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2013 Torq 100% Electric - Formula 1 Inspired on 2040-cars

US $35,000.00
Year:2013 Mileage:400

Marina del Rey, California, United States

Marina del Rey, California, United States

 *** Formula 1 inspired, street legal, 100% electric, Open Roadster Race Car (no top), 1.3G lateral handling, 0-60 under 4 seconds, 612 lb-ft. torque, 400+ hp. & up to 100+ mile range per charge. Virtually no maintenance and a very low cost to repair if ever needed.

This is not a Porsche GT but rather a 1 of only 6 electric race cars ever produced. A True cutting edge pioneer in the electric vehicle space that will transform your image, get you insane attention, and how you will view performance vehicles in the future, for only around $45k, It's a no brainer! Epic EV which made the TORQ has around $5 million into these 6. Here are the last couple that are left. Act soon.


2013 TORQ- Red/ Black, 400 miles- High performance pkg. Being sold here now for just $45k from $79k. Just got word to slash it to $35k if I can sell it this week! Need to pay some bills. First $35k takes it, only if the sale closes before July 20th. NO JOKE!

2013 TORQ- Red/Carbon kit upgrade with under 400 miles- High performance pkg. for $55k from $91k. Just got word to slash it to $42k if I can sell it this week! Need to pay some bills. First $42k takes it, only if the sale closes before July 20th. NO JOKE!(Call)

2013 TORQ- All Black/Carbon kit upgrade with under 2,800 miles- High performance pkg. $3k stereo, upgraded batteries...  for $55k from $97k. Just got word to slash it to $42k if I can sell it this week! Need to pay some bills. First $42k takes it, only if the sale closes before July 20th. NO JOKE!(Call)

 Cars are located in southern CA; I can help with transportation if needed. Please only email or call if you are ready with funds, and are seriously interested. Thx!


All Torq's are in like new condition and are in perfect working order; I can help with shipping.

If interested, please read on:

Repair? The car is not like most that will need scheduled maintenance, oil changes and such, it's virtually maintenance free. If and when needed is very easy as all parts can be purchased and installed easily. Netgain is a very old and proven company in the electric vehicle space. The Torq uses their Motor (Warp 9), Their 1400v controller and Vortex Lithium battery's that all are super reliable and any electric golf cart repair shop, or, EV conversion company (Many in the world) can fix anything that might come up. It's a real basic car when it comes right down to it. Rims, Tires, suspension... all can be purchased virtually anywhere since it was intended to be shipped and sold around the world. Most parts come from The Volkswagen golf and it has a BMW Transaxel from a Z3. Yes, a really simple electric car design is my point. If you are looking for all the comforts of most modern electric cars, the Torq's design platform was intended to appeal to the serious enthusiast. Light weight, performance that only the exotics can match, for hundreds of thousands less, and it gets "way more" attention! With a 1.3G Lateral handling, a blazing 0-60, and a simple low maintenance low repair cost. End result... Awesome!

Read what some have posted on message boards about this vehicle:

Well HELLO White!!! Track kit with extra air cooling installed to give this beast even more impressive performance With a 0-60mph in 4 seconds and 2X+ the Torque of a Tesla Roadster what color do I want? I hear the white body panels can be easily removed and wrapped in any color; Chrome, primers... or any pattern design you might like. I love this white!

612 lb-ft of TORQUE!!! More than twice that of the Tesla Roadster!!! They do call it the TORQ for a reason.

So the TORQ weighs in at about 2,200 pounds. That's nearly 600 pounds less than a Tesla Roadster and a whopping 2,600 pounds less than a Model S. So, although the Model S has comparable torque to the TORQ Roadster (430 lb/ft) it is pulling the same weight as two TORQ Roadsters *and* a sport bike combined.

The TORQ EV looks like a MONSTER side by side with a Tesla Roadster When do we get to see them race?!?

"Is this rear wheel drive?". In fact it is NOT. The TORQ is front wheel driven to keep the weight forward and your POWER on the road! To illustrate I snapped a picture of the electric motor in the front of the TORQ. Notice its almost at the nose and the differential is just behind it to drive the front wheels.

How many miles do you get on a single charge? I've been getting 80-90 miles per charge on most cycles but it REALLY depends on how you drive it. If it is a REALLY aggressive drive then you could see the range dip by 20% or more. But if you drive it like a minivan then you will get over 100 miles on a charge! I just proved 125 miles on a single charge. 

How long does it take to charge? It's designed to accept both a 110v 3 prong home style plug, and the industry standard EV station 240v plug-in. It can be charged as quick as 6-8 hrs. on the 240v plug and about a full day on the standard household 110v plug. The Torq has a 3.2kw variable voltage charger and a battery management system (BMS)

Does it have a top? No, the Torq was not designed to have a top as they were targeting the hardcore buyer/collector/racer, they had not planned to market it to the buyer looking for their daily driver car but rather their 3rd. car. This is as close as I've seen and driven to being in an Indy F1 race car. The silent performance and open roadster design is breathtaking.

In this listing I had to use my 2005 BMW GS Vin # because I have yet to register the Torq with DMV. The Torq is classified and gets registered as a Motorcycle, not a car. Very easy to insure and much lower cost than most cars. I have the Manufactures Statement of Origin (MSO) so all you will need to do is take it to any state DMV. 

So there you have it, that's all I can think about at the moment. If you have any question I can be reached at 310 863 0877

The White car is located in Marina Del Rey, CA, 10 minutes away from LAX airport. The others are down in San Diego. If serious and want a test drive, let me know. 

Thanks for reading. Good Luck!

If you are looking for a generic Hybrid or EV like; Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius, Chevy Volt or maybe a higher performance vehicle like; Spyker, Fisker, Tesla... The Torq will take you to a whole new level in EV performance and coolness. You will feel like a world famous race car driver, every time you take her out.
This is not related to the Porsche family but rather an electric street legal race car that is only similar because it is also, really special.

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