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1979 International Harvester Scout Ii Rallye 345 V8 Auto Power Steering & Brakes on 2040-cars

Year:1979 Mileage:999999

Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States

Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States

ATTENTION SCAMMERS: Please don't waste my time or yours. No, you can't pay the full amount (or extra) by paypal. I don't care what your story is unless it's highly entertaining and even then the answer is still NO. I will not be accepting magic beans or happy thoughts as payment. If you are a serious buyer please read on and see my payment terms below. Thank you.

-1979 International Harvester Scout II Rallye. factory equipped with 345 V8, torqueflite 727 automatic transmission, power steering, air conditioning, tilt steering, cruise control, power brakes (front disc), dana 44's front and rear, dana transfer case (high and low range), “lock-o-matic” locking hubs, and rallye package.

This truck is not perfect but I think I can safely say it's in good shape for a 34 year old four wheel drive. This truck is also very original. So original in fact that it matches almost exactly the scout in a magazine ad from the 70's. I have a copy of this ad and it is included with the scout (see pictures). This truck still has its original paint and rallye stripes. The paint is shiny and looks fairly good but is thin in places where it has been polished through to the primer over the years. It's a matter of opinion but I actually really like it this way.  It gives the truck character and shows that it's original. The rallye stripes are still complete and look good from a distance but you can see they are cracked as you get closer. The fact that all the stripes are intact and aged uniformly shows that the sheet metal is original and that there have been no major accidents or panels repaired or replaced. Replacement sets of rallye stripe decals are still available for around $250. There are definitely plenty of dings but none that really catch your eye and make the truck look bad. The only place I can see that there might have been repairs is at the drivers side rear corner next to the tail light where I think there may be some body filler under the paint. What may be filler is around the tail light only and only in this small corner tail light panel.  There is also a dent next to the tail light on the passenger side corner and this is probably the only damage that might catch your eye or be considered "ugly". The dent isn't too hideous, has no filler, has not been repainted, and is isolated to that small corner panel as well. The tail light corner panels are still available if you wanted to replace it. There is almost no rust at all on this truck and that is really rare. The only rust I have found is a couple small spots of surface rust at the bottom of the windshield and at the bottom of the rear window hatch where it meets the top of the tailgate (an area that you don't see). In the pictures showing the area around the windshield, the only rust is right at the bottom edge of the windshield. The other dark areas in front of the windshield are primer showing where the paint has been buffed through. A couple spots on the top of the roof are the same way (dark spots of primer showing through but might look like surface rust in the pictures if you don't look closely). At some point in the past the scout has had larger tires that hit the bottom corners of a couple of the wheel openings and a previous owner cut those corners off where they got bent. It doesn't really catch your eye and would probably be hidden by a set of fender flares.

The interior is in really in good condition and looks almost new for the most part. The front seats have been reupholstered with a high quality black vinyl. The rear seat is original, has not been reupholstered, and looks great (see pictures). It only has two VERY small tears. One at the bottom front of the lower cushion and one on the back side at the top of the upper cushion. The seat is not currently installed but comes with the truck. The previous owner built a nice removable wood platform in the rear passenger area that just lifts out. It makes the floor flat and more padded/comfortable for camping and better for cargo. That platform, as well as the rear interior sides and lower areas of the doors have almost new black carpeting that was done cleanly and looks great. The front passenger area carpet is brand new (about two weeks old). All the interior trim and door panels are clean and in great shape. Steering wheel spokes have been repainted matte trim color black with new scout logo horn button. The only exception is the dash which has the typical cracks. The center console/storage box also comes with the truck (see pictures). I just never installed it and like the looks without. The console box lid and 4x4 shifter boot are also new. The previous owner had installed dynamat sound deadening insulation on the front passenger floor area so I never got to see the actual floor underneath but I believe it to be as clean and rust free as the rear area (see pictures). The stereo and speakers are also in almost new condition and truly sound nice. The head unit is an alpine mp3/cd player with removable face and USB slot & headphone cord inputs for your ipod/mp3 player. There is also a small alpine amplifier hidden behind the dash. It has 4 pioneer speakers. All the glass is in very nice shape with a slight factory tint. The windshield has one small rock chip/crack about the size of a quarter in the top drivers side corner. The weather stripping around the doors and rear tailgate/lift hatch have been replaced also. One thing you rarely see mentioned and might not consider is odor.... because so much of the interior of this truck is new and everything is clean, it does not have the funky smell that you might get a lot of times in a vehicle this age.

