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1928 Chevrolet Truck on 2040-cars

Year:1928 Mileage:30000

Weston, West Virginia, United States

Weston, West Virginia, United States




In the majority of our auctions, you are buying pre-owned farm or construction equipment.  We purchase our equipment from pre-owned equipment sources.  If there is remaining factory warranty or any additional information that we know of, we will tell you.  You should always keep that in mind when you are bidding on items.  If you buy a $3,000 item from one of our auctions, you should expect it to perform like a $3,000 item, not a $40,000 item.  We are not trying to cheat anyone and we describe all equipment to the best of our abilities.  We are not experts with each piece of equipment we sell, but we explain it to the best of our abilities, and we are more than willing to attempt to answer any questions you may have.  We are now Kioti, Land Pride, Howse, Southern, and Vicon, and Versatech dealers.  New items not in stock typically take about one week for delivery to our location.  We can not make any guarantees as to availability, and prices are subject to change.  Call Johnston Equipment LLC at 800-427-4155 to inquire.


All information we provide for items, including but not limited to serial numbers, weights, horsepower, and lift capacities, is taken from sources generally deemed to be accurate.  We do not guarantee that information but provide it for your assistance.  We may tell you that a machine is supposed to lift 5,000 pounds, but if it only lifts 3,000 pounds, that is not our fault and we did not guarantee that.  Likewise, if we tell you we believe a machine to be a 1999 model and it is really a 1996 model, we have not guaranteed the year and it is not our fault.  If these things are that important to you that they will influence your decision to purchase, you should call the manufacturer yourself or do your own research before entering a bid.  All auctions last 7 days and you will have time to do that.  We do not lie and we do not deceive, but we are not experts on every machine we sell.



If we are selling a new piece of equipment it will be detailed clearly in that manner.  The majority of the equipment we handle is purchased from pre-owned equipment sources.  Therefore, we cannot and do not guarantee the hours of service on any of the items we sell.  We do guarantee that we never turn back hour meters, tachometers, or speedometers, so the information we report for an item is taken directly from the specific meter.  If a machine shows low hours or low miles that do not appear to be correct, we will tell you that.  Otherwise, our information is from the machine and it is not guaranteed as to accuracy.



We do not send second chance offers to anyone and we will not attempt to sell items around eBay.  This means you should be alert for people emailing you asking you to send money for an item.  These are scams because we will not do that.  Similarly, if an item is purchased but not paid for, it will be re-listed for auction or direct sale at our facility.



All items purchased from us can remain at our location for 90 days following the close of the auction without incurring any additional charges.  However, if an item remains at our location for more than 90 days, the item will be sold to recover storage costs and the original purchaser will not receive any of the proceeds.



West Virginia sales tax is 6 percent, which applies to West Virginia residents and all items picked up in West Virginia at our facility.  If you are a farmer and the item purchased produces a crop, or if you are a dealer and have a valid resale number, you can fill out a special form which will excuse you from paying the sales tax.  We do not accept PayPal or credit cards under any circumstances.  Cash, check, or money order are all acceptable forms of payment.



For any other questions or concerns, please call us at 800-427-4155.  Email is not always the best way to communicate, so please call us and we will be happy to talk to you to answer whatever questions you have.  Thank you for watching our auction and thank you for bidding.  Happy eBaying.



We accept payment for purchased items by cash, check, or money order when the item is picked up.  We do not accept PayPal or credit cards under any circumstances.  Payment is due no more than seven (7) days from the end of an auction and it must be in full.  Any item not paid in full within 7 days can be resold at the discretion of Johnston Equipment LLC.  All non-paying bidders will receive negative feedback.



The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and for making all shipping arrangements, but we can help with the arrangements if asked to do so.  All UPS and USPS items are marked up an additional amount to cover the cost of supplies and labor associated with packing them.  We are selling pre-owned equipment and we will, from time to time, miss something that is wrong with a piece of equipment.  If you purchase a piece of equipment and you have it delivered to your location, regardless of whether you have inspected it or not, you are responsible for that freight charge.  Freight charges, delivery fees, and the like are never refundable, because of a defective machine because the equipment is used and it is being sold AS IS, WHERE IS.  You always have the option of coming to our facility to inspect the item in person, before paying to have it delivered.  We are not responsible for any delivery costs.  All items can be picked up at our location by the purchaser or an authorized representative.  We have several loaders, lifts, and a loading dock on-site.  We are open Monday through Friday (8:00 am - 5:00 pm) and Saturday (by appointment) for pickups.  We advise you to call our location at 800-427-4155 to make pickup arrangements so we may have the item ready when you arrive.



We are selling all of our items AS IS, WHERE IS.  That means that every item is as described and as pictured in the eBay listing.  If you are the buyer for an item, you have bought the item and the funds for your purchase will be collected within seven (7) days or when you arrive to pick it up.  Presumably, you have taken our advice and inspected the item before bidding so you know it is what you want.  You are then responsible for moving the item from our lot to your destination at your own expense.  If an item will not load onto a truck or your truck under its own power, we will either push it onto the truck, or we will use a loader or a lift to load it onto the truck.  You are then responsible for moving the item from our lot to your destination at your own expense, and the fact that it did not run is covered by the AS IS designation.  The shipping at your own expense explains the WHERE IS designation.  For these reasons, returns are not allowed.  There may be more things wrong with the item than contained in the description, and they generally occur because they are hidden and cannot be seen when describing the item.  If there is any part of this Terms of Sale discussion or the AS IS, WHERE IS designation that is not fully understood, please call us for clarification or do not bid.



All buy it now items are available for sale locally and at offline auctions.  We strongly suggest that all items be inspected before bidding.  Once the item leaves our lot, it belongs to you.  There are no warranties expressed or implied by Johnston Equipment LLC.



