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383 4bbl. Hi Impact Butterscotch. 1 Of 69. Original Drivetrain & Body Panels. Ex on 2040-cars

Year:1971 Mileage:105192 Color: lights work to include blinkers

Thomaston, Maine, United States

Thomaston, Maine, United States

To start with, let me first say that I understand that there is a lot of information in my ad. I also understand that this may be boring to the person who is just looking and not buying. However, for the person who is looking to buy and spend their hard earned money, I feel that there is never too much information.

As to myself, I am not a dealer, just a (64) year old kid that loves muscle cars. For my work, I recently retired from managing a Correctional Facility here in Maine and have worked for the Maine Department of Corrections for (40) years. I am also a respected member of my community. I mention this only because of the value of this car and so that prospective buyers will have some idea as to who they are dealing with. Also, please check out my eBay feedback which is 100% with (1,085) transactions. Many of those have been muscle cars which I have sold to individuals all over the country as well as Canada, England, France, Switzerland and Australia.


Just some quick history on the Super Bee. GM divisions had been doing it for years, but it wasn't until 1968 that the two MOPAR divisions, Dodge and Plymouth, began to engage in a bit of sibling rivalry. The result was the Dodge Super Bee, a direct competitor to Plymouth's Road Runner. Although a capable budget muscle car, it never was as successful as the Road Runner, which truly must have hurt.

Dodge watched as Plymouth launched their budget muscle car, the Road Runner, in the fall of 1967 as a 1968 model. Already upset that Dodge had coined the "road runner" name in a 1967 Coronet ad, Dodge responded by launching its own budget muscle car. Based on the redesigned Dodge Coronet pillared coupe, Dodge looked to its Scat Pack symbol and released its new model in the spring of 1968 as the Super Bee. The $3,027 base price was $131 more than the Road Runner, which used the same basic chassis. Curb weight was nearly identical, and both used the same engines, so performance was almost identical. The standard engine was the 335 bhp four barrel 383 cid V8 that borrowed cylinder heads, camshaft and induction system from the Magnum 440. The 426 Hemi was the only engine option, but at nearly $1,000 more, it clashed with the budget nature of the Super Bee and only 125 were ordered. The low price meant minimizing amenities, and although the Super Bee borrowed the Rallye gauge package from the Charger to edge out the Road Runner, a tachometer was still a $38 extra. A heavy duty suspension, brakes, four-speed manual transmission with Hurst Competition Plus shifter, and red-line wide oval tires were standard. The low price didn't mean low profile, and the Super Bee had bumble bee racing stripes circling the tail, and a big Super Bee emblem hovering on the rear fenders. The grille was finished in black matte and the hood had a decorative power bulge. The wheel lips and the rear body panel were accented with thin bright moldings. Inside, the Super Bee had door-to-door carpeting, pleated vinyl seats and door panels, and a standard bench seat.

The big news for MOPAR muscle car fans in 1969 was a new optional engine in several cars, including the Super Bee. MOPAR engineers took the existing 440 cid V8 and replaced the single Carter four barrel carb with three Holley two-barrel carbs on an Edelbrock Hi-Riser manifold, creating the Dodge 440 Six Pack (Plymouth called it the 440+6). Only the center carb was used for normal driving, but slamming on the fun pedal opened all six carbs for a combined 1,375 cfm rush. Hemi valve springs, a hotter cam, magnafluxed connecting rods, and other improvements helped boost output to 390 bhp. A Hurst four speed manual transmission was standard. Torqueflite automatic was optional, but disc brakes, air conditioning, and cruise control were not allowed. The Super Bee Six Pack came with one of the wilder hoods in muscledoom. The lift off hood was made of fiberglass, had a matte black finish, four NASCAR tie down pins, and a large air scoop molded right in with Six Pack written on the sides. The all business look was completed with standard black steel wheels, unadorned except for chrome lug nuts. The 440 Six Pack was a $463 option in 1969, and 1,907 were produced. The Six Pack could keep up with a Hemi up to 70 mph and came with a Hemi grade suspension that turned the Super Bee into a decent handler.

The aging Coronet's body style was given a face lift for 1970.  The front fenders were sloped down more at the ends, and the hood featured a NASA inspired integrated hood scoop on the standard set up that flowed down into a center peak separating a twin front bumper arrangement. A Super Bee medallion was used between the grilles on the hood.  The Ram-Charger hood with its twin hood scoops were carried over to the new hood as an option.

