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2004 Pontiac Gto 370ci Supercharged 600+hp on 2040-cars

Year:2004 Mileage:26525

Ponce, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

Ponce, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

Car listed NO RESERVE!. At the initial bid, you will only cover part of the parts
used for this build. The supercharger alone is $6,000.00!!!

List of Upgrades done by professionals for mature owners, not for track use but for FUN!!

------ 370 ci FFHP Iron block with forged internals ----

------Patriot Performance lq9 heads ---------

------D1sc Procharger (596whp @ 5.5psi) ------

------Baer 14in front brakes -------

------Lingenfelter fuel pump --------

-------Hotckis sways -----------

-------B&M short throw shifter-----

-------Fluidine harmonic balancer------

-------Spec 3 clutch -------

-------SLP flywheel -------

-------Custom Grind blower cam -------

------ Headers and Cat Back Dual Exhaust ---------

------ Peddler Shock on all corners -----------

------ Peddler Lowering Springs --------------

------ Subframe Reinforcements -------------
All the performance work was completed by Redline Motorsports now located on Pompano, Florida

After all this the car was sold on Ebay to a gentleman in Puerto Rico and was imported to the island on 2008.
The gentleman a retired business man only used the car for sunday drives and was stored on his garage.

One day I was washing my car on a local Car Wash and this powerful sounding sleeper GTO caught my eye, I walked to the guy 
and started talking to him about the car, one thing led to another and I ended up buying the car form him.

After I purchased I have done just basic maintenance and some upgrades such as:

----- Backup sensors ----------

----- New window switch --------

----- Power Lock retrofit kit from a Holden (no power lock on 2004) ----

----- Installed a 3-12volt power supply under the radio ------

----- Installed an AC cabin filter (no cabin filter on the GTO, just an air inlet) -------

----- New rear cross drilled rotors and pads (painted calliper red to match the Baer 14" fronts) -----

---- 4 brand new VMR 19" Wheels custom powder coated -------

---- New 245/40-19 Nitto INVO front tires ------

---- New 285/30-19 Nitto INVO rear tires ------

---- Gorila security lugnuts -----------

---- Swaped the Peddler front coils to a set 1/2" taller -------

---- Installed new front strunt mounts -------

Now how it drives? Having owned my share of performance and modified cars, this GTO is a GT on steroids.
The hydraulic clutch is not stiff like mustangs or pre 2005 Carreras. But is not as soft as a 2005+ Carrera. After
owning this GTO I will install a hydraulic clutch to my 93 cobra. The seats are very very comfortable and the rear
seats are the real surprise, they are as comfortable as the front and they accommodate a full size adult with no problem.

The car will spin the tires and smoke them out if you turn off the traction control, with the traction control on the computer
will keep it in control. If you punch the gas, the power is insane.

As modified as the car is the reason I ended up buying it is that under normal driving it is no different than driving any other
non modified car, and is the most comfortable modified car I have ever owned (Mustangs, Porsches, Evo, STI, Miata and Corvette).

The stereo has automatic volume level adjustment and sounds really good (for a 44 year old guy) also under acceleration the car is
really loud and powerful, but once you reach cruising speed there is no drone and the cabin is as quiet at stock.  

It is really a unique and very well built car, the interior finish is only comparable to current US automaker offerings. Superb materials for the time
and even today.

So why sell it? No reason, Time for something new (I only have space for 3 toys) and this one has all modifications done and I need
my to do list of projects. 

Feel free to email me with any questions and more specific pics.  Is priced to sell. A deposit of $500.00 is required 24 hours after the final 
bid is received. Seller is responsible for all shipping charges and fees, licences, etc.. required by their state of residence

The car is located in Puerto Rico, USA. for those of you that are not familiar with the Island, PR is a US territory in the caribbean. Shipping cars from PR to 
the Mainland is very simple and moving a car form PR to the Continental US is the same as moving a vehicle form state to state. There is no charge of fee for
entering the car to the US. All cars in PR come form the US. The GTO was imported form the mainland on 2008 and is a US car. There are cargo ships moving 
cars and cargo on a daily basis to the mainland. You can get a shipping quote for door-to-door delivery form puertoricocartransport online or at 1-904-322-7644.
I have used their service many times in the past with no complaints

Please email me with any questions, The car is priced to sell. I have a 100% positive feedback and I am a structural engineer by trade living in Puerto Rico
since 1998. Fell free to email me for more information, pics, videos, etc..

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