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Chevrolet Corvette Silver Blue on 2040-cars

US $15,000.00
Year:1963 Mileage:200 Color: Blue

Tahlequah, Oklahoma, United States

Tahlequah, Oklahoma, United States

Details: 1963 VIN 115968, May build, 327/340hp, Silver Blue, dark blue interior, replacement 1964 block. Owned for 2.5 years; did not get any substantial history on the car but it was delivered new in Florida. Everything on this car has been touched except the paint! I wanted to do this car to a high level of correct technical and mechanical detail not worrying about the paint or driving it around. All that is left to do on this car to make it an overall high quality restoration is the paint.YOU CAN'T BUY ANY OTHER ENTRY LEVEL CAR AND DO ALL THE THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN DONE TO THIS CAR WITHOUT BEING WAY OVER MY ASKING PRICE.. The paint is very correct from a color and metallic size standpoint. It has a number of scratches and small door chips as well as shows age in the tiny spider cracking. Itís a decent 20-footer if you will 2. I have some of the best original hubcaps you will find anywhere. Drivetrain/frame/mechanics 1. Original rear spring was replaced with new correct Eaton unit, kept original. Ride height is perfect. 2. Original 4:11, correct dated, gear was replaced with a new 3:36 gear and a new Eaton posi unit 3. Original trailing arms were replaced with new units with all new bearings etc. 4. The supporting member that the pumpkin bolts to, that attaches to the sombreroís was replaced. 5. One of the half shafts was replaced as well as all new u-joints everywhere. 6. Drive shaft balanced with new u-joints 7. Number 4 frame member was replaced with a new OEM unit and welded into place. 8. The rest of the frame has some rust but is serviceable and safe and has been looked at by multiple mechanic. IT IS SOLID 9. Original transmission (Muncie) with correct dates and VIN stamp was completely rebuilt and a new wide ratio gear installed to mate to the 3:36 rear end. 10. New Luk clutch was installed along with new correct 63 fork, throw out bearing and thrust bushing. 11. The engine block is an 870 correct casting block but is NOT dated correctly (DEC 64). I did a complete rebuild of the engine and found that most all the 340HP parts were correctly dated for the May build. The windage tray looked like the original lost a rod and that is why there is a replacement block. All engine parts were of good quality and documented, eagle rods, TRW pistons, crank turned .010 etc etc. Correct 609 water pump, carb, distributor (by Lars) etc etc. rebuilt Alt which is not correct but I have correct core that goes with the car. I restored the engine compartment to as close to factory as I could. New exhaust manifolds (2.5Ē) and all parts restored to high level of accuracy and appearance. Carb done to correct show factory condition. Used flat pistons for 10-1 CR and used stock 300HP cam and hydraulic lifters. Original balancer a restored by Damper Doctor. New fan clutch. 12. I took the liberty with adding the Borgeson power steering unit and pump. I have the original steering gear and in fine shape. Worth every cent! 13. The entire brake system has been checked and any issues were addressed. All drums in excellent shape and had been freshly turned. Pads in fine shape. Replaced rear hydraulic units and adjusted. Brand new GM correct replacement Master cylinder. Brakes function excellent. Emergency brake functions as well. 14. New aluminized exhaust system from corvette Central with the N-11 mufflers (welded). New tips and all hangers etc and new heat riser unit. 15. New correct dated Dewitt radiator $900 and all new correct hoses. 16. New set of replacement service horns 17. All new Lectric Limited wiring harnesses in the entire engine compartment. 18. New battery tray attached to frame. 19. I did take liberty with the shifter after installing a factory 63 unit. I did not like it so I put in a new 66-67 type that mounts to the frame. It functions great and I like the chrome. 20. Fuel line repaired for safety (ran new metal under body as best could with body on) and new flex brake lines 21. Completely rebuilt the heater core box and installed new core which was reinforced by a radiator shop with extra solder. All new rubber stuff from kit. Etc 22. All new Delco shocks and spring bushing kit etc. 23. All original 63 rims painted with new $1200 Michelin X Diamond Back tires with correct white wall. About 1200 miles on them. Have spare tire rim. 24. Professional 4 wheel alignment documented and the car drives fantastic with no pulling or weird feelings going on. 25. Front wheel bearings replaced and in fine shape. Interior: 1. Professional shop did a complete gutting of the interior by removing all parts to expose birdcage (July-Dec 2014). Dash pads and middle section were re-dyed in dark blue. All new Al Knoch interior carpet (with heat mat), seat foams, seat cushions were used. Full restoration of instruments was done including odometer and trip unit (set back to zero). New tach and speedo cable. ALL NEW wire harness and fuse box!. Steering column rebuilt. Original steering wheel restored. ALL new correct NOS 63 correct seatbelts with restored buckles ($750 just for this). 2. Original radio works 3. Clock restored by Clockworks 4. All things function correctly. 5. All new correct replacement headlights and units function great. 6. Wipers work fine but I have not tried to fix the washer part of this. 7. Convertible top is a serviceable replacement with all new rubber. Functions great but does lose judging points because of window heat seal and does not have tag. 8. All new light bulbs. Have all the receipts for many small interior/dash items replaced. 9. Pedal box rebuilt as well and new side air vents. Many other small new parts replaced. 10. Original glove box door has a crack in it along the bottom. Otherwise decent looking 11. Doors completely rebuilt including the window vent regulators and new door pulls etc. 12. All new weather stripping around doors and up pillars etc. 13. $4,500 parts bill just for the interior and work done. + all the labor costs There are a multitude of small things Iím not remembering but I have every receipt for all the parts and work that has been done. I realize that I will not get my money back to breakeven (or close to it) but I also donít think I should apologize the all the work that has been done and let someone beat me up about the paint. Iím of the mindset that there are a lot of great looking cars out there (I call the mop and glow) for which most of the things Iíve done have not been addressed. Sure they look great, but there are many issues under that shiny paint! Iím hoping that many will recognize the work done and consider that into my asking price