The cards of marketing were reshuffled for 1971.  The Coronet name it felt was too closely tied with the image of grocery getters and mom and dad.  Thus all four-door mid-sized Dodges would be known as Coronets, while all two-door intermediate Dodge models would be known as Chargers. The Charger would be restyle to meet these demands with long flowing lines that took some of the race car look away from it.  The reshuffle of nameplates also brought the seeming death to the Coronet R/T and the Super Bee. However, it was only half right.  The R/T was never a true contender on the marketing field, so it was killed while the Super Bee was given one more year to prove itself.  Be the fates of soaring insurance rates and government regulations only place the Super Bee on life support, as this would be its last year of production.


Production for the WM23N  383 w/Auto Transmission:                                                  2889

Production at 2.4% of 1971 Coronets painted EL5 Hi-Impact Butterscotch:                 69

Total 1971 EL5 Hi-Impact Butterscotch Automatic 383 Super Bees Registered:           9


So let’s get right to this rare 1971 Super Bee that I am auctioning here today on eBay Motors.

First, let me say that there is a lot of information here.

Here is what my Super Bee has: 

1.                Original and Decoded Body Tag;

2.                Original Vin Stamped Block;

3.                Original Vin Stamped Automatic Transmission;

4.                Original Rear Axle;

5.                Original Rust Free Body Panels;

6.                Real EL5 Hi Impact Butterscotch Paint Car;

7.                Non-Undercoated Rust Free Undercarriage;

8.                Correct Heads;

9.                Correct Intake;

10.           Correct Carburetor;

11.           Correct Distributor;

12.           Correct Exhaust Manifolds;

13.           Original Dual Snorkel Air Cleaner;

14.           Original Windows with the Exception of the Windshield;

15.           Original Interior (I was told this.) with the Exception of the Carpet;

16.           Original Owner’s Manual;

17.           Original, Working A/C;

18.           Original Power Steering;

19.           Magnum 500 Rims;

20.           Front Disc Brakes (Added).


I would consider the paint on this car to be very good with excellent shine. However, there are a few nicks here and there that have been touched up. The car is cold blooded but in just a minute, it runs and idles fine. The engine starts, sounds and runs great with no smoke or leaks and drives down the road great with plenty of power. No shaking or shimmering. The transmission shifts up and down with firm shifts with no slipping as it goes through the gears. The interior is in very good (I was told original) condition with no rips in the seats or the door panels. The dash is in good condition but does have cracks. The carpet (replacement) and original headliner are also in very good condition. The wipers work and the heater works. The A/C works if hooked up from the engine compartment. There is an issue with the A/C switch. As to gauges, the speedometer and amp meter work but the fuel, oil and temp gauges do not work. I’m unsure why but it has to be sending units, gauges or wiring. I did hook up an oil gauge and the oil pressure was excellent. Also, the clock and radio do not work and I do not know why. All exterior lights work to include blinkers, high and low beams and running lights. Interior gauge lights and dome light work. The trunk is solid with no rust issues and a redline spare is present but the jack is missing. The undercarriage in non-undercoated and in excellent original condition, very solid with no rust issues. Overall, this is a very nice original N-Code Super Bee that is not concourse but will definitely win at local car shows. The car is a true eye catcher and I believe that my reserve is well below what I have seen others going for. Finally, there is tons of paperwork from the original and previous owners of the car.


I highly recommend that serious buyers come themselves or send an agent to see this car in person.


All photos and information that I have documented on this car will be burned on a CD and given to the new owner.


Now take a deep breath and look here for a walk around video of this super rare Butterscotch 1971 Dodge Charger Super Bee.  


I know from previous experience that there is never too much information for the serious collectors. So, for all of you numbers guys and gals, this is for you.

Vin Number:      WM23N1G115510

Vin Number Decode:

          W      Dodge

          M      Medium Price Class

          23     2 Door Hardtop

          N       383 1-4BBL  HP    B Family

1                   1971

G       St. Louis, MO Assembly Plant

115510      Sequence Number


Body Tag:


M21 N41  R11  V21  V6X 26

EL5  U       B11  G11  G36  H51

EL5  C2T7         GT8  917   044948

E65   D32  WM23       N1G 115510

Body Tag Decode:

