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2005 Acura Nsx 21k Miles Red One Owner T-tops Bose Hre Wheels Best In The World on 2040-cars

Year:2005 Mileage:21660 Color: and Camel Interior with Full details below

Kennesaw, Georgia, United States

Kennesaw, Georgia, United States

We are Nexus Auto Brokers LLC - A one owner dealership that was founded in 2010 to fulfill our passion for cars. We are BBB Rated and Extremely Professional Outfit. We understand how difficult it is to buy that perfect car so our goal is to provide uber clean luxury cars to customers all over the United States. Most of our customers fly in and then drive happy in their newly purchased cars. We play no games here at NEXUS. If you are looking for a "CHEAP" car then please move on to the next "Used Car Dealer". We provide excellent automobiles at a great price and have no interest in dealing with someone who is looking for a CHEAP USED CAR. Please review our recent eBay Sales and Feedback Below.

If you are interested in finding that RARE BREED COLLECTOR's CAR that has low miles and has been owned by the original owner then then this is it - This is a 2005 Acura NSX in beautiful New Formula Red Exterior and Camel Interior with Full details below. This has 21660 miles (will increase since it is test driven) and all serviced at the dealer. We are very STRICT in describing our cars as compared to other dealers so take that with the grain of salt. We tried to be as thorough as possible for what we would want to know if we were buying this car.

Any questions, just ask. 7705286900


 photo WindowSticker_zps4a08f1bf.jpg
 photo E350-2010-Feedback_zps781f1521.jpg  photo WhiteM3Feedback_zpsa5f041a9.jpg  photo GTR-Feedback_zpsdc8307aa.jpg  photo TacomaFeedback_zps0c1cf2e4.jpg  photo M5Feedback_zps93c8e1b5.jpg  photo Gallardo_zpsed1c3e1c.jpg  photo 08M3_zpscd4e1191.jpg  photo TSX_zps41e2a374.jpg  photo S550Feedback_zpsf4716140.jpg  photo Corolla_zps43111138.jpg  photo CamrySEFeedback_zps53473c1c.jpg  photo 08M5Feedback_zpsf40c858d.jpg  photo MaseratiGranTFeedback_zps5dd75972.jpg  photo AudiR8Feedback_zps8edc8f59.jpg  photo AstonMartinV8Feedback_zps9250acd1.jpg

Autocheck and Carfax available. AUTOCHECK Score of 99!!! You cannot get better than that unless ofcourse you purchase it brand new.

We have over 100 High Resolution Pictures available for serious potential buyers so have a look and ask questions. Pre Purchase Inspection can be arranged at buyer's expense. VERY hard to find a rare color combo Acura NSX that was always serviced at the dealer. Don't wait too long as this might be sold.

2005 Acura NSX with all the standard features plus the following OPTIONS

  • 18" HRE Chrome Wheels with like new tires
  • BOSE Audio

Shipping /  Pickup:

Buyers with negative feedback will not be allowed. Car will have to be picked up in Kennesaw, GA. I can pick you up from the Atlanta airport if you are flying in.. Certified Funds accepted. I am a licensed and bonded Georgia Used Car Dealer as well so I can accept any loans as long as they are valid. Payment will have to be made before car can be picked up. I am a straight shooter so I expect the same. I will go out of my way to help potential buyers but I expect sincere effort from you as well. Thank you!

We can also point you into the right direction in case you need financing. 

We ship to all over the United States and can help with that. Contact us ahead of time if you need shipping assistance. We prefer you come to Atlanta so you can enjoy lunch with us and then drive your car home.

Ownership history:

  • Comes with 1 Key, 1 Vallet Key and Owners Manuals
  • Recent Service Includes
    • Timing Belt
    • Water Pump
    • All Fluids
  • Amazing Condition and Rare Car


  • Exterior is in excellent shape with no visible issues. Please look at the high resolution pictures and ask us questions. Call us and we can do a FACETIME or SKYPE for a walkaround
  • Interior is in excellent condition as well with no rips. Refer to pictures

Sale details:

