage t
Carpet/ Floor mats are free of water damage, wear, stains
Trim pieces are free of damage / defects: dash, center console, doors, etc.
Dash and vents are clean and properly dressed
Glovebox and console compartments are free of stains, debris, damage
Cup holders are free of stains and debris
Seats and seat belts are free of stains
Headliner & pillars are free of stains, (water) damage, sagging
Trunk interior is free of stains, debris, heavy fragrance
Trunk tools are in the correct location t
Trunk floor plan is free of corrosion, rust, damage t

Inspection Report: Interior (functional)

Pedals are damage free and function as designed
Horn functions as designed t
Interior lights operate as designed
t Stalk controls operate as designed t
Windows and sunroof operate as designed
t Instrument cluster & back light operating as designed t
Central locks operate as designed
t Wipers function as designed t
Mirrors operate as designed
t Cup holders function as designed t
Gear selector operate as designed
t Glove box function as designed t
Parking brakes function as designed
t Sunshades operate as designed t
Auxiliary power socket functioning as designed
t Seats operate as designed t
Heating / air conditioning operate as designed
t Seat belts function as designed t
Audio / navigation operate as designed
t No diagnostic / airbag codes set t
All speakers operate as designed
t OBD readiness monitors set t
Steering wheel controls operate as designed

Inspection Report: Tires & Brakes

Tire measurements
Michelin Primacy HP 215/45R17 87W

Tires are free of damage: sidewall damage, scalloping,
uneven tire wear
L/F Pressure
Tires brands are matching t
L/F Depth
Rims free of damage, cracks, dents t
L/F Brake Pads
All lug nuts / bolts present t
L/R Pressure
All wheels have wheel locks and key This car does not
have wheel locks
L/R Depth
Spare tire present Yes
L/R Brake Pads
Brake hose check: dry rot, cracks t
R/F Pressure
Brake lining check: condition of rotors / pads t
R/F Depth
Suspension bounce test: vehicle sits level t
R/F Brake Pads
Brake hose check: dry rot, cracks
R/R Pressure
Brake lining check: condition of rotors / pads
R/R Depth
Suspension bounce test:vehicle sits level t
R/R Brake Pads

Inspection Report: Engine

Engine is free of leaks: coolant, oil, P/S, A/C
Coolant hoses are free of swelling, leaks, dry rot
Belts / tensioners / pulleys are free of cracks,
wear, looseness, glaze, excessive noise
Battery is free of corrosion, swelling, damage
Battery cables are free of corrosion, tightness, damage
Coolant level and condition acceptable
Brake fluid level and condition acceptable
P/S fluid level and condition acceptable
Oil level and condition acceptable
Carrying rails and firewall are free of damage / body work
No signs of body dust and panels align properly
Factory painted bolts and body hinges are free
of indication that body work has been performed
Engine is free of odors while running t

Inspection Report: Underbody

Undercarriage free of leaks, rust, damage
Engine free of leaks, rust, damage
Transmission free of leaks, rust, damage
Transfercase free of leaks, rust, damage
Differential free of leaks, rust, damage
Axles free of leaks, rust, damage
Suspension components free of leaks, rust, damage
Shocks free of leaks, rust, damage
Control arms free of rust, damage, excessive play
Tie rods free of rust, damage, excessive play
Exhaust system free of leaks, rust, damage t

Inspection Report: Road Test

Undercarriage free of leaks, rust, damage
4 wheel drive system operating as designed This car has a
2 wheel drive
Steering has normal feel in lock-to-lock turning
t Transmission / Clutch operates properly with no slipping t
Vehicle drives straight on level surface
t Automatic transmission shifts properly during cold
Vehicle does not pull to the side when applying brakes
t Automatic transmission shifts properly during warm up
Steering wheel centered
t Automatic transmission operates properly during operating
No abnormal noise or vibration from suspension
No abnormal tire noise / road noise
No abnormal squeaks and rattles from interior
Cold engine operation performs properly
Throttle operates properly during cold start
Vehicle operates properly during warm-up conditions
Engine performs properly during operating temperature
Engine fan(s) operate properly
No abnormal noise or vibration from engine


dim·ple [’dimpel/]: a small depression in the flesh, either one that exists permanently or one that
forms in the cheeks when one smiles.

Many Beepi cars have dimples, too. They are small, natural, form over the course of a car’s life,
and add character.

We love our car’s dimples, but want to make sure you know about all of them first before
considering purchase.

Take a look.





Scrapes under bumper


Paint Transfer



Auto blog

Factory Five's Subaru WRX-based 818 kit now on sale [w/video]

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The 818 is named after its target weight of 818 kilograms (1,803 pounds), and it's offered in two forms. The S starts at $9,990 and is meant for street use, with two seats and a basic interior. The R model for $10,990 is more track-focused and features a tiny windshield and full roll cage. The company claims that complete cars can be built for around $15,000, after factoring in the donor Subaru. Performance is very brisk, with acceleration to 60 miles per hour in under four seconds, according to Motor Authority.
The kits are meant to be something that even a relative novice could put together. All the builder needs to provide is a 2002-2007 Impreza or WRX. The car donates its turbocharged boxer four-cylinder engine, transmission, axles, brakes, steering and other major components. Factory Five supplies the spaceframe, body, suspension, lights, windshield and some interior trim. It doesn't even need paint, thanks to its gel-coated fiberglass body panels. The company also offers a laundry list of options, including carbon fiber aero components, upgraded suspension parts, improved brakes and more. Kits can be ordered in either left- or right-hand drive.

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Now, as a good majority of the comments on our previous post will point out, it looks like Subaru has dumbed down the design of that decidedly hot WRX Concept from New York for the road-going car. Of course, we need to wait until all that swirly paper is pulled off the body, but from what we can see here, it looks like this new 'Rex will be more akin to the current Impreza than we were originally led to believe.
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2015 Subaru WRX: Introduction

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"As far as street-legal rally cars go, there's still nothing better than a WRX." I wrote that line following my first drive of the 2015 Subaru WRX late last year - one of the better motoring experiences I had in 2013. Sure, a particularly involving drive route helped, but I don't want to sell the new Subaru short: it's a seriously good car - easily one of the sharpest, best-driving little turbos available today.
When I drove the even hotter 2015 WRX STI in January, it was a similar love-fest. The STI is infused with all of the WRX's greatness, but it's sharper, meaner, and on good roads (and race tracks), the winged wonder is really outstanding. But because of its higher price tag, less forgiving suspension tuning, and only marginal performance increases, I'm convinced that the STI isn't the best WRX for the money. And much as I love it, I just don't think I'd ever buy the STI over its more sedate sister (though I totally understand why others might).
So when it came time to add a new long-term car to the Autoblog fleet, many votes were cast in favor of the WRX. There was a lot of debate about whether or not to get the standard version, or the mightier STI. But at the end of the day, my argument that the basic WRX is the better daily driver - nee, one of the best all-around, all-weather performers money can buy - carried the day.