The previous owner had this truck for six years and only put about 1000 miles on it. In that time he spent a lot of money on replacement parts, upgrades, and repairs. I have also driven it less than 1000 miles and have invested time and money fixing it up even more. As a result, this truck runs and drives well and comes with a lot of parts that are in almost new condition.  The truck has had close to $5,000 in parts and labor spent on it in the last 2,000 miles.  I have removed the personal/payment information from many of the receipts and can email them to serious buyers. I also have more pictures that I can email, I just ran out of room on the ebay listing. 

-New parts/work with less than 2000 miles: Rebuilt transmission (have receipt), New starter, New fuel pump, New Edelbrock 4bbl Carburetor (professionally tuned and timing adjusted)(**I am also including the factory 4bbl carb and air filter housing that has an intact IH severe service instruction decal if you wanted to fully restore the truck), Spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor, Pertronix electronic ignition (factory electronic ignition box is known to be unreliable), Brand new master cylinder and brakes bled & flushed with synthetic fluid (booster looks recent too but I do not know), rear main seal along with valve cover gaskets and oil pan gasket replaced, freeze plugs replaced, tires and wheels are almost new and tires show almost no wear at all (originally came equipped with rallye style wheels like the spare but white spoke wheels were a factory option as shown in the magazine ad), probably more new parts that I have forgotten.

I bought this truck because I felt it had a lot of character and I really like the factory color combination of what I believe is “Omaha Orange” with the rallye package and black interior with the odd “pillow top” seats. For someone who wanted to restore a scout ii, this is a very attractive original color combination and equipment package to restore one to. This truck still has the original Harvester “lock-o-matic” hubs with the IH logo on them, axle tags with gear ratios stamped 3.07 on both axles, and “line set ticket” (equipment build sheet) in the glove box. The line set ticket is hard to read in places but everything I can see matches what is on the truck. 1980 was the last year for the scout and for International as a light vehicle builder and it's my guess that these will go up in value quite a bit more than they already have considering their scarcity and that International isn't even around anymore. As a 1979, it has all the late model bells and whistles but does not have the square headlights of the 1980 that some people are not fond of.  Compared to many 4x4's of this age, it drives more like a quiet cushy station wagon going down the road than an old four wheel drive. At 55 mph it drives straight, doesn't wander around in the lane, and at my elevation (5000ft) the engine makes enough power to accelerate up a grade without needing to downshift. I also have an early bronco that I have spent most of my spare time and money on over the last 10 years and this scout compares very well to it. At 55mph it is actually a nicer driving truck in many ways and has a lot more factory luxury options than an early bronco. Also, by comparison and experience, I can tell you that as much as I love my bronco it is a lot more convenient to have a little more room inside the scout for passengers and cargo and that even though the scout is longer it turns sharper which is very nice. Because I already have the early bronco that I have spent way too much money on and because my garage has two old 4x4's in it while my newer truck sits out in the cold, I have decided it would be wise to sell the scout. I was told by the previous owner that it stayed in the same family in California its whole life until he bought it so that makes me the third owner (sort of) and you would be the fourth. The scout is currently registered in Arizona and has a clean AZ title in my name. I drive it a few times a week on errands and the trips have been around 20 miles long at 45-65 mph. I haven't had any problems or concerns.

The odometer reads a little less than 18,000 miles right now and although it's possible that its only turned over once, I would rather be safe and assume it's turned over twice. I want you to know what you are getting and be happy when you get it so I'm not going to try and B.S. someone over the miles in hopes of getting a few extra dollars. The speedometer and odometer both work and seem accurate but the speedometer needle bounces a little below 25 mph. The engines in these things were originally designed to go into heavy vehicles like school buses and for agricultural equipment like water pumps where they worked continuously for long periods of time at heavy loads. The design is really overkill for a passenger vehicle and so they are known to last a long time. When I first got the scout I installed a mechanical oil pressure gauge and the reading initially struck me as low but after researching it I believe it to be within the norm for these engines (please research it for yourself). With a cold engine it reads about 40 psi at idle and 50 psi going down the road. With a warm engine after driving on the highway it reads about 15 psi at idle and 40 psi going down the road. The engine starts quickly and also shuts off quickly without any dieseling (which should indicate good compression). I also have a receipt from the previous owner less than 2000 miles ago showing that a compression test was done and the results were “good”. It does not indicate what the actual psi readings were though. The engine does have what I believe to be a lifter noise. It is more of a ticking/tapping noise and not a loud knocking noise. it almost sounds like a small exhaust leak although I have been unable to find one. To me, it sounds like an old sewing machine. It does not get worse or louder with engine load and did get a little quieter when I changed the oil to valvoline high mileage type. I searched the internet and found videos of vehicles with lifter noise to try and confirm for myself and it does sound just like the videos. The fact that the previous owner only drove it 1000 miles in six years means it spent a lot of time sitting and this also suggests it's just a hydraulic lifter that's not getting fully pumped up. From what I have read, lifter noise is somewhat common in these engines as they get older. The previous owner told me that the noise had been there for a while and since it's not getting worse for me and may have even gotten a little better, I have stopped worrying about it. I would like to think that since the previous owner had the oil pan gasket replaced and the oil pan was removed, anything strange found in the oil pan would have been noted. The engine does smoke some when it is first started.  I believe this is caused by aging rubber valve seals which is also somewhat common on these engines as they get older and doesn't cause any real harm. It seems to do it mostly the first time its started for the day after sitting overnight and if it's re-started throughout the day it doesn't do it very often or not at all.  Friends that have been behind me in traffic have told me that it does not smoke going down the road and it has not used any oil for me. The oil has also stayed clean and clear. The transmission shifts well and its fluid as well as the transfer case fluid look great. I have only had it in four wheel drive once to test it out and it shifted into 4x4 smoothly and I heard no strange noises. I assume that since it still has the original hubs that it hasn't had a ton of use in four wheel drive over the years since most would have worn out and been replaced by the time they got to be this age. The engine runs cool and shows about 180 degrees when I have checked it with an infra red tester (factory temp gauge works). As a test, I have let it idle for 20 minutes and the temperature stays constant.

