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1998 Chevrolet Suburban 6.5l Diesel, 4x4, Hard To Find 1500 3:42, 3/4 Ton Rated on 2040-cars

Year:1998 Mileage:273700

Hurst, Texas, United States

Hurst, Texas, United States

Detailed vehicle description after pictures.

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While at the repair shop they let me take a few pictures of the repair work I had done.
See description for more details.

Motor_Mount_fix.jpg (275236 bytes)Motor_Mount_fix02.jpg (326963 bytes)Motor_Mount_fix03.jpg (173481 bytes)

Motor mounts replaced w/Energy Suspension polyurethane.

Oil_Lines_02.jpg (322495 bytes)Oil_Lines_01.jpg (291321 bytes)

Both oil cooler lines replaced.

This is being relisted, I updated the description and added two videos showing blow by test and driving test showing boost gauge at 10psi and 14psi settings.

I am selling my 1998 Chevy Suburban 1500 6.5L turbo diesel 4x4 (electronic), this is technically a 2500 as it has 8-lug wheels with a 14 bolt 9.5 rear axle & 3:42 gears with the same frame and suspension as the 2500. The only difference between the 90s model year diesel Suburban 1500 and 2500, is the 2500 has the 14 bolt 10.5 w/3:73 or 4:10 gears and 2500 badge. The two are both rated at 3/4 ton, just mine has a 1500 badge with 3:42 gears from the factory with a GVW of 8050 lbs (2500 is 8600 lbs). So this would still make a good tow rig as it is a 3/4 ton Suburban. This is 100% factory, the diesel was a rare beast that was still a 3/4 ton, but had a 1500 badge. The 1500 is also more rare and with the 3:42 gears it makes a great cruising truck for those long road trips for fuel mileage. Average if you keep from rolling coal is about 18mpg.

This has "F" code L65 no EGR engine with a 4L60e transmission, the PMD has been relocated to under the bumper (Heath Diesel). I replaced the motor mounts with Energy Suspension polyurethane motor mounts, not the cheap rubber ones so they will last ($400). The oil cooler lines were just replaced as they started to leak ($250). The repair shop also checked the turbo and did a test drive after replacing the oil lines, it is functioning normally. Starts every time and runs great as it was always well maintained with regular oil changes using Rotella with backflow valve oil filter. I just did a trans service on it, the previous owner also kept up with them. It is the original transmission, but is still strong. The ABS light is on, but brakes are fine and were recently replaced by the previous owner.

My mechanic drove it and says the turbo is functioning fine and you can hear the slight wine of it spinning. There is a boost gauge and it shows about 14psi when you step on it while driving. This does have the Heath Diesel Turbo-Master modifications for adjustable boost and is set to 14psi.  To correctly test the boost on a 6.5L it has to be driven with a load on it. I also fixed a slight oil leak on the return line for the turbo. I did a blow by test and there is none, see the video. Yes the 6.5L has a small turbo, so it will not sound like the bigger one on say a 7.3L International (Ford) diesel or the Duramax 6.6L.

The 4X4 works well and both Hi and Low function normally, it is electronic shifting. This also has a 4x4 auto that I have used in heavy rain and ice to helps get traction when pulling away from a stop. It does shift into and out of neutral with the crazy method as found in the manual. I have tested the neutral shift just in case I ever needed to put it into neutral.

The previous owner spent some money modifying the truck as well. From Heath Diesel we have; Super Flow 4" exhaust, 2-1/2" cross over for Turbo, BOSH high output injectors, Max E Tork programming and spring actuated waste gate. The spring actuated waste gate is like the older style system and more reliable as it does not use vacuum (Vacuum pump removed, "F" code engine). It is fully adjustable by adjusting the spring, boost is currently set to about 14psi as I noted before. To get 14psi the spring is set to 1-3/4" tension gap. If you want to lower the boost you increase the spring gap, setting it to 2" gives about 10psi, closer to stock 7psi. Since mine does have the Max E Tork Performance Program, it is set to 14psi as recommended by Heath Diesel. It used to have a K&N filter, but it was getting old and I just replaced it with a OEM filter. Keep in mind that this truck does have a Super Flow 4" exhaust system, so it is not quite but not too loud. You can always change out the muffler from Heath Diesel if you want a quieter ride.

It has leather interior with power driver seats, windows, locks, cruise, title wheel, etc. Aftermarket Clarion radio with MP3/CD/USB with remote control and good speakers. Driver seat has the common tear on the side and a rip in the middle rear seat center, also has the third row seat. All the seats move correctly and leather is still good. The dash as seen in the picture does have a crack from front to back in the center. The visors are wearing out, but still work (mirror is missing from driver visor). The carpet is not perfect, but I cleaned it the best I could. There are still some dirt stains from over the years of use. Over all the interior is in good shape for it's age and seems to have never been smoked in. The guy I got it from did not smoke and the ash trays are clean. This is a 17 year old vehicle, so it is not perfect, but it is still in good shape inside.

The air conditioning works well and was checked and confirmed good by my mechanic when he replaced the oil cooler lines. The rear A/C is also good and both controls work from the driver and rear passenger. The heater is also good, but that does not get used much here in Texas.