We suggest, recommend, and/or advise that all potential buyers call us before purchasing an item, if you have any questions whatsoever.  Please call 800-427-4155 and ask for Robert or Tim and either will be happy to answer any question you may have.  It is important that you ask your questions before bidding so that when you receive your item at the end of the auction you will not be surprised by something you didn’t know.  Please read all terms and conditions before bidding.  You are obligated for your bid price plus the cost of removing the item from our facility to your location.  If something happens to the item after the item is sold, but before you pick it up or have it shipped, the responsibility for that is yours and not ours.  Please understand this or call us for clarification.  TO BID MORE THAN $15,000, PLEASE READ THIS—Bidders intending to bid $15,000 or more will sometimes be required to be pre-approved by eBay. This is an eBay requirement—not ours—and it is for your own safety, if you do not bid that amount often.  Please check with eBay to determine if you need to be approved, because there have been instances in which bidders have missed an item they wanted at the last minute, because they were not pre-approved.



Johnston Equipment LLC

About Us 


Over 30 years of professional equipment experience

Family owned, built, and operated


Johnston Equipment LLC was started in 1983 by Robert Johnston, a native of Lewis County, West Virginia.  We are a family owned and operated business located on the Johnston homestead, near Weston, West Virginia.  The business began as a small farm machinery dealership and has grown to be the largest used equipment dealer in Lewis County and the number one Kioti dealership in the State of West Virginia.  Our goal is to serve our customers to the best of our ability, including professional service after the sale.  We are in our second generation and plan on continuing into the future, always striving for improvement.  We believe our progress and success thus far establishes our reputation, our passion for the business, and the manner in which we do business.


We buy, sell, and online auction:


  • New Kioti tractors, attachments, and implements
  • New and pre-owned farm equipment, attachments, and implements
  • New and pre-owned hay equipment
  • Pre-owned construction and lawn & garden equipment


Our inventory features a good selection of quality new and pre-owned equipment ranging in all different size and price categories to accommodate your needs.  Our inventory includes rolling stock (tractors, compact tractors, backhoes, skid steers, excavators, and dozers), attachments and implements (loaders, tillers, spreaders, brush hogs, and mowers), and miscellaneous farm and lawn & garden equipment.


Delivery is available with our own trucks or can be arranged to anywhere in the United States or Canada.  Our facility is equipped with loading docks and boom tractors for easy preparation for transport of your purchase.


Stop by and see us; you'll be glad you did.

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GM sweetens military discount for Buick, Chevy and GMC

Sun, 06 Oct 2013 13:02:00 EST

American servicemen and women interested in a new vehicle from Chevrolet, Buick or GMC now have a bit more incentive to head down to their local dealer, as General Motors has announced plans to improve its military discount program.
The new GM Military Discount Program offers eligible consumers a new Chevy, Buick or GMC at invoice pricing, which in some cases can take very large chunks out of a car's retail price. When factored in with other incentives, most of which are available with the Military Discount, the bargains are thick on the ground for members of the US armed forces.
GM's Retail Sales and Marketing Support general manager, Chuck Thomson, said, "GM has long supported the military and military families, and we hope this simplified and enhanced discount will show our appreciation for their service and help make it easier for them to own one of our great new vehicles." The program is open to all active duty and reserve members in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, National Guard and Coast Guard, as well as veterans that have been out of the service for less than a year. Military retirees and their spouses are also eligible for the discount.

Fewer than 1 in 3 Chevy dealers earn right to initially sell C7 Corvette

Mon, 01 Apr 2013 17:31:00 EST

Looking to make the launch of the 2014 Corvette Stingray as efficient as possible, Chevrolet will be limiting the numbers of its dealers that can sell the all-new coupe and convertible. According to Automotive News, sales of the C7 Corvette will initially be limited to less than a third of Chevy's total dealership network when the 'Vette goes on sale this summer.
Only 900 dealers out of more than 3,000 locations nationwide will be allowed to sell the new Corvette at first, and the reason for this is so that there are no shortages at dealers that can actually get the cars sold. The article says that the 900 dealerships chosen represented 80 percent of total Corvette sales in 2012.
Some of the requirements dealers had to make to get initial allocation of Stingray sales include having sold at least four Corvettes in 2012 and having a Corvette Stingray specialist who will be required to have gone through a training session costing more than $2,000 per attendee. Once demand for the 2014 Corvette Stingray begins to subside - approximately six to nine months after it goes on sale - then allocation could open up to more dealers, but the report indicates this could happen following the 2014 model year.

Watch NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon put one over on a used car dealer... sorta

Wed, 13 Mar 2013 12:57:00 EST

Full Disclosure: in my younger days, I loved nothing more than tormenting passengers with my behind-the-wheel hijinks. Once, after a particularly artful handbrake turn on a two-lane at around 50 miles per hour, I left one backseat occupant crying in their own lap. This isn't necessarily something to be proud of, but it gives you a glimpse into why it is that I find this ad from Pepsi so damn disappointing. The premise is beautiful. Take NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon, give him a disguise and set him loose upon some unsuspecting used car dealer. Hilarity ensues.
Except that this Pepsi Max commercial is so obviously staged, it can't help but feel like some ham-fisted marketing fail. From the strategically placed aftermarket cupholder mounted mid-dash for the hidden camera to the fact that the supposed dealer Camaro is displayed as a 2009 model (Hint: Chevrolet didn't make any), this clip is about as organic as a Twinkie. Still, we would never turn down a chance to watch Gordon thrash on a rental-spec coupe - only problem is, he probably didn't even do the driving himself. Check it out below.