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1988 Pontiac Fiero Gt Coupe 2-door 2.8l on 2040-cars

US $5,400.00
Year:1988 Mileage:49750

Enterprise, Alabama, United States

Enterprise, Alabama, United States

The Good:

 Since the car is 26 years old , I had many components replaced to ensure better reliability.(new parts are listed in parentheses)   

* The car has the ORIGINAL 2.8L V6 engine that runs great at only 49,800 miles.  (new plugs, plug wires and distributor cap, rotor and new starter)

*The 3-speed automatic shifts smoothly and quietly every time. ( New Filter and upgraded torque converter lock valve)

* The suspension is tight (upgraded with new front shocks, Rear struts, new front upper and lower A-frame bushings, new boots on upper and lower ball joints)  and a four wheel alignment job from Firestone.  Note the bushings weren't warn , but the rubber was dry.

* This car drives and handles very good and turns heads, everything is stock with the exception of the 17" rims and low profile tires. The Low profile tires out perform the originals by far , but cause a little rougher ride.  

( Rims , tires and alignment cost approx $2, 000)  

* The car has a new (catalytic converter, Oxygen sensor and the muffler shop made it so the exhaust system can be removed in several pieces by installing expensive flanges.)

* Brakes ( 4 New slotted disk and brakes are new in front and good in back)

*  Air conditioning system upgraded to new high pressure Freon standard (New R134 Compressor, Dryer and expansion tube)  cold air.

* Fuel system, (new fuel Tank,fuel pump/lines, filter and new fuel gage sending unit in tank.)    

Could be improved:

1. The car looks stunning, however the clear-coat has some hazing on the hood, tops of fenders roof and top of rear fenders.  You may be able to use some product to make it go away. I have several pictures with it dry and several while washing the car and the water completely hides the fading.   The Car still looks good but will eventually need painted!   I'm asking,  A lower price  because of the paint.

2. The car sat for several years and I have not driven it that much, therefore the door locks and windows are stiff.

3. The rubber on the outer part of the doors that wipes the windows are cracked and will eventually need replaced.

4.  The previous owners had an alarm system installed, which I hate and would eventually remove!  Here is why, when the key is placed to start, the system goes through a check and then the starter kicks in 1-2 seconds later.  I'm not a alarm specialist or I would have removed it by now. Plus if both door locks are not fully unlocked or locked the engine will not start. (it happened once until I figured it out.)    

5. The Engine Temp needle fell off the other day. But still works. I guess this is common in the Fiero. The gage is about $70 at the fiero store.  

6. The valve covers may drip just a tiny bit as I found a little oil spot on the garage floor after a month of sitting.

Look at my other feedback and you will find that I try to be very honest. good luck I have $6,500 invested so my loss is your gain.

Please don't hesitate to contact me!  


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