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Mini Morris No Reserve Cooper S Austin Mini Mk1 Mk2 on 2040-cars

Year:1963 Mileage:77000

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada



1963 Mini Morris

Mk1 tail lights,

MK1 grill and mustache

Fender mirrors

early 80's cooper S twin carbs and disk brakes.


paint is shinny and no dents, wide body mini. The roof has silver checkers and door has circles for racing numbers but they are stickers and can be removed if not liked. Rear pop out windows.

This is not a perfect mini, but is a great car. The mini shifts good but it idles fast at around 2K RPM, it will need a good carb tunning. The HS2s SU carbs might need new jetting or just to balance them out. The horn is not working. lights, turn signals and all the electric looks in order.

Interior is clean and complete but it shows age, especially the headliner has some stain. The dash has some wear as well but  i think that patina make it look good with the center gauge. Motolita sterring wheel, racing trottle, wood knob and others Cooper s parts. NO radio, but has antena conection.

This mini has Hi-Los paired with spax shocks and deep dish 10" revolution wheels. Tires are dunlop with 60-70% tread. Center muffler does not sound loud, it has a good note.

great oportunity to grab a classic for little price. Please make sure you have the founds to pay for the car.

NO RESERVE, higher bidder will win the car. $500 non refundable deposit after the auction ends

The car is located in Vancouver canada. I will help the buyer to ship this car anywhere in USA, Canada, Mexico, or any other country.

Please ask before bidding, inspections and test drives are welcome.

 photo 6_zps7d1bb271.jpg photo 1a_zpsa3109041.jpg photo 2a_zps576ab1b9.jpg photo 3_zps4f104094.jpg photo 4_zps4908e052.jpg photo 5_zpsee275103.jpg photo 6_zps7d1bb271.jpg photo 7_zps34c47c5d.jpg photo 8_zpsf922dcc6.jpg photo 9_zpse23134a5.jpg photo 10_zps9d7aac59.jpg photo 11_zps130aeca7.jpg photo 12_zps3146dca4.jpg photo 13_zps168c1ecf.jpg photo 14_zps4191c9e8.jpg photo 15_zpsa2a2a443.jpg photo 16_zps37d673ab.jpg photo 17_zpsad418487.jpg photo 18_zps564f506e.jpg photo 19_zpsde3b18fb.jpg photo 20_zpsd3dc0571.jpg photo 21_zps19ccdb87.jpg photo 22_zpsa1b1f751.jpg photo 23_zps8ceadcbf.jpg photo 24_zps75263721.jpg photo 25_zps34c865ac.jpg photo 26_zps6a2991f6.jpg photo 27_zps4811b043.jpg photo 28_zpsa865b1eb.jpg photo 29_zpsd95e6568.jpg photo 30_zps4c3a8119.jpg photo 31_zps1248d610.jpg photo 32_zps4f62bf23.jpg photo 33_zps8d3a937b.jpg photo 34aa_zpsc1e2fe26.jpg photo 34a_zpse845f360.jpg photo 34b_zps9a5c1c7b.jpg photo 34_zps47b238ad.jpg photo 35_zpsfc29a6a1.jpg photo 37_zps2750c551.jpg photo 362_zps1ff0fd28.jpg

Auto blog

Mini pokes fun at Anthony Weiner using fake Twitter account

Sun, 28 Jul 2013 14:27:00 EST

Mini, never one to pass on a marketing opportunity, has pounced on the plight of embattled New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, who seems to have an issue with sending pictures of his genitals to young women. Observers will notice that this is the second time the unfortunately named Mr. Weiner has been in the spotlight for his picture messages.
Capitalizing on Weiner's alias, Carlos Danger, Mini has created an account on Twitter - @CarlosDMotor. With a note on the profile page listing "Danger" as the account's middle name, it's sent out just one tweet, containing the message, "Wanna get your hands on my stick?" Attached to the Tweet is a scantily clad Mini Cooper S, with a towel around its "waist" snapping a picture. Too soon? To borrow the brilliant pun from AdWeek, the "auto erotica" was the idea of Mini's marketing agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. Click below for the full tweet.

Mini Superleggera Vision Concept keeps us hangin' on [w/video]

Fri, 03 Oct 2014 11:30:00 EST

Mini's Superleggera Vision Concept may not be a Paris Motor Show debut, but this is the first time we've seen this stunning all-electric roadster in the metal, having been first shown on the tony shores of Lake Como at Villa D'Este in May. While it's small in stature, it's still big on both presence and detail, from its overall stubby yet sleek proportions to its Union Jack taillamps, Jaguar-esque rear fin and elegant rearview mirrors.
We still don't know much more about what powers this Touring Superleggera coachbuilt showcar, as any powertrain specifics are conspicuous by their absence, but we'd welcome both a pure electric version and something powered by the BMW/Mini turbocharged three-cylinder currently making the rounds in the new Mini Cooper.
Last we heard in September, any decisions on a production future for the Superleggera Vision have been tabled, with word being that a further six months of study is planned before Mini decides to greenlight or nix the project. We'd love to tell you that the fact that it's here in Paris is a great sign, but we wouldn't believe us, either.

Mini interns turn Paceman into Adventure pickup

Thu, 24 Apr 2014 11:01:00 EST

With coupes and convertibles, hatchbacks and crossovers, Mini has done just about every bodystyle we could think of, and then a few more as concepts. But it hasn't done a pickup. At least it hadn't until now.
What we have here is a Mini Paceman (that, of course, being the coupe version of the Countryman) which has been transformed into a pickup by a group of BMW interns. It's called the Mini Paceman Adventure, and it's currently on display at the Mini dealership in Munich. According to, the project involved not only chopping the roof and installing a makeshift pickup bed, but also reinforcing the body, reforming the underbody and B-pillar, fitting off-road tires (including a spare fitted to a roof rack) and a handful of other minor modifications.
The photos are a little sketchy (although the dealership tells us a better set will be available soon), but from what we can see, it looks like a pretty solid project - one that makes us wonder if the apprentices' bosses might be paying attention. Because next to the Mini Coupe with its oddball backwards-hat roof treatment, this one-off looks as sensible as you'd expect from a group of German interns.