END           End of Options

M21           Drip Rail Mouldings

N41            Dual Exhaust System

R11            Radio, AM Music Master

V21            Hood Performance Treatment

V6X           Black Longitudinal Sport Stripes – Tape

26               26” Radiator

EL5            Butterscotch Exterior Lower Paint

U                Made to USA Specs

B11            Brakes, HD Drum Auto Adjust

G11            Tinted Glass All Windows

G36            LH Remote, RH Manual Out Side Painted Racing Mirrors

H51            Air Conditioning with Front Heater               

C2T7         C       Charger

2       Vinyl Bench Seat

T7     Saddle Tan Trim

GT8           Dark Tan Upper Door Paint

917             9       September

                   17     17th Day of September 1970 Assembly Date 

044948      Body Production Number

E65            383 1-4BBL  HP    B Family

D32            A727 3-Speed Automatic Transmission

WM23       W      Dodge

                    M      Medium Price Class

                    23     2 Door Hardtop

N1G           N       383 1-4BBL  HP    B Family

1           1971

G       St. Louis, MO Assembly Plant

115510      Sequence Number


Important ID Photos

 photo VinNumber_zps544cd3e6.jpg  photo DoorSticker_zpsb0e83c46.jpg  photo BodyPlate_zps5806eeb2.jpg  photo BlockVinNumber_zpsca8783ff.jpg  photo TrannyVinNumber_zpsdabc403d.jpg  photo HiddenVinNumberonCowl_zps94209488.jpg  photo BlockCastingNumber_zps5609bbc3.jpg  photo CylinderHeads_zpse27bbe31.jpg  photo Distributor_zpsb35cfd48.jpg  photo HolleyCarb_zps02a0d5e3.jpg  photo IntakeManifold_zpse1c154e6.jpg  photo ExhaustManifolds_zps2c7a7708.jpg  photo RearAxleCastingNumber_zpsfcd0e593.jpg  photo Radiator_zps2adf2c22.jpg  photo OriginalOwnerrsquosManual_zpsc92e5e45.jpg




 photo _125_zpsf4f58022.jpg  photo DSCN3454_zpsff981109.jpg  photo DSCN3453_zpscfde42b5.jpg  photo DSCN3452_zpsed1f5bb2.jpg  photo DSCN3451_zps7e31f690.jpg  photo DSCN3450_zpscb378fd7.jpg  photo DSCN3449_zps1d280285.jpg  photo DSCN3448_zpsa72e16cf.jpg  photo DSCN3447_zpse5d1db06.jpg  photo DSCN3446_zps9d29bb37.jpg  photo DSCN3445_zps35d30adf.jpg  photo DSCN3444_zps9f46a667.jpg  photo DSCN3443_zps312bed20.jpg  photo DSCN3442_zps9bdfafed.jpg  photo DSCN3441_zps5ccf8f75.jpg  photo DSCN3440_zps921b18aa.jpg  photo DSCN3439_zps262a9590.jpg  photo DSCN3438_zps1636a5e0.jpg  photo DSCN3437_zps0e083262.jpg  photo DSCN3436_zps85f1e409.jpg  photo DSCN3435_zpsb1b9df57.jpg  photo DSCN3434_zpse209870a.jpg  photo DSCN3433_zpsa690fc81.jpg  photo DSCN3432_zps0f24cb6a.jpg  photo DSCN3431_zpsb7a185be.jpg  photo DSCN3430_zps776043cd.jpg  photo DSCN3429_zps4cbc5174.jpg  photo DSCN3428_zps86bd7411.jpg  photo DSCN3427_zps73f24af7.jpg  photo DSCN3426_zpsd81d0069.jpg  photo DSCN3425_zpsfbaba266.jpg  photo DSCN3424_zpsd3906691.jpg  photo DSCN3423_zpsd6febb9e.jpg  photo DSCN3422_zps76ec718a.jpg  photo DSCN3421_zps575e60ff.jpg  photo DSCN3420_zps33a25552.jpg  photo DSCN3419_zps7f4dc680.jpg  photo DSCN3418_zpsdde4ff01.jpg  photo DSCN3417_zps394527f1.jpg  photo DSCN3416_zps535640c9.jpg  photo DSCN3415_zps8bec1522.jpg  photo DSCN3414_zps7169cbfe.jpg  photo DSCN3413_zps2e344716.jpg  photo DSCN3412_zpsf928c978.jpg  photo DSCN3411_zps3d5f7832.jpg  photo DSCN3410_zps78c9dd50.jpg  photo DSCN3409_zps844004d9.jpg  photo DSCN3408_zpsf9d547d0.jpg  photo DSCN3407_zps4142c301.jpg  photo DSCN3406_zpsa81bf621.jpg