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Chevrolet donates 300 vehicles damaged by Sandy to help train first responders

Thu, 28 Feb 2013 17:45:00 EST

Super Storm Sandy took out a lot of automobiles in its path of destruction through the Northeast last October. The number surpassed 250,000 at last count, and a few of those were owned by Chevrolet - cars either sitting on dealership lots or waiting at port to be shipped off. Rendered unsellable by the water damage inflicted by Sandy, these vehicles were facing the crusher. But Chevy didn't send them there.
Instead, Chevy had a better idea: It will be donating 300 of these vehicles damaged by Sandy to help train first responders at Guardian Centers in Perry, GA. Chevy is the official automotive partner of Guardian Centers, which is an 830-acre facility that trains first responders in disaster preparedness. Junked cars are practically a consumable commodity there, where a full-size cityscape simulator gives trainees an entire urban center in which to train for all sorts of rescue operations and disaster scenarios.
Chevy says its particular vehicles will be used "in conjunction with role players for wide area searches, traffic congestion in emergency situations, counter terrorism, public order and mass casualty exercises." While grim scenarios all, we're certainly glad there are people out there preparing for the unexpected. While a zombie apocalypse isn't officially on the list of potential disasters to prepare for, when the virus hits, we'll be hot-footing it to Perry, GA to hang with these guys and gals.

Hot Wheels' Twitter-enabled vending machine coughs up free Camaro diecasts

Wed, 27 Feb 2013 19:29:00 EST

There are still plenty of companies that haven't gotten the whole social media thing down pat yet, but Hot Wheels isn't one of them. During the recent Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto, Hot Wheels created a lot of buzz for itself by using a vending machine filled with Chevrolet Camaro models, but instead of money to get the cars, show attendees just had to use Twitter.
To get the free car, people were asked to send a tweet to Hot Wheels Canada saying what they liked about the new Hot Wheels Edition Camaro, and including the #ChevyCIAS hashtag. This seemed to be a popular marketing tool, too, as AdWeek reports that the @HotWheelsCanada account more than tripled in followers during the course of the 10-day show. Looking ahead, this could open up even more innovative marketing possibilities using social media.
Check out the video posted below to watch how it works, and while the auto show has ended and the free-car giveaway has too, we're almost certain that some of the 1,500 freebies will make their way onto eBay.

Vert-A-Pac train cars kept your Chevy Vega's price in check

Fri, 01 Mar 2013 08:46:00 EST

Our apologies to those who've seen this before, but for the rest of the class, how awesome are these pictures of the Vert-A-Pac shipping system General Motors came up with to ship the Chevrolet Vega back in the 1970s? Developed along with Southern Pacific Railroad, GM was able to double the amount of Vega models it could ship by packing them into the unique storage cars vertically.
At the time, rail cars could fit 15 vehicles each, but Chevrolet was able to lower shipping costs by making it possible to ship 30 Vegas per rail car, in turn allowing the price of the Vega to remain as low as possible. Each rail car had 30 doors that would fold down so that a Vega could be strapped on, and then a forklift would come along and lift the door into place. All the cars were positioned nose down, and since they were shipped with all of their required fluids, certain aspects had to be designed specifically for this type of shipping, including an oil baffle in the engine, a special battery and even a repositioned windshield washer reservoir. See for yourself in our image gallery above.