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1968 Mustang Fastback. 289ci And Automatic Transmission. Possible Bullitt Car??? on 2040-cars

Year:1968 Mileage:81759 Color: Paint

Thomaston, Maine, United States

Thomaston, Maine, United States

As to myself, I am not a dealer, just a (64) year old kid that loves muscle cars. For my work, I recently retired from managing a Correctional Facility here in Maine and have worked for the Maine Department of Corrections for (40) years. I am also a respected member of my community. I mention this only because of the value of this car and so that prospective buyers will have some idea as to who they are dealing with. Also, please check out my eBay feedback which is 100% with (1,075) transactions. Many of those have been muscle cars which I have sold to individuals all over the country as well as Canada, England, Switzerland and Australia.


How about a little history first considering this year is the 50th anniversary of the Mustang. Also, I am selling the classic 1968 model year Mustang Fastback that you see Steve McQueen driving in the 50th anniversary ads from the movie “Bullet.”

In the beginning….

The date was April 17, 1964. Intermediate sized muscle cars, with big block engines were gradually replacing the full sized muscle car. Lee Iacocca, Ford’s General Manager, had always envisioned a small sports car to be the next hot item in the street wars. Ford decided that instead of improving their lackluster intermediate, they would do the competition one better and introduce a whole new breed of automobile, the pony car. Originally designed as a two seater in the European tradition, Iacocca realized that true success depended on volume sales. Therefore the Ford Mustang was introduced as a 1965 model that was based on the compact Falcon to lower production costs. It came with an obligatory back seat and a multitude of options that would give the buyer an opportunity to customize their purchase, and generate extra profits for Ford. Plymouth faithful stress that their Barracuda beat the Ford Mustang to market by two weeks. But it was the Mustang, which racked up over 22,000 sales its first day and one million sales in its first two years, that turned the market and people’s attention to the pony car. The pony car class that the Ford Mustang helped create is the only class of muscle car that still exists today.

The 1968 Mustang was little changed from it 1967 counterpart. Most of the changes were in subtle refinements to the interior and exterior. New options for the 1968 Mustang included an AM/FM stereo radio, rear window defogger (coupe and fastback only), re-designed front power disc brakes, and the all-new 302 cid engine. The 302-4V, 230 horsepower engine replaced the 289 Challenger Special of previous years. By December of 1967, the 289 engine was replaced entirely by the 302 version. Other changes included the deletion of the horizontal grille bars, the deletion of the F-O-R-D letters at the front of the hood, simplification of the quarter panel ornament, and many safety features were added. Due to increasing governmental regulations, the 1968 Mustang now included front and rear side marker lights, folding, flush mounted interior door pulls, and an energy absorbing steering column. There were several "region specific" models offered from various dealers. Two of the most notable were the Mustang California Special, and the Mustang High Country Special. Total production for 1968 was 317,404 units.

1968 Mustang Engine Options

·    200cid – 1V – I-6 – 120HP

·    289cid – 2V – V-8 – 195HP

·    302cid – 2V – V-8 – 210HP

·    302cid – 4V – V-8 – 230HP (Boss)

·    390cid – 2V – V-8 – 325HP

·    428cid – 4V – V-8 – 335HP


I’ll be perfectly honest with you and tell you right up front that this classic fastback is in no way perfect. Rather I would consider the car to be a driver that could be driven with minor work, driven while restoring or simply restored and be very valuable. You will see a photo of the Vin Tag and door tag to show what this car came with from the factory. Backing that up of course is the Marti Report. I will show tons of photos including a video and tell you as much as I can about the condition of the 68 Mustang. However, I will leave it to you to contact me prior to the auction close if you need additional information or photos. I will do my best to respond quickly and honestly. You will not need to spend an arm and a leg to own this Mustang Fastback.