 photo DSCN3405_zpsd3d3c720.jpg  photo DSCN3392_zps7aed947b.jpg  photo DSCN3391_zps5c4947ac.jpg  photo DSCN3390_zps9169534b.jpg  photo DSCN3389_zps0df5b34d.jpg  photo DSCN3388_zps9eaee4b5.jpg  photo DSCN3387_zps47a1aa7e.jpg  photo DSCN3386_zps11ae9cf4.jpg  photo DSCN3385_zps929175f3.jpg  photo DSCN3384_zps9264427e.jpg  photo DSCN3383_zps24e9f453.jpg  photo DSCN3382_zpsc240d228.jpg  photo DSCN3381_zpsb7e2aead.jpg  photo DSCN3380_zpsc8fbe736.jpg  photo DSCN3379_zps40699383.jpg  photo DSCN3378_zps7439b90a.jpg  photo DSCN3377_zps35d3ba55.jpg  photo DSCN3376_zps01e12448.jpg  photo DSCN3375_zps38caade9.jpg  photo DSCN3374_zpsb2fbe424.jpg  photo DSCN3373_zps9c941d6f.jpg  photo DSCN3372_zps3d87b4e3.jpg  photo DSCN3371_zpsdf95309c.jpg  photo DSCN3370_zpsfa22eea4.jpg  photo DSCN3369_zps3bb677f3.jpg  photo DSCN3367_zps5faf642b.jpg  photo DSCN3366_zps0ff21c5a.jpg  photo DSCN3365_zps97347ade.jpg  photo DSCN3364_zps3f7679a9.jpg  photo DSCN3363_zps9908f3ab.jpg  photo DSCN3362_zps60f2a164.jpg  photo DSCN3361_zps155eaf07.jpg  photo DSCN3360_zps901bb2e6.jpg  photo DSCN3359_zps71ccab77.jpg  photo DSCN3358_zpsb621ac1b.jpg


 photo DSCN3357_zpsc69429b3.jpg  photo DSCN3356_zpsc2d971e0.jpg  photo DSCN3355_zps46d800a4.jpg  photo DSCN3354_zpse0023333.jpg  photo DSCN3353_zpsf14dc2cb.jpg  photo DSCN3352_zpse0d7572f.jpg  photo DSCN3351_zps10fce653.jpg  photo DSCN3350_zps9ff5490d.jpg  photo DSCN3349_zps35953489.jpg


 photo DSCN3404_zps6724885a.jpg  photo DSCN3403_zps8d3eacc1.jpg  photo DSCN3402_zps94b9f567.jpg  photo DSCN3401_zps64958e57.jpg  photo DSCN3400_zpsa46885b9.jpg  photo DSCN3399_zpsfaba08f6.jpg  photo DSCN3398_zps50b5baee.jpg  photo DSCN3397_zps823043b5.jpg  photo DSCN3396_zps271bdc28.jpg  photo DSCN3395_zpsbfcd5bb0.jpg  photo DSCN3394_zpsc26f972f.jpg  photo DSCN3393_zps7428ed91.jpg


 photo DSCN3310_zps84e77fae.jpg  photo DSCN3309_zpsd694a00f.jpg  photo DSCN3308_zpsb62a6e83.jpg  photo DSCN3307_zps89b2569e.jpg  photo DSCN3306_zpscaffc8b8.jpg  photo DSCN3305_zps9886b755.jpg  photo DSCN3304_zps47ecdce4.jpg  photo DSCN3303_zpscbd3686a.jpg  photo DSCN3302_zpsecb8dac1.jpg  photo DSCN3301_zps213acb7c.jpg  photo DSCN3300_zpsd89171a2.jpg  photo DSCN3299_zps9fcf697c.jpg  photo DSCN3298_zps641e558c.jpg  photo DSCN3297_zps0cd57a7b.jpg  photo DSCN3296_zps78ac1bca.jpg  photo DSCN3295_zps50cea2d0.jpg  photo DSCN3294_zps4be10744.jpg  photo DSCN3293_zpsfb0b8d1f.jpg  photo DSCN3292_zps4e904a7a.jpg  photo DSCN3291_zps8995bdf5.jpg  photo DSCN3290_zps35b58865.jpg  photo DSCN3289_zps3bab0794.jpg  photo DSCN3288_zps7fcd18a3.jpg  photo DSCN3287_zps63ee9132.jpg  photo DSCN3286_zps20848bf1.jpg  photo DSCN3285_zpsf983dff1.jpg  photo DSCN3284_zps993db59a.jpg


I am an individual and do not claim to know everything there is to know about these cars. It is your responsibility to ensure that all of you questions or concerns are resolved prior to bidding and not after.




In fairness to all, I am not revealing the reserve price. If you are interested in owning this car, please place a bid TO OWN ONLY NOT TO PASS TIME. If it does not make reserve, I may contact the high bidder depending on what the highest amount was on the last bid.


Terms of Sale

This pre-owned vehicle is being sold "as-is, where is" with absolutely no warranties and/or guarantees either expressed or implied. Winning bidder must contact seller within (48) hours of auction close to confirm purchase by e-mail. A $2,000 non refundable deposit is required within (3) business days of auction close. Remainder of selling price is due within (5) business days of auction end and funds must be in the form of a cashiers check, certified bank check or wire transfer. If there is no confirmation, seller has the right to offer the vehicle to other bidders. Buyer is responsible for all transport costs. This auction and your bid/participation in this auction are binding contracts and will be dutifully, lawfully enforced.


Seller reserves the right to end the auction early without any liability to the seller.





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