I encourage you to ask any questions that you may have and even inspect the truck in person if you want before placing bids. Please include your phone number if your question requires more than a quick typed answer.

Things that you might choose to fix:

-turn signals do not work. I have never attempted to fix them and don't know where the problem is. The truck comes with the original tilt steering column for spare parts if needed (previous owner replaced it and i'm not sure what was wrong with the original. One of the old receipts states that it was "loose").

-Drivers door does not lock. I believe this can be fixed by adjusting the linkage inside the door but i'm not sure. The lock button goes up and down but you are still able to open the door. (Both doors, tailgate, and liftgate hatch open and close well)

-drivers door lock key cylinder probably needs replacing which means you would probably want to replace both sides as a matched set. I've been able to get the key into the lock but most times I cannot and it feels like the internal parts of the tumbler don't line up with the keyhole.

-The A/C does not work. It looks like all the parts are there including compressor and hoses and the fan blows hard. I can hear the compressor clutch engage when the A/C is turned on too but the compressor belt has never been hooked up since the time I bought it so I assume there is a problem with the compressor. (heater and defrost work fine)

-Cruise control does not work but looks like the parts are all there

-One headlight is halogen and one is not so one is brighter than the other.

-Windshield squirter reservoir is missing (wipers do work)

-It still leaks a little oil from what looks like the rear main seal area. It has gotten a little better since I have been driving it and put the high mileage style oil in it. I'm guessing the seal may have dried out some from sitting when the previous owner had it and is getting better now. It leaks about a quarter sized drop after driving. The transmission leaks a small amount too but I cant see where it is coming from. It only leaves a drop on the ground after a couple drives.

-Dome light does not work and dash gauge lights are very dim but you can see the speedometer.

-Fuel gauge only reads 3/4 of a tank when tank is full. Once the fuel level drops below 3/4 the gauge drops with it and is accurate. Not a big deal.    

A $500 deposit via paypal or by cash in person is required within 24 hours of auction end. This deposit is non refundable for any reason. I am stating this clearly in order to avoid pay pal scams and to ensure that you are a serious buyer.  The remainder of the purchase price is due within 7 days of the auction end. The remainder must be paid by cash in person or cash deposited into my bank. I might elect to allow a cashiers check or electronic transfer (depending on the bank) after talking to you but I will not release the truck or the title until I physically have the cash in my hand. That means that my bank must first safely clear any cashiers check/deposit and let me withdraw the cash.  Please don't ask me what the reserve price is. If you have negative feedback or very low feedback please contact me. I reserve the right not to deal with someone who does not appear to have a good track record or be a legitimate sincere buyer. I don't want to waste my time or the time of other bidders dealing with someone who may not be serious.  If you have very low feedback, don't be discouraged from bidding. I just want to see that you are not a scammer or someone with nothing better to do than place a bid without any intention of buying.

The scout must be picked up within 7 days of auction end and shipping is the buyers responsibility.  I am willing to meet a shipping company within a short distance of my house to make pickup easier.  If you are having trouble arranging shipping I may elect to give you a little more time but this is my option and not a requirement. This vehicle is being sold as-is, where-is with no warranty expressed or implied. It's your responsibility to research registration and title transfer in your area before bidding. The truck has a clean Arizona title in my name with “box b” selected which means the odometer is in excess of it's mechanical limits (past 99,999). 

I reserve the right to sell this truck locally and to end the auction early.


You can contact me through ebay or email at

Thank You



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