I replaced the wheels with 17" H2 alloy with BF Goodrich All Terrain M/T tires. These are 8-lug and fit perfectly on the Suburban and look great. I will include the original 16" steel wheels and still good tread 245/75R16 tires mounted on them. I just wanted the cooler look of the H2 wheels and got a deal on the set, so I replaced them. I also added large trailer tow mirrors and are powered ($250), original mirrors included as spares. It also has a factory 7-PIN trailer plug and a aftermarket trailer brake.

The paint clear coat is starting to peal on the passenger front fender and A pillar, you can see this in one of the images above. There are also some scratches here and there, one would expect from a 17 year old truck. I tried to show them the best I could in the images, the worst one is on the rear barn door. The roof is good, no fading paint and solid.

Runs and drives great and been a daily driver since I have owned it.  It does not get very cold here in Texas, but it does have a block heater. Never used it and on the coldest days it always started fine for me and the previous owner. The glow plugs and system are okay from what I can see, light goes on for about 10 seconds and starts right up, see video for example. The ABS light is on, but brakes are fine and were recently replaced by the previous owner.

The Suburban originally came from a dealer in Tennessee and spent some time in Mississippi and Tennessee. It was bought by the second owner who I bought it from with about 175k miles in 2007. He lived in Arkansas at that time and moved here to Texas in 2011. You can see this data in the Auto Check report and spent it's life in the southern states. There are no rust issues and the underside looks like any native Texas truck.

Comes with two keys and two remote fobs. The owners manual is in the glove box.

The Auto Check shows an accident on the front right end in the report in 2002. This could be anything from a minor dent to who knows what, but if taken to a dealer to be repaired they would log it and why it is on the report. I took it to my local auto body shop to have them inspect it and they said everything looks fine, cannot see any frame or suspension damage. They noted that the fender and flare where likely replaced and that area painted. The hood and door looked original to him. So this may be why only that are has clear coat pealing.

 I really hate to sell it, but I need to part with one vehicle and this was it, so please take care of my baby if you win. The original headlights and parking/turn lights were really fogged and needed to be replaced. I do allot of night driving and need good clear bright lights. I never liked the look of those composite halogen lights and preferred the work truck style single glass headlights. So I installed the grille, headlights and parking lights from the work truck and I think it looks so much better. The headlights are the new style glass H4 bulbs and new corner parking lights. I also installed a relay harness so they are much brighter as power is true 12v from the battery. The daytime running lights were disabled with no dash light showing they are on (card pulled). This is a simple swap out to the work truck look as all the parts are a direct fit with no modifications needed. The sealed beam H4 lights are 10x brighter over the dual lights, especially the hi-beam.

I also added a brush guard that was Bullet Lined with UV protection added. The factory grille was also Bullet Lined as seen in the above pictures.

Blow by test

Driving test showing boost gauge at 14psi and 10psi.
Testing the Turbo-Master spring tension for different boost settings. First test is 14psi @ 1-3/4" and second test is 10psi @ 2" spring tension gap.
Test was done to show the Turbo-Master spring controlled waste gate does function and boost is controllable.


Options list

Heath Diesel Power Mods
* Max E Tork Performance Program & Turbo-M       
Turbo-Master Model GM96                                                     
* Hi-Flow 2 1/2" Crossover pipe                                                  
* Heavy-duty, high-quality fuel lift / transfer pump            
* Bosch High Output Injectors                                   
* Heath’s 4” Super Flow Exhaust
* PMD relocation kit, under bumper.

Original window sticker
Shows MSRP price of $41554.20

If you have any questions send me a message.
I try to explain my vehicles the best I can and think I covered everything. I know it is allot of reading, but my notes should cover everything.

Texas buyers attention:
There will be no license plates or registration sticker included with this sale, buyer is responsible for all Texas taxes and registration fees. Sorry, but I have had Toll tag bills and parking tickets in the past and one bad apple spoils it for everyone.

Out of state buyers:
I will leave the license plate on the vehicle, but remove the registration sticker and mark it void and ask that you destroy the plates when you get home.

Clear Texas title in my name with no lien.

VIN: 3GNGK16FXWG144399
Mileage: 273700 (Mileage may be higher due to driving)

Terms and Conditions:

Sold AS-IS, no warranties expressed or implied.

Certified bank check.
(All checks will be verified before title is released).

I will work with shippers to have the Suburban delivered to you, but I will NOT arrange or fund the shipping.  All shipping arrangements and expenses are the buyers responsibility. I will pick you up at any airport or bus station in the Dallas/Fort Worth area if  you plan to drive it home.

Ok, now the legal stuff.........
If you do not have the money in the bank or have to borrow it and do not know if you will have it
DO NOT BID. Make sure you have the money to pay me with-in 7 days and a $500 deposit via PayPal or overnight with-in 48 hours if you plan to make final payment at pickup. When you bid you are entering a
LEGAL CONTRACT and you are obligated to pay for said item.

I reserve the right to cancel this auction at anytime, before the last 24 hours, during the duration of this auction. If the reserve is meet, I will not cancel the auction.  I will not suddenly inform the winning buyer that the vehicle was sold to someone else that offered me more or that I changed my mind. Rest assured that when the auction is over and the reserve is meet with you being the winning bidder, the vehicle it will be yours (if the reserve price is meet). I just want to leave the option open while the auction is running before the reserve is meet to cancel it.

This is a reserve price auction and if the reserve is not meet I am not obligated to sell said item. I set a reserve on this at a selected price which I feel is a good price for this vehicle.
I do not tell bidders my reserve.

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