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2002 Aston Martin Vanquish Vanquish on 2040-cars

US $25,800.00
Year:2002 Mileage:10600 Color: Silver /

Westville, Florida, United States

Westville, Florida, United States

If you have more questions or want more details please email : . Whereas professionally made-up, creatively retouched supermodels may not always look as good in person as they do
on a magazine cover, the Vanquish is exactly the opposite: a masterpiece of proportion, commandingly blending
elegance, power, and purpose. And this "almost new" Vanquish is exactly that. To stand in front of it is simply
mesmerizing. Just opening the hood serves up a feast of aluminum, magnesium, and other beautifully finished
materials. Even the shock-tower brace is made of naturally finished carbon fiber. Elaborate light-metal chimneys
duct hot air from the exhaust-manifold area out though functional vents in the hood. Elegance. Luxury and Speed.
James Bond "style".

No car stands any chance of being a great car without a great engine, and the this Vanquish certainly packs the
house in that department. Its 6.0L/ 460-hp V-12 is a development of the 420-hp unit of the previous DB7 Vantage.
The cabin is a study in aluminum and Connolly leather. Seating is superb: aggressive enough to support and hold you
in place, but never overly firm. Turning the ignition key and nailing the starter button is rewarded with a
sophisticated, barrel-chested, not-overly-muffled bark as the big 12 lights off. Even though the Vanquish motor is
the same displacement as the DB7 Vantage's earlier gen V-12, this one is wholly more aggressive: cammier, edgier,
and just flat louder. Aston-Martin's pipe benders and muffler mavens deserve an Academy Award for Best Achievement
in Sound. Aston claims that this flagship will do 0-60 mph in 4.5 sec. It's just got power everywhere:
musclecar-like torque down low, high-revving power up top, and even though the transmission has six gears, it could
get by with two, given the flexibility and width of the powerband. Open the throttles, and the intake and exhaust
systems just howl; back off, and it's quiet on the cruise. Production? Well, it was a rare one at that: Perhaps 60
of them were made in 2002, out of 200 or so built. Production increased to 300 the next year. And they were all
presold...even with a base price of $228,000.

Today, you can own one for a third of that. And their value continues to increase. This is the car that launched
Aston Martin's current direction. However, in my opinion, they got it right the first time. The "Vanquish". A

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Mercedes to offer SL, GL platforms to Aston Martin?

Sun, 23 Mar 2014 09:00:00 EST

The agonizingly slow courtship between Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz has been a regular topic of conversation ever since the 2009 Lagonda Concept debuted, riding on a Mercedes GL chassis. Beyond that one polarizing concept, though, nearly every other attempt to pair the two brands up in a major way has fallen through. Only the technical partnership between Mercedes and Aston for certain components from AMG, which was negotiated back in July, has held up so far.
That may finally be set to change, according to an excellent profile of the two brands' relationship from Automobile, which claims that two platforms will unite the Germans and Brits. The first tie up is, not surprisingly, a sports car.
As Aston Martin's VH platform - which underpins every car that comes out of Gaydon - continues to age, the pressure will well and truly be on Aston to find a next-gen replacement to underpin the successors to the Vantage, Vanquish, DB9 and Rapide. Automobile claims Mercedes has just such an architecture, in the form its new modular sports car platform. This new platform is slated for the next-generation SLK and SL and is still in its design infancy.

Aston CEO claims Cygnet cancelled because Toyota is dropping iQ in 2014

Sun, 27 Oct 2013 13:01:00 EST

While slow sales and a $50,000 price tag may have been contributing factors to the Aston Martin Cygnet being cancelled last month, Aston Martin CEO Ulrich Bez is pointing the finger at Toyota for the demise of this luxurious little city car. In a discussion with Autocar, Bez is quoted as saying that the ultimate reason the Cygnet was cut is because Toyota plans on dropping the iQ (on which the Cygnet is based) in 2014 - a claim denied by the Japanese automaker.
Interestingly, the article also cites another publication reporting that a Toyota importer in the Netherlands heard the same news as Bez, and it has already stopped importing the cars. If the European Toyota iQ is cancelled, that would likely spell the end of the slow-selling Scion iQ in the US, which has sold just 3,365 units through September (a drop of 51 percent year over year).
Regardless of why production of the Cygnet ended, Bez also says that a lack of support from Toyota on the project prevented it from being offered in the US or receiving a supercharged engine, which are two factors that likely would have made the car appealing to more buyers.

Supercar parade entering highway is mesmerizing

Thu, 09 May 2013 12:43:00 EST

In what must have looked and sounded to motorists on the M6 like an invasion of The Swarm, a parade of 50 enthusiast gems leaving a charity event were caught shooting down the on-ramp and merging into traffic. There were plenty of Porsches joining the 959 and Ducktail above, Aston Martins going back to the badboy V8 of the last millennium, a Ferrari Testarossa, a TVR and numerous other Easter eggs.
There were not, however, plenty of turn signals, with someone counting just five among the fifty engaging in proper use of the blinker. One reason put forth for that is the same reason we're posting this video, which is from last Summer, below: "because supercar." Enjoy.