Vin Number Decode:  8F02C105503

          8       1968

          F       Built in Dearborn

          02     Mustang Fastback

          C       289 2BBL

105503      Sequence Number


Door Data Plate Decode:

          63A  Fastback

          X       Presidential Blue Exterior Paint

          2A    Black Standard Interior

          25H  Scheduled for Build: August 25, 1967

          33     Detroit Ordering District

          2       2.79 Conventional Rear Axle

          W      C4 Cruise-O-Matic Automatic Transmission


Interior:     The interior is OK in some areas as the photos will show but other areas will need attention. There is a fold down rear seat. The passenger’s side rear upper interior panel is missing. The driver’s side rear lower interior panel has a hole cut probably for a speaker. The headliner is new but wrinkled. Steam might help?? The carpet and sill plates look new. The gauge cluster needs restoring. All gauges work and function as they should (speedo, fuel, oil, and amp) with the exception of the temp gauge that works but somebody decided to take out the sending unit and plug it. Aluminum and steel don’t like each other so I could not get the plug out to install the temp sending unit which I am sure would have made the temp gauge functional. Steering wheel is separating as all of the old ones do. Of course you can see the hole in the dash where the radio was. Heater has been bypassed probably due to a leak in the heater core. E-Brake is missing.

 photo DSCN3078_zps42fe09d1.jpg  photo DSCN3077_zpsa6b0cc70.jpg  photo DSCN3076_zps634e2b49.jpg  photo DSCN3075_zpsc2c96f44.jpg  photo DSCN3074_zpscbf0c800.jpg  photo DSCN3073_zpsfd757a19.jpg  photo DSCN3072_zps004b8a07.jpg  photo DSCN3070_zpse17f82e2.jpg  photo DSCN3069_zps9fb8b1f3.jpg  photo DSCN3068_zps85ab3c8c.jpg  photo DSCN3067_zps98ef1144.jpg  photo DSCN3066_zps7e081740.jpg  photo DSCN3065_zps33079889.jpg  photo DSCN3064_zps512a3e81.jpg  photo DSCN3063_zps0e97564c.jpg  photo DSCN3062_zpsf81c30d9.jpg


·       Repainted recently but not with a lot of enthusiasm;

·       New door handles;

·       Original bright work is good;

·       Front bumper is not great and rear bumper isn’t too bad;

·       Good original glass with the exception of the windshield which is good but not original;

·       As to body panels, I am sure there have been replacements and replacements will more than likely be made in the future.

·       Mag rims and tires are OK with the exception of the two back rims that will need to be replaced with the two rims I am including in the sale. Front driver’s side is missing a lug nut and the front passenger’s side has one broken lug.

 photo DSCN3048_zps09db5d2e.jpg  photo DSCN3047_zpsef817f5c.jpg  photo DSCN3046_zps32a1571d.jpg  photo DSCN3045_zps786e480f.jpg  photo DSCN3044_zps9d1586a9.jpg  photo DSCN3043_zps7a8fd96f.jpg  photo DSCN3041_zpsd8a774c6.jpg  photo DSCN3040_zpsaa9d1fca.jpg  photo DSCN3039_zpse7a67556.jpg  photo DSCN3038_zps41e9fe54.jpg  photo DSCN3037_zps46090ae3.jpg  photo DSCN3036_zpsd4a10374.jpg  photo DSCN3035_zpscc8ab7cf.jpg  photo DSCN3034_zps0c61b59a.jpg  photo DSCN3032_zpse83c12f7.jpg  photo DSCN3031_zps72796c41.jpg  photo DSCN3030_zpsa0fa9bcc.jpg  photo DSCN3029_zps97233e07.jpg  photo DSCN3028_zpsf086da28.jpg  photo DSCN3027_zpscc2263ca.jpg


Trunk: The trunk looks OK with no spare or jack assembly and new trunk mat.

 photo DSCN3053_zps04eb79c8.jpg  photo DSCN3052_zps0c83c952.jpg  photo DSCN3051_zps7aa3f2ee.jpg  photo DSCN3050_zps4d52a2bd.jpg  photo DSCN3049_zpse708c184.jpg