  • Clear title in hand - WE DO NOT FLOOR PLAN OUR CARS unlike 99% OF CAR DEALERS
  • Car currently located in Kennesaw, GA (30 min north of Atlanta Airport)
 photo 2005AcuraNSX-47_zpscc5aa266.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-1_zps4af58481.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-18_zps301825b1.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-46_zps009e2f93.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-54_zps229ad74e.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-55_zpsf750d8a4.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-56_zpsf66a2e91.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-57_zps0d9b12e5.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-61_zps3cca4806.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-63_zps22829c72.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-64_zps03f46b29.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-65_zps82aa9568.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-66_zps77f2985c.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-67_zpse3abe64b.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-72_zps0ba29439.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-73_zps3679ebd7.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-74_zps672d84c7.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-75_zpsc287dde3.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-76_zps11339388.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-77_zps80f07a70.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-112_zps442cea1f.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-80_zps8b05436d.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-83_zpsdcfa94d6.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-89_zps84351d3e.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-90_zpsac6d52df.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-91_zps71111a2f.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-92_zpsc85d8a96.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-93_zps2b9e3dfc.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-94_zpsf7c5b1be.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-95_zpsae1ecda1.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-96_zps0bcab2fa.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-97_zpsb4de41ed.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-98_zpsda16568d.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-99_zps2fc18985.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-100_zpsa77a831e.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-101_zps1e50b72f.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-102_zps5b1539be.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-103_zps704689be.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-104_zps0dea5207.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-105_zps319a4c2d.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-106_zpsd61de1d5.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-107_zps2a9daa81.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-108_zpsd3f05a56.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-109_zpsafef9280.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-110_zps1ddc7f9a.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-3_zps9fe4c599.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-4_zpsc932b928.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-5_zps31b489f1.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-6_zpsf269c85b.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-7_zps7c83a04d.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-25_zps6ed723aa.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-8_zps4eac8d19.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-9_zps524ca147.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-10_zpse9e491cc.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-11_zps6b71320d.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-12_zps1b5c65c6.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-13_zps2a1ba34c.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-14_zps240c4809.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-15_zps8fb9c194.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-16_zps2fb2a90a.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-17_zps4c366ede.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-19_zps0970bd12.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-20_zps142424e4.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-21_zps90d12371.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-22_zps20a33a76.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-23_zpsceb404cf.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-24_zps96c2ec6c.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-26_zps2b89092f.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-27_zpsc1113af6.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-28_zpse3395e75.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-29_zps67b9a647.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-30_zps6faa74a1.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-31_zps50b3d49e.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-32_zpsc3ad220c.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-33_zps19a5549b.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-34_zpsa048b6b1.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-35_zps7adb29d2.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-36_zpsdef9eba0.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-37_zps80ca9077.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-38_zpse6232854.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-39_zps5bf1c0fc.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-40_zpsdf779537.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-41_zpsada09acb.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-42_zpse9437456.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-43_zps7b10ce31.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-44_zps25e2e736.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-45_zps49c23294.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-48_zpsed9135db.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-49_zpsccc52caf.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-50_zps5d54ebb2.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-51_zpsbfd94292.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-52_zps997fc0af.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-53_zpsf5e891fe.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-58_zps28689f81.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-59_zps1be5966d.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-60_zps6c0c5592.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-62_zps8380e058.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-68_zps924f9dd8.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-69_zps0ee8c34e.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-70_zpsc3b243b2.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-71_zps75bbbf99.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-78_zps3b4d2dc6.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-79_zpsa7ba5021.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-81_zps8aeb1b03.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-82_zpseacfc369.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-84_zps59fa2e4e.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-85_zpsa734bfc0.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-86_zps94ef8ba1.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-87_zpsab1a0e39.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-88_zpse43d57b8.jpg  photo 2005AcuraNSX-111_zpsdd447714.jpg  photo 2014-07-22125949_zpsa691d0a0.jpg  photo 2014-07-22130130_zpsea34a268.jpg

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Honda CEO says we shouldn't expect any new sports cars

Tue, 19 Nov 2013 11:00:00 EST

It wasn't so long ago that Honda was known for its sporty two-door models, with models ranging from the Civic del Sol to the Prelude and from the Acura Integra and RSX to the Honda S2000. But look at its range today and all you'll see are the Civic and Accord coupes. Honda has essentially let competitors like the Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ and Nissan 370Z take the place it once claimed as its own. But if you were hoping Honda would fight back with a new coupe or convertible of its own, we're afraid you're going to have to downgrade those hopes to pipe dreams.
While in Japan ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show, Autoblog had a chance to sit down with American Honda CEO Tetsuo Iwamura (pictured at right). When we asked about the potential for a new sports coupe or convertible in the Honda or Acura lineup, he pointed to the current Civic and Accord coupes - not to mention the upcoming new NSX - but said that Honda has no replacement for any of the aforementioned models (or a rival for the FR-S or 370Z) in the pipeline, saying only that the company is monitoring potential demand.
What Iwamura-san did note was that he's a personal fan of the new S660 roadster (pictured above) set to be unveiled tomorrow, and he is pushing (or at least hoping) that it will come to North America. Given that he's head of both Honda's American office and its global automobile operations, one might think that the only person he would have to persuade is himself (well... himself, and potential buyers), but the sporty droptop looks to be about kei-sized, which sadly suggests that it may be too small for American tastes and perhaps not designed with US crash-test standards in mind anyway.

Honda is first Japanese carmaker to be a net-exporter from US

Wed, 29 Jan 2014 15:30:00 EST

Over the last decade or so, many foreign automakers have challenged the idea of what defines an "American car," but Honda took things a step further last year by exporting more cars out of the US than it imported in. Reuters is reporting that in 2013, a total of 108,705 Honda and Acura models were exported from the US with only 88,357 being shipped in. This gives Honda a net exporter status here, and makes it the first of such among the major Japanese automakers.
Honda's US imports have been dropping over the last five years while its exports have been steadily increasing. In 2008, the report indicates that Honda shipped 187,000 vehicles to the US and exported only 20,000, and even by 2012 Honda still favored imports with 136,000 imports and 74,000 exports. The article says that US-made Honda and Acura vehicles were exported to 50 countries with most ending up in Mexico, but the big news is that the Honda's US production set a record in 2013 with 1.3 million units built.

Acura RLX pricing and launch plan detailed

Tue, 15 Jan 2013 19:15:00 EST

Acura has released pricing for its upcoming flagship, the RLX, at the Detroit Auto Show this week. Powered by an all-new direct-injected 3.5-liter V6 rated at 310 horsepower, the front-wheel-drive sedan replaces the outgoing RL model (2011's worst-selling car of the year) as the automaker's new flagship.
In addition to boasting the most spacious passenger cabin in its mid-luxury class, the new range-topping Acura features the automaker's first-ever application of Precision All-Wheel Steer and Jewel Eye LED headlamps. Standard equipment includes Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Warning, with Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow, and Blind Spot Information (BSI) system trim and option specific.
The four-door will initially be sold in five grades (prices exclude a destination charge of $895):