Undercarriage: The undercarriage is in fair condition having been manipulated over the years. See the photos. The exhaust has been run to the mufflers only with no tail pipes. Brakes are soft and may need to be bled. Car has had grease installed in fittings.

 photo DSCN3001_zps0234f225.jpg  photo DSCN3025_zps0566e48b.jpg  photo DSCN3024_zpsaccce1ed.jpg  photo DSCN3023_zps0080b476.jpg  photo DSCN3022_zps70ed21d5.jpg  photo DSCN3021_zpsf8aa16b2.jpg  photo DSCN3020_zps9c2dae28.jpg  photo DSCN3018_zps0a690476.jpg  photo DSCN3017_zpsd62b0b38.jpg  photo DSCN3016_zps7e5cb22d.jpg  photo DSCN3015_zps4cf3a39b.jpg  photo DSCN3014_zpsb3733dee.jpg  photo DSCN3013_zps25aa7659.jpg  photo DSCN3012_zps8297061b.jpg  photo DSCN3011_zpsb1d04e5f.jpg  photo DSCN3010_zpsee6f0f88.jpg  photo DSCN3009_zpsf2a236ef.jpg  photo DSCN3008_zps8988bebc.jpg  photo DSCN3007_zpsd6fe7891.jpg  photo DSCN3006_zps9bc67e8f.jpg  photo DSCN3005_zps074e8c27.jpg  photo DSCN3004_zps6e4036bb.jpg  photo DSCN3003_zps694e0d36.jpg  photo DSCN3002_zpsab577a25.jpg  photo DSCN3001_zps06e3ae54.jpg  photo DSCN3000_zps8c64d366.jpg

Engine Compartment: The engine compartment is OK with a non-original 1966 289 sitting in the bay. It does start and run fine with plenty of power and no smoke. Oil and filter, lower radiator hose and two gallons of new antifreeze have been added. Has the Shelby air cleaner lid.

 photo DSCN3059_zpsbc795a5c.jpg  photo DSCN3058_zps197db499.jpg  photo DSCN3057_zps0fc8d973.jpg  photo DSCN3056_zps5392e0ff.jpg  photo DSCN3055_zps09165895.jpg  photo DSCN3054_zpsc2cf601d.jpg

Transmission: The transmission shifts up and down the gears fine.

Electrical:  Driver’s side headlight is not working. Tail lights work. Blinkers do not work. Wipers do not work. Heater does not work. I think they will all work but the electrical issues will need to be chased down.


 photo scan0001_zps8d4e6f8d.jpg  photo DSCN3081_zps524ceff4.jpg  photo DSCN2998_zps8dde7416.jpg  photo DSCN2993_zps20305b5f.jpg  photo DSCN2987_zps397470bd.jpg


Check out the video by clicking this link:




I have also tried very hard through description and photos to present this 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback honestly and fairly.


Having said that, ask any and all questions before bidding and not after the auction ends and you are the winner of this 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback.

Terms of Sale:
This pre-owned vehicle is being sold "as-is, where is" with absolutely no warranties and/or guarantees either expressed or implied. Winning bidder must contact seller within (48) hours of auction close to confirm purchase by e-mail or by calling 207-354-8126. A 10% non-refundable deposit is required within (3) business days of auction close. Down payment may be made by PayPal. Balance due within (5) business days of auction end. Funds must be in the form of a wire transfer, cashier’s check or certified bank check. PayPal will not be accepted for the balance. If there is no confirmation, the seller has the right to offer the vehicle to other bidders. Buyer is responsible for all transport costs. This auction and your bid/participation in this auction are binding contracts and will be dutifully and lawfully enforced.

I do not have a Maine title for this 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback as Maine does not issue titles for vehicles that are more than (15) years old. I have sold cars all over the country as well as Canada, England, Switzerland and Australia and have never had a problem. The car will come with a Bill-of-Sale, the Maine registration signed over to the new owner and a copy of the Maine law regarding titles which is on a form issued by the Maine Motor Vehicle Department.

Seller also reserves the right to end this auction early without any liability to the seller.

Thank you again and good luck